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Powertel launches payment service known as Dial-a-Payment

Powertel wants you to call someone so they can do what you can already do yourself.

Masvingo residents can now pay their bills online

City of Masvingo recently made it possible for residents to carry out bill enquiries and payments online. Masvingo council says availing a centralised system that digitalises all accounts information for ratepayers is motivated by improving ease of doing business. The website comes at a convenient time when residents will probably want to limit movements because […]

Here are 11 ways to survive the current cash crisis in Zimbabwe

We’ve come up with a list of 11 things that everyone who is struggling to get their hands on their cash from the bank can do to weather the cash crisis storm.

City of Harare introduces online bill enquiry

In a an announcement made through a newspaper advert, the City of Harare has introduced an online bill enquiry function on its website. Residents can log on to click on the Bill enquiry tab and proceed to register their accounts to be able to access the basic service.