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EcoCash Payroll and OnePay under threat as RBZ directive suggests banning of salary processing

EcoCash Payroll and NetOne’s OnePay solution pretty much solve the same problem – allowing businesses to pay their employees salaries. The RBZs recent pronouncements in the Monetary Policy statement indicate that payroll services face existential threat. In the Monetary Policy Statement, RBZ says the following; Mobile payment operators have been turning a blind eye and […]

NetOne’s OnePay Seeking To Close The Paynet Gap In Salaries And Other Bulk Payments

Paynet’s poison could be OneMoney’s meat. NetOne introduced a bulk payments offer under their OneMoney mobile money brand some time back. The company is now seeing an opportunity to grow the uptake of this service given the stand off between local banks and Payserve, the South African company that dominates the bulk payments processing space […]