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Opera Mini Version 50: Same Old Data Saver With A More Modern Design

Time flies when you’re having fun – or in the case of Opera Mini, when you’re saving data. Opera Mini was introduced back in 2005 and locally many started their relationship with the browser 4 years later when Econet introduced 3G and browsing on mobile phones became a thing. My first interaction with the browser […]

Opera Mini Users Now Enjoy Free Music Streaming

Opera has been carving out as the jack of all trades in the browser world. From offering crypto wallets to file sharing, the browser has been diversifying and offering much more than the ability to open pages. The most recent addition to Opera’s suite of services is the integration of music streaming in the Opera […]

Get All Your News Updates In One Place Using The Opera News App

Last time I wrote about Opera and its browser you may remember I wasn’t entirely excited about the direction Opera was headed in. Since then, Opera has hit a total U-turn and introduced a new browser; Opera Touch. One of my colleagues wrote a review of the browser and from my brief time testing it, […]

Google’s New Data-Saving Browser Might Be The Answer If You Are Tired Of Opera

Google has just launched Google Go: an app that works as a lighter alternative to the Google app that comes preinstalled on most Android phones. We talked about this application a few months ago but back then it was still in testing and was called Search Lite. The search app also works as a browser […]

I’m Moving Away From Opera Mini And Here Are The Reasons Why

According to the most recent estimates by the UN, as of March 2018 the world population lies at 7.6 billion. That means of the entire world population, about 13%(1billion) has watched the video of the song Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (Featuring Kimbra). It’s arguably one of the most popular break-up songs […]

Opera Mini is fast losing mobile market share to Google Chrome in Africa

Not so long ago, Opera’s ultra-lightweight browser, Opera Mini, used to be the top mobile browser in Africa. Not anymore. The company has lost that top spot to Google’s Chrome. According to renowned global analytics company, StatCounter, in September 2016 Opera Mini had 57% market share in Africa and Google Chrome had just 18%. Now, a […]

If you like Opera Mini you are going to love Search Lite

Search Lite is a new app being tested by Google. As the name suggests, it is the Google Search app laid down to its bare bones. The guys over at Google are now serious about catering to those of us in the emerging world with our expensive data and unreliable connections. The Search Lite app […]

Opera Max shut down and removed from Google Play Store

Today, Opera announced that they will be discontinuing support for their mobile data saving application Opera Max. In the announcement, they also stated that the app has been removed from the Google Play Store and will no longer receive upgrades. Opera says “The product had a substantially different value proposition than our browser products, and represented […]

Opera jumps onto “…best for Netflix in Africa” bandwagon with Opera Max

So the latest way to sell your internet service or app in these post #NetflixEverywhere launch days, is to claim that it’s best for Netflix. Lots of free advertising it’s getting this video streaming service. The latest on that bandwagon is Opera, who most of us know for the much loved Opera Mini. Opera Mini is ofcourse just not enough […]

Google wants you to have a faster web experience with this browser

At its recent I/O Conference, Google announced the Google Web Light browser, a still-under-test version of the standard browser that offers faster web experiences for users in markets where there are slow internet connections. It’s being aimed at emerging markets which rely on 2G and 3G connections, and its set for India and Brazil first. Oh, it only works on Chrome and on Android devices.

2014 in review: The winning apps for the year

We are at that time of the year when we decide to take a step back and try to get a better sense of what was really going down in 2014. It’s the end of 2014, and I have had my fair share of experiences this year with quite a lot which includes apps. I […]

Zim startup Avelgood Apps hits 10 million downloads in 2 years

Developers will tell you how app downloads always serve as massive validation for the work you do, so a resounding download total is always celebrated.The good thing is there are local development outfits that have reason to be jubilant because of such forms of validation. Bulawayo based startup Avelgood apps, which is the development outfit […]

Understanding Econet’s new unlimited browsing promotion

There’s something that a lot of Econet broadband subscribers have noticed in the past couple days. Econet has been advertising its latest service that was launched at midnight– An unlimited browsing promotion via the Opera Mini browser. By dialing *143#  subscribers are able to select an option for unlimited browsing for 24 hours which costs 40 […]

Opera Mini report reveals Facebook’s dominance and Zim’s love for local content

The latest report from browser service Opera Mini on African internet trends has revealed insights on the most popular websites as frequented by users on the browser. Opera Mini is a proxy based browser designed for mobile devices. It has a huge following because of it’s data compression functionality which allows for cheaper web browsing […]

Mobile browser use in Zimbabwe: Opera mini increases, Nokia & others decline

The use of Opera’s mobile browsers, specifically that of Opera Mini we’re presuming, registered significant increase in Zimbabwe over the past 2 months. Especially in October when usage increased by almost 10%. This is according to the latest StatCounter data available on the analytics company’s website. Opera dominates the mobile browser usage with currently over […]

Our Opera Mini customers have increased six-fold, says Telecel

A press release from Telecel today says the company’s mobile broadband subscribers using the co-branded Opera Mini as their browsers has increased six-fold since launch 18 months ago. They however chose not to say just how many Opera Mini users there are now which left us hanging with the question that matters most. We got […]

5 apps that’ll make your internet bundles last longer

You can’t put in words how significant an impact this has had on your life. But there’s something else you can’t explain; the smartphone feeds on your expensive internet bundles so much you’re almost certain that the mobile network is stealing from you!

Top 9 mobile web browsers in Africa. Opera and Nokia on the decline

Yesterday, we posted an article about a report that Opera released recently which basically says is the most visited website in Africa via the Opera Mini web browser. But what most people looking at the information immediately ask is ‘just how much of the total mobile internet traffic in Africa does the Opera browser […]

Facebook tops mobile web browsing in Africa (and other mobile internet stats)

Yesterday, Opera Software released its monthly State of the Mobile Web report, and this month focused on the growth of the mobile web browsing in Africa. The report looks at the usage of Opera Mini across 53 African countries in the past 12 months. One clear trend in the report is that tops mobile […]

Telecel announces Opera Mini co-branding partnership

You’ll remember that some four months ago, Telecel Zimbabwe started testing a co-branded Opera Mini browser for its subscribers. The browser was being automatically pushed to Telecel subscribers’ mobile phones. Today, Telecel just announced through a press release that they have now entered a partnership with Opera Software for this. So what exactly are you getting […]

Opera Mini Next: Why you should try it out

Last week at the Mobile World Congress, Opera made available a pre-release version of their next series of mobile browsers which they ave dubbed Opera Mini Next. Opera has been the dominant mobile browser globally, and especially so in Africa where its technologies make it deliver the web faster on GPRS and EDGE mobile internet running on feature phones.

Telecel has co-branding testing agreement with Opera Software

Last week, we posted that Telecel Zimbabwe started pushing updates of a co-branded version of the Opera Mini mobile browser to subscribers. The special Opera Mini browser has some Speed Dial shortcuts set to the Telecel website and its social media pages. We contacted Telecel to give us more information and they responded.

Telecel skins Opera Mini, offers free access to Facebook Page

We’re getting information that Telecel Zimbabwe subscribers who use Opera Mini on their mobile phones can now access the Telecel website and Facebookpage for free. We’re gathering that the promotion started yesterday in the morning.

Google Zimbabwe’s 2011 top searches: ‘Facebook replaces Zimbabwe’

The most noticeable change on the top web searches when compared to last year’s top searches, is that “Zimbabwe” the most popular web search term in 2010, has been replaced by “Facebook”. Not sure if this means Zimbabweans are now more interested in logging onto Facebook than knowing about their country. One clear suggestion though to derive from this is that the web is getting more and more an everyday common man (social) tool than just the work and educational tool it was before.

Some Opera tips for saving mobile internet bundles

A little over a week ago, we posted some interesting stats from a report published by Opera, makers of the popular Opera Mini mobile internet browser. Opera also included some tips on optimizing internet usage on mobile devices and we thought you would find them handy. Most of us have limited data plans and buy expensive internet bundles from the mobile operators so these tips can help save a few dollars.

Opera Mobile Report: Zimbabwe is Africa’s biggest growth market

According to a document known as The State of Mobile Report, published by Opera (the world’s leading mobile internet browser) and containing information for June 2010-June 2011; Zimbabwe was consistently ranked in the top 10 mobile internet users in key ranking categories along with Morocco.