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Some Netone Users Are Still Purchasing And Enjoying Cheap OneFusion Data Bundles That Were Phased Out

Whilst many of us are enduring the new OneFusion pricessome are still stuck in the past, enjoying the old OneFusion prices. Remember those old $3 One Fusion, $5 One Fusion, $100 One fusion and so on? Apparently some people are still buying those lucrative old Onefusion packages even though Netone recently came up with new […]

MegaBoost Vs OneFusion: MegaBoost Outclasses OneFusion

Until yesterday, OneFusion was arguably the best offering Netone had to gain new subscribers. The once-beloved OneFusion allowed its users to access different services at a very affordable rate for 30 days. But unfortunately, Netone decided to revise and repackage its OneFusion which now makes it unattractive compared to Telecel’s MegaBoost. Since MegaBoost and OneFusion […]

NetOne Might Soon Revise OneFusion Again

Though OneFusion is the darling of many mobile subscribers, NetOne’s popular data promotion hasn’t entirely managed to dodge controversy. The last few tweaks to OneFusion were not entirely popular as subscribers felt the value of the service being offered was being lowered. It seems like NetOne is tweaking their data promotion again but it’s not […]

OneFusion Problems Had Devastating Effects; NetOne Lost Almost 50% Of Their Subscriber Base

POTRAZ -the regulator of the Zim telecoms industry- has just released their sector performance report for the first quarter of 2018 and the first statistic that screamed at me was the fact that NetOne lost almost half their subscriber base between the last quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. Zimbabwe’s second largest […]

WiBroniks Vs The Competition: Is This Better Than One-Fi And TelOne ADSL?

ZOL recently announced a new wireless service that they have termed WiBroniks. The finer details of the service will be provided by ZOL at a later date but thus far they have provided details such as the data caps for these packages, the speeds and also the cost. From these details, we can begin to […]

Inspite Of OneFusion And Megaboost, Econet Posts Higher Subscriber Growth Than NetOne and Telecel

Potraz just released their annual report for 2017 and quarterly report for 4th quarter 2017. We found the pattern of subscriber growth or lack thereof to be quite interesting. Econet increased their number of subscribers by 4.9%, whilst NetOne saw a 1.9% increase. Telecel, however, is the only mobile network provider that lost subscribers and […]

NetOne Compensates 177 000 OneFusion Subscribers For ‘Disappearing Data’

NetOne has disclosed that they compensated 177 000 OneFusion customers for the disruptions faced last month. Back in February OneFusion subscribers started complaining about the depletion of data much quicker and disappearance of data altogether. NetOne has now compensated 177 000 with 150MB each in compliance with POTRAZ’s order. NetOne disclosed that the move was proof of […]

OneFusion’s NEW New Bundles. The First Right Steps Towards Better Mobile Internet

Advertized as Super Data, OneFusion has rethought their content bundle offering. Let’s get the quick stats out of the way: Facebook and Twitter bundles have been erased from OneFusion Real Data has been bumped up So has On Net minutes As well as SMSs But valid for 21 days (OneFusion 3, 5 and 10) My […]

NetOne Revises OneFusion…Again! Stay Tuned For ‘Super Data’ Bundle

NetOne has begun notifying subscribers that OneFusion is being revised…again. From the 4th of March 2018, there will be separate Whatsapp and SuperData bundles. We are not yet aware what this SuperData bundle is but let’s wait and see. The message from NetOne reads: Dear subscribers, kindly note that from 4 March 2018 OneFusion is launching […]

POTRAZ Orders NetOne To Compensate OneFusion Customers Affected By Data Problems

Portraz has ordered NetOne to compensate subscribers that were facing challenges with the OneFusion program over the past week. As reported some subscribers have seen their credit run out much quicker than usual. There has also been difficulty accessing media content on Facebook and Whatsapp. NetOne has attributed the problem to a server change on […]

It Looks Like OneFusion Has Been A Failure For NetOne

NetOne, the second largest mobile telecommunications company in Zimbabwe, launched OneFusion, an integrated prepaid package, in June 2016. OneFusion bundles offer some of the best value for money on the market. The comprehensive plans offer users on-net and local and international off-net voice minutes as well as SMSs. Users also get data, some of which […]

NetOne introduces a $3 OneFusion package

It’s been one year, five months, eighteen days and a few hours since NetOne launched the OneFusion promotion. I can confidently tell you that it has been of immense value to the people and clearly I’m one of them in spite of the slack on the number of hours. But I forgive myself seeing that you also […]

We should be able to use OneFusion on an Econet line

We can all agree that OneFusion is the best data deal on the market in Zimbabwe right now. We also cannot dispute that Econet has the widest network coverage, from 2G to LTE. It is almost September 2017 and I still can’t buy data from one service provider and use it on a different network. […]

NetOne’s OneTech: Things you should know before buying the smartphone

So NetOne recently launched a new service called OneTech which will allow people to buy phones on monthly terms. The service will offer a range of smartphones and each smartphone you purchase will come with free OneFusion data package depending on what price range the device is in. Today, we are going to look at some […]

NetOne launches OneTech to bring you smartphones with free OneFusion

Today, NetOne launched a new service called OneTech at Meikles Hotel. NetOne is partnering with BancEASY to bring OneTech. It will be a service which will allow people to buy phones on monthly terms over a period of 12 months. OneTech is made possible because of the partnership that NetOne has made with BancEASY. The […]

Something to learn from Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature

Image credit: Pixabay Snapchat is not so much of a big deal in Zim as it is in other countries. I mean what do I expect since it’s not ‘bundled up’ by any of our local MNOs because data is expensive in Zimbabwe though surprisingly, according to the 1st Quarter 2017 POTRAZ report; internet and data usage […]

POTRAZ moves to limit price wars & “attack type” advertising in new promo guidelines

POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator, has released a new set of guidelines for promotions by mobile network operators and internet providers in Zimbabwe. The new guidelines are apparently meant to limit the damaging effects of price wars. POTRAZ has also set some guidelines on advertising to prevent mobile operators and internet providers from attacking each other […]

Econet Re-enables 100% Wifi Data Promotion

News coming up online show that Econet Wireless are reactivating their ‘100% wifi promotion’ that was initially suspended last year in August. The promotion affords subscribers 100% value of their data purchase, a lot similar to Telecel’s Mega Juice promotion that ran for a number of years, albeit this targets wifi data and not voice calls, with […]

No more unlimited access on OneFusion as NetOne puts data caps on its flagship package

It turns out that data caps have also been introduced on its OneFusion package. A look at the OneFusion menu indicates these changes though the OneFusion website and Facebook page are yet to carry any announcement to that effect.

NetOne quietly introduces data caps on its unlimited WhatsApp and Facebook bundles

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator also made adjustments to its own broadband lineup. It recently placed data caps on its social media bundles. This means that daily, weekly and monthly bundles for Over the Top services like Facebook and WhatsApp now have a data limit on them. Daily bundles have a 20 MB cap, […]

My one month experience on NetOne and OneFusion

The Techzim team (except for one die-hard Econet loyalist) has been on Net One and subscribed to its One Fusion product for more than a month now. Some team members had long since acquired Net One lines and subscribed for One Fusion but it took a bit more convincing for me to try it out. […]