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Tag: OneMoney agents

OneMoney Extends Free Transactions Promo Until March 2020

At the end of November, OneMoney announced that they would 0 rate all transactions on the mobile money platform until 31 December. One would assume that the tactic is working because OneMoney has announced an extension of the promotion until March 2020. To help usher in the year 2020, NetOne has extend the zero-tariff promotion […]

OneMoney To Overtake EcoCash In 2 Years. Is It Possible?

In a recent interview with Trevor Ncube, Netone’s Chief Executive Lazarus Muchenje said: We choose to compete with ourselves and to try and be world-class because we do not believe that at this stage there is anyone world-class in this market in as far as mobile payments are concerned and I say that with a […]

Active Mobile Money Subscriptions Grows And OneMoney Registered The Biggest Growth By Far – 2019 First Quarter

Despite Netone losing out subscribers in the first quarter of this year, OneMoney made a big stride in terms of gaining faithful users. From January to March this year, OneMoney’s active mobile subscriptions grew by a commendable 29%. This is way more than the growth experienced by Telecash and EcoCash, 0.9% and 4.2% respectively. OneMoney’s […]

OneMoney’s Marketing Strategies Are Working, Subscriber’s Grow By Over 32%

OneMoney continues to be on an exciting growth trajectory with the mobile money platform witnessing a 32% surge in subscribers in the last quarter of 2018. This 32% increase means that the Netone-owned mobile wallet added as much as 59 000 (181,990 to 241,566) from September to December 2018. The mobile money platform upward trajectory has been revitalized […]

NetOne is recruiting OneMoney agents, a good deal?

It seems NetOne is really determined to grow OneMoney this time. Maybe the ‘scolding’ from the former Minister of ICT, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira served as some good inspiration. I realised that they are putting ads in the newspaper that are calling out for people who are interested in becoming OneMoney agents. The latest POTRAZ telecom report (Q2, 2017) […]