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Google now rejecting prepaid cards for some of its services

Recently I decided to brush up on my JavaScript skills and decided to deeply learn the language, something I have avoided for years for some reason. As part of my learning, I was required to sign up for a Firebase account and during the process, I was asked to add my card details. I whipped […]

BREAKING NEWS: Stanbic Bank Reduces Visa Limits Again In Less Than 2 Weeks

In less than 2 weeks Stanbic Bank has announced that they will be further reducing their Visa card payments to $100 until the end of the month. This is effective immediately and the bank also announces that come 1 November one will have to make prior arrangements with the bank. Just 13 days ago, the […]

Which Bank Cards Are Working To Make Online Payments In Zimbabwe?

This post has been coming for the past year, as the goal posts have been continually changing. One minute your card can make online payments for $5,500, the next it’s reduced to $1,100 and before you can say “bond notes” it’s reduced further to $500. While it will go on to change a bit eventually being […]

How To Get A 41% Discount On Airline Tickets In Zimbabwe…

The price of bitcoin in Zimbabwe is significantly higher than it is in other places around the world, so if you want to buy something outside Zimbabwe that has a similar price in Zimbabwe, then you can take advantage of the difference in the price of bitcoin between the two countries, to get a discount that is proportional […]

BREAKING NEWS: Ecocash Suspends International MasterCard. To Reintroduce It Funded By USD’s Only

Mobile money payment solution Ecocash has sent out an announcement that they have suspended international transactions on their MasterCard debit card with immediate effect. It is not all doom and gloom though as they reassure people that come November 1, 2017, they’ll be back up and running, though you’ll need to pre-fund that card with […]

EcoCash and ZIPIT should know the power they have, these system outages are not acceptable

Since yesterday EcoCash users have been facing some challenges making payments. EcoCash acknowledged the system problems on Twitter in response to frustrated Twimbos who were asking. It is frustratingly slow to load if it even loads and EcoCash communicated that they are working to resolve the issue, on Twitter. Why not SMSs advising people that […]

Is EcoCash discontinuing its Mastercard online payment service?

Since morning, some fliers indicating that EcoCash will be suspending EcoCash Mastercard online payments from the 16th of August until further notice have been circulating. We know fake news is a serious problem, especially now that we’re so gullible to it due to the fact that Zimbabwe has become uncomfortably unpredictable… especially wherever money is […]

EcoCash Mastercard VCN service down… customers fail to make online payments

The EcoCash Mastercard VCN service is down. The service, which EcoCash subscribers use to generate Virtual Card Numbers (hence VCN), is one of the few ways Zimbabweans have to make payment to merchants outside the country. Users of the service have been complaining on social media and other platforms that attempts to issues themselves VCNs using the services, have […]

DStv Payment Methods As Of March 2017

A lot has been happening in the ‘payments of DStv subscriptions’ arena over the last couple of months. First, Ecocash reduced the amounts that subscribers could pay for their subscriptions, then they outright stopped taking payments (well, they moved to accepting from their Rand accounts). Then Telecash followed suit by cancelling, and more recently CABS revised their terms of […]

Local startup introduces e-payment app Zapper to Zimbabwe, explores QR codes transactions opportunity

The cash crisis in Zimbabwe has been a sore point for just about everyone who’s trying to handle transactions. If it’s not the frustration of failing to access your money there’s the fact that for all the cashless society talk, sometimes there just aren’t nearly as enough Point of Sale (POS) machines from every retailer. […]

RBZ States That Standard Chartered Bank Cancelling Use Of Visa Is Not Directive From Them

Today a notice appeared in the Herald that stated that Standard Chartered had cancelled, with immediate effect, the use of their Visa cards outside Zimbabwe, with clients needing to seek prior approval 72 hrs before departure. This has proved not yet to extend to online payments, though the fear and concern has been that this was […]

Standard Chartered Visa Card Cancellation Just For Travelling As Online Payments Go Through

After the article we posted this morning in regards to Standard Chartered bank cancelling Visa card payments outside of Zimbabwe, it has now come to our attention that this is just for the physical card, when one travels and not online payments, for now. Confirmation has been made by both a client who banks with Standard […]

The rise of plastic money

What is plastic money? ‘Plastic money’ is a term used to refer to credit or debit cards that enable you to make purchases without using cash or cheques. Credit cards are provided after an application process. If you are accepted, the credit card provider will give you a card and a credit limit, which restricts […]

Finally: here’s how to receive money through PayPal in Zimbabwe…

For a couple of years now PayPal has been ‘active’ in Zimbabwe. Yes, some of you that are across rivers and bridges may sigh and say ‘big deal, so what?’, but this has been a struggle for us, not only as residents in Zimbabwe, but even for mere visitors to our land. Getting paid through […]

Buying Online Made Easy With Ecocash VCN…

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, buying things online from Zimbabwe is actually a very simple process. Since 2014, through EcoCash Debit card, if you’re on EcoCash you can buy stuff online from a range of sites that include (America’s biggest online shop), AliExpress (cheap gadgets from China), Alibaba (cheap bulk buying from China), […]

Zimbabwe’s incomplete PayPal experience adds to cash crisis frustrations

This adds to the frustrations that we face in a cash strapped economy that has its eyes opened wide for foreign capital injections. Whatever inflows that could be coming via PayPal are not making their way into Zimbabwe when it needs them the most.

87.9% of payments in Zimbabwe handled through mobile money – RBZ

According to the RBZ, in 2015, monetary transactions totaled $57 billion and mobile payments accounted for 87.9% of these transactions in terms of volumes.

Hammer and Tongues spends big to redefine e-commerce in Zimbabwe

The company, which is almost always associated with auctions, took a dive into online retailing in July 2015 when it went live with its own online mall. The launch highlighted Hammer and Tongues’ confidence in online distribution and brought the “e-commerce is finally here” debate back into rotation.

Here are 6 steps to selling your skill online: Insights from Comexposed

This idea of online freelancing or e-lancing obviously has a lot of allure for locals that have been at the receiving end of employment contract terminations and a dwindling job prospects. The opportunity is even being investigated by other entities like Econet through its soon to be launched platform Technites.

From an offline to an online experience: the shift in Zimbabwean e-commerce

In recent months, we have been seeing the shift in companies from cash sales to the trendy electronic and online platforms. Some of the most unlikely “traditional” corporate are showing an interest in these “new age systems”. Are we finally seeing the start of a huge shift into online payments and mobile payments in Zimbabwe? In this interview, we discuss this dynamic with Vusi Ndebele from local payments aggregator, Paynow.

Local payments gateway, Paynow, experiences 30% monthly growth

Local payments gateway, Paynow, is experiencing healthy growth, recording a 30% month-on-month increase in transaction value and volumes. Paynow’s Topup has also managed to process up to 3,000 transactions per month from its launch to date.

What’s the latest on Zimbabwean e-commerce? Check out these 12 e-platforms

If you thought we don’t have any attempts at online trading and commerce in Zimbabwe, think again. Take a look at these 12 platforms that have been around for a while. Some very big companies like Food World have setup online shops with a variety of payments options you could find anywhere across the world.

Jive Zimbabwe launches online music platform..Again. Will they succeed?

You may have read an article in yesterday’s Sunday Mail (and last week’s NewsDay actually) about a new online music distribution site for Zimbabwean music called Jive Zimbabwe. They are here. This is actually not the first time Jive Zimbabwe has “launched” so it should be a relaunch really. The first launch happened almost two years ago […]

Using PayPal in Zimbabwe: Getting the card and address

In this series we will look at how you can use PayPal to buy and sell in a country where has restrictions, like Zimbabwe. This is the second article in the series. Update: Recently, PayPal contacted our webhosts with a request to take down this page because it “uses our trademarks inappropriately.” We assumed they meant their […]

Zimbabwe apps review: Pay4App internet payments

Some very innovative people have sat down on this one. See, the relevancy of an app to the populace is not necessarily in the cutting edge technology (that’s for tech people), it’s also in the usability, the ability to accomplish the task in as simple a way as possible, as economic and just as secure. […]

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: making payments

Just like in a supermarket, after which many online shopping carts are modelled, you will have to pay for the product you want to buy before it is shipped to you. The accepted payment methods vary from seller to seller. The ways to effect payment range from simple and common like the use of a debit card or Western Union to complex electronic money methods like webmoney and bitcoin.

Zim startup launches gifts e-commerce site network

As prospects of viable e-commerce business in Zimbabwe increase, startups are launching to meet the opportunities. One such startup,, has launched a network of websites to sell gifts and flowers online. The site’s target customers are both internet users in the country and those in the Diaspora.

Webdev prepares to launch Vpayments integrated hosted shopping cart

About 2 months ago, in line with the new strategic direction for the company, Webdev introduced a hosted cart solution. According to the founder, Garth Drummond, the company is gradually moving away from the usual website development work that has been their work for more than 10 years now into hosted web solutions and the shopping cart is the start. The development is timed along with Zimswitch’s introduction of Vpayments, an online payment solution that makes shopping carts conveniently usable to Zimbabwe’s internet population.

Econet’s move to Comviva to give Zimbabwe e-commerce jetpacks

This guest article was authored by Prosper Chikomo, an internet entrepreneur and author of Turning Iron into Gold: Golden Opportunities: How to Spot Them, Create Them, Make Money from Them, and How Not to Miss Them (Available on  As great as Pattern Matched Technologies’ (PMT) platform is, the move to Comviva’s platform will certainly help push […]