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Opera has integrated Twitter into its desktop browser

The latest version of Opera comes with Twitter integration. The side bar that has WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram will now also feature Twitter. You can access the main feed, search, and direct messages without having to open and tab. Opera 69 also comes with A new weather widget Improved visual tab cycler. Tabs are […]

Opera’s Gaming Browser Uses Less RAM and CPU Power Than The Normal Opera

Opera recently announced the GX browser and it’s targeted at gamers and comes with features such as a performance control centre, themes as well as twitch integration. The truth is I’m not a PC gamer so I’m not best placed to review such a product. Because this is the case I’ll just be taking a […]

Opera Launches The First Desktop Browser With A Built-in Cryptowallet

Opera has launched Opera 60 desktop browser, codenamed Reborn 3, with Web 3 support, cryptowallet, VPN, and ad blocker. As Opera rightly put it in its blog post, Web 3 is an umbrella term for a bunch of technologies including blockchain and cryptocurrencies that will help to achieve a decentralized internet. Essentially, Opera’s Reborn 3 […]

Opera’s Latest Update Makes The Browser Friendlier For Online Publishers Like Ourselves

Online publishing is a pretty cut-throat industry and many businesses in this field are still looking for a viable business model that justifies the effort that goes into making content. The Opera browser’s latest update is one of those conveniences that make it possible for publishers to make more money from their work. How exactly? […]

You Can Now Buy Crypto’s Straight From The Opera Browser

The Opera Browser has always been enthusiastic about crypto. If you recall, Opera became one of the first mainstream browsers with a built-in crypto wallet last year. Though some people’s faith and the hype surrounding cryptos has died down a bit, Opera shall not be shaken. They are still paying attention to that space and they […]

Here’s How You Can Install Google Chrome Extensions In The Opera Browser

I use two browsers; Chrome and the underrated Opera Browser. One of the more irritating aspects of using Opera is the fact that the Opera web store has an extremely weak selection of extensions. It borders on unacceptable but this doesn’t move me away from Opera entirely as they have other cool features that I’m […]

Google Accused Of Slowing Down YouTube In Mozilla Firefox And Edge Browsers

A Technical programmer at Mozilla has accused Google of slowing down YouTube on other browsers. Chris Peterson –the guy pointing a finger at Google- says since Google owns both YouTube and Chrome, they are implementing some exclusive tools that rob Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge users of the best experience: YouTube page load is 5-times […]

Opera Becomes First Web Browser To Introduce Built-in Crypto Wallet

With cryptocurrencies continuing to be one of the most popular ways of starting new businesses these days, users will need a secure place to store their crypto-wealth. Opera wants them to use a browser, that’s why it has unveiled a new ‘Opera Browser with Crypto Wallet’, billed as the world’s first browser with a built-in crypto […]

Opera Introduces New Mobile Browser Designed For One-Hand Use

Today Opera announced its new mobile browser, Opera Touch designed to be used with one hand. Most key functions of the browser are now placed within a user’s thumb enabling you to browse whilst carrying your groceries with one hand, for instance. Opera brags that its latest browser is for “for busy people who do […]

I’m Moving Away From Opera Mini And Here Are The Reasons Why

According to the most recent estimates by the UN, as of March 2018 the world population lies at 7.6 billion. That means of the entire world population, about 13%(1billion) has watched the video of the song Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (Featuring Kimbra). It’s arguably one of the most popular break-up songs […]

Opera Max shut down and removed from Google Play Store

Today, Opera announced that they will be discontinuing support for their mobile data saving application Opera Max. In the announcement, they also stated that the app has been removed from the Google Play Store and will no longer receive upgrades. Opera says “The product had a substantially different value proposition than our browser products, and represented […]

Opera Mini is dominating and IE won’t die? Let the stats answer that.

So you have a browser you like to use for whatever reason. Maybe its download resuming capabilities or its data saving features. Either way with the assortment of browsers out there it’s good to know how your favourite window to the web fares amongst the competition. Starting off with mobile browsers. So in Zimbabwe the […]

Opera introduces free unlimited VPN service for Android devices

image credit: Opera has finally released its free unlimited VPN service for Android. The Opera VPN service is a separate application from the company’s web browser. The VPN service allows you to browse the internet privately and anonymously, hiding what you do online from being tracked. The VPN also allows you to bypass firewalls and […]

Opera includes a free VPN in its latest browser release

Whether you want to watch the American Netflix, want to be anonymous on the internet, are are freaked out about the possibility of a government snooping on your internet activities, a VPN is the tool of choice. But usually you have to pay for it, or you have to deal with one comprise or the other. Opera has […]

Opera jumps onto “…best for Netflix in Africa” bandwagon with Opera Max

So the latest way to sell your internet service or app in these post #NetflixEverywhere launch days, is to claim that it’s best for Netflix. Lots of free advertising it’s getting this video streaming service. The latest on that bandwagon is Opera, who most of us know for the much loved Opera Mini. Opera Mini is ofcourse just not enough […]

Locally developed BMI Calculator app lands Opera Top apps for 2013 award

Locally developed Body Mass Index or BMI Calculator app for symbian devices received the Opera Top App awards for 2013 in the Health and Sports category. The BMI app was developed by Avelgood Apps, a Bulawayo based company that develops varying mobile apps. Commenting about the award on their blog, the company said: We are […]

Mobile browser use in Zimbabwe: Opera mini increases, Nokia & others decline

The use of Opera’s mobile browsers, specifically that of Opera Mini we’re presuming, registered significant increase in Zimbabwe over the past 2 months. Especially in October when usage increased by almost 10%. This is according to the latest StatCounter data available on the analytics company’s website. Opera dominates the mobile browser usage with currently over […]

Broadband Forum Preview: How local content fuels broadband consumption

The saying that content is king precedes the internet and can likely be traced as far back as the age of Papyrus. Engaging, enriching and current content is what drives the information age. Once a local flavor is brought to the table, consumption patterns grow at an exponential rate.

biNu Surveys: Zimbabwe’s mobile browser preferences

Last week we posted that biNu, the Australian startup that just raised 2 million bucks to expand its feature phone platform, has introduced a new feature called biNu surveys, which is basically a tool for companies to poll biNu users across the world. The new feature is still in beta, but biNu opened the door […]

Facebook tops mobile web browsing in Africa (and other mobile internet stats)

Yesterday, Opera Software released its monthly State of the Mobile Web report, and this month focused on the growth of the mobile web browsing in Africa. The report looks at the usage of Opera Mini across 53 African countries in the past 12 months. One clear trend in the report is that tops mobile […]

Telecel announces Opera Mini co-branding partnership

You’ll remember that some four months ago, Telecel Zimbabwe started testing a co-branded Opera Mini browser for its subscribers. The browser was being automatically pushed to Telecel subscribers’ mobile phones. Today, Telecel just announced through a press release that they have now entered a partnership with Opera Software for this. So what exactly are you getting […]

Is Firefox winning the browser war?

The other day I received a tweet that made me fall off my chair, it claimed Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer as the world’s most used browser. After regaining my composure I followed a few links and despite the much vaunted displacement realised that Chrome’s (all versions) triumph was over Internet Explorer 9, however IE […]

Opera Mini Next: Why you should try it out

Last week at the Mobile World Congress, Opera made available a pre-release version of their next series of mobile browsers which they ave dubbed Opera Mini Next. Opera has been the dominant mobile browser globally, and especially so in Africa where its technologies make it deliver the web faster on GPRS and EDGE mobile internet running on feature phones.

Some Opera tips for saving mobile internet bundles

A little over a week ago, we posted some interesting stats from a report published by Opera, makers of the popular Opera Mini mobile internet browser. Opera also included some tips on optimizing internet usage on mobile devices and we thought you would find them handy. Most of us have limited data plans and buy expensive internet bundles from the mobile operators so these tips can help save a few dollars.

Opera Mobile Report: Zimbabwe is Africa’s biggest growth market

According to a document known as The State of Mobile Report, published by Opera (the world’s leading mobile internet browser) and containing information for June 2010-June 2011; Zimbabwe was consistently ranked in the top 10 mobile internet users in key ranking categories along with Morocco.