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Tag: Online Tax Clearance

Here’s How To Get Your Tax Clearance Online In Zimbabwe

If you have a company and you pay your taxes, then you know for a fact that having a tax clearance certificate is vital. There are some serious benefits to having a tax clearance¬†even if you aren’t a company; let’s say you’re a sole trader, church, a trust or an individual, these benefits apply. According […]

How Do You Apply For An ITF263 Certificate From Zimra?

We’re no tax consultants and for professional advice on this topic you are advise to seek professional assistance. At the beginning of the year, every year, companies are now required to apply for what is known as an ITF263 certificate that shows an organisation is tax compliant, or well, is at least in the process […]

ZIMRA moves all tax clearances online

It has been reported that in a follow-up development, ZIMRA issued a notice informing affected parties that starting this year it will no longer issue manual Tax Clearance Certificates, called ITF 263s, as these will strictly be processed online.