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[Update] ZimLive Now Accepts Donations – Local Media Companies Continue Search For Perfect Business Model

If you’re an avid ZimLive reader you would have noticed that the online publication accepts donations by now. Similar to The Guardian which places a plea for donation at the end of each article, ZimLive is asking its readers to spare what they can to help improve the quality of content they output. Why donations? […]

The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (March 2018)

Back in March, we published a list of Zimbabwe’s most popular online news platforms and the list released in March contained statistics from February. We promised that the list would be continuously updated going forward and we are back with the statistics from the month of March. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture […]

[Updated]: The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (February 2018)

Following Trevor Ncube’s tweet concerning what he perceived to be the leading online news publications, we thought it best to make a more inclusive list that has more publications. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture on the followership of the 27 sites, covering their website viewership numbers as well as their followership on popular […]

News platforms dominate Zimbabwe’s list of top 10 most visited local websites

News platforms have dominated Zimbabwe’s list of top 10 most-visited local websites with Newsday taking the lead.

Facebook opens Instant Articles marking a new era for African publishers

Now that the Instant Articles tool is going to be an option for sharing content with an audience that is already engaged through social media, publishers that have often used Facebook just for promoting content and trying to lure readers to their own platforms can embrace the social network as a primary publisher’s tool.

Telecel sold, Zimpost mobile money, digital content theft, Xiaomi in Africa – Podcast

This episode covers the sale of Telecel to the government and NSSA’s involvement, the theft of digital content, Zimpost’s payment platform and the changing African devices market.

Conversations with Zimbabwean startups: Mazwi & its play on book publishing

In the latest installment in our Conversations with Zimbabwean Startups series, we had a discussion with Taf Makura, the founder and CEO of Mazwi, the online publishing platform. He offered his perspectives on the challenges with running a Zimbabwean startup and some thoughts on issues like net neutrality and piracy.

Mxit’s demise, Zimpapers going digital, Tengai/Ownai, ShonaNdebele Tutor: Podcast

Mxit, the most successful African social media platform so far (in terms of user uptake at least) closed its operations a week ago. in this podcast we discuss some of the challenges that it met and what could have been a contribution to its demise. We also discuss the Zimpapers results and their reflection on […]

Conversations with Zimbabwean startups: Footballzone & getting local soccer online

We had a quick chat with Godwin Thierry Chaparaushe, the founder and CEO of local startup Footballzone and he shared his own insights on running a Zimbabwean startup.

Migrating from offline to a Digital Future: the case of print media

Print media isn’t dead, but it’s definitely dying. These sentiments were shared at the Digital Future Conference in a presentation made by Zimpapers CTO, Darlick Marandure. In an increasingly competitive media and business environment where the platforms of expression and story telling are a dime a dozen, the case for a print-only approach has been dismissed. Unfortunately, […]

F8 2015 – The Facebook Developer Conference: What can we expect?

Another tech giant has a huge event lined up, this time its Facebook Developer Conference. The livestream is moments away (you can catch it here) and be sucked into the excitement. But why the excitement though? Isn’t Facebook turning into an afterthought in social media? The reality is that The Social Network has turned into something more […]

Zim’s digital minds gather in Harare as Digital Future Conference starts

After months and months of build up, Zimbabwe’s largest conference on digital media and broadcasting is finally here. Digital Future, a two-day indaba aimed at exploring the opportunities that lie in online and electronic media kicks off today at 8am at Sango Conference Centre, Cresta Lodge Harare. It has been touted as Zimbabwe’s largest gathering of […]

Plagiarism at the centre of clash between old media & new media publishers

Over the past year or so, stories of blatant plagiarism have become a common piece of conversation in Zimbabwean social media circles. Local bloggers have been victims to what they claim outright theft of their journalistic and creative works, with the mainstream media being the main culprit. Techzim for instance, has discovered volumes of its […]

Podcast: Understanding Zimbabwe’s Digital Future

Next month Techzim and TBWA will be hosting “Zimbabwe’s largest gathering of digital minds” at Digital Future. This two-day event slated for the 17th and 18th of March will bring thought leaders, influencers and decision makers in the Zimbabwean digital space together for an exploration of the potential impact of all things digital. In this special […]

Five things that will (some we wish won’t) happen in digital media in 2015

2015 will be important as far as digital media is concerned. This year has already set a solid foundation for digital media so 2015 will be the year that we will see more products and traction on already existing digital media products. There are some things that are due to happen like digital migration of […]

Zimpapers embraces digital with new online platforms

Today the country’s largest news and print media house, Zimpapers, launched an online media platform for all its titles. Under the name Zimpapers News Hub, it offers access to complete copies of the Zimpapers publications and it will be available for a $10 monthly subscription. Accompanying the news hub was the launch of an online sports […]