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Android beats Windows: Now most popular platform globally for 1st time in history. But not in Africa!

Technology usage statistics provider GlobalStats announced today that Android has finally overtaken Microsoft Windows as the most popular operating system in the world – in terms of internet usage. The Google owned but open source mobile operating system  is now the top platform in the world with 37.93% market share of internet usage. Windows is at […]

Here’s a guide for installing the Intel graphics driver in Ubuntu 16.04

So after a few weeks of complaining about Microsoft and Windows something happened. Quite by accident, I visited the Edraw Max website only to discover that they now have a Linux version of the software. Now I could live my Ubuntu fantasy or so I thought. After a few minutes of using the open source […]

Data saving tips – here’s how to stop Windows 10 from hogging your precious bandwidth

Frustrated by all those operating systems updates? Here are some tips on how to stop Windows 10 from hogging your precious bandwidth.

Choosing a download manager in Ubuntu

Here’s a run through some awesome download managers to use in Ubuntu that ought to give you options, epecially if you are picky about command line software.

Now that Windows 10 has been officially launched, here’s how to get it

Windows 10 has been made officially available to the whole world. If you are on the Windows Insider program Windows 10 should be fairly simple to upgrade to the official release if it has not done so already, otherwise a few simple steps will get you the free upgrade available for the next one year.

Will your computer run Windows 10?

The Windows 10 upgrade is being made available at the end of this month. When you upgrade to Windows 10 between 29 July 2015 and 29 July 2016 from any of the previous releases of Windows, you will get a free lifetime Windows 10 licence on that device. Here’s how to verify of your machine can run the new Operating System.

A weekend spent cheating on Ubuntu with Fedora 22

Ubuntu is an awesome version of the Linux OS, but is it better than Fedora 22? This is a look at how well Fedora performs and if this Linux variant is worth as much fuss and praise as Ubuntu

Here’s how to make your Ubuntu Desktop beautiful

if you are bored by your Ubuntu desktop there is a way to change it. This is a step by step guide on how to customise that Linux desktop.

The loudest lesson from Ubuntu Vivid Vervet: If it’s not broken …

Those who are partial to Ubuntu know that every six months the good people at Canonical, the people behind Ubuntu, release a new version to its popular Operating System. Well if you somehow missed the big event, the latest iteration of Ubuntu and all its cousins like Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Lubuntu, Xubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome, […]

The big lesson from Ubuntu, Windows and Coca Cola

On Tuesday, 23 April 1985 the Coca-Cola company made a shocking announcement. They were going to introduce “New Coke” on the company’s centenary anniversary. The new drink would not only taste better being sweeter than the century old formula, it was healthier, pandered to the whims of vegetarians, was kosher and halal. This was everything […]

Hands-on learning with “Linux From Scratch”

Almost ten years ago, I used a computer for the first time. I mean I had heard a lot and seen computers in action in movies but I had never touched, let alone, used one before then. I will never forget that late summer morning when I switched on a computer for the first time. […]

Celebrating 22 years of Linux

It was 22 years ago, on 25 August 1991, that Linus Torvalds the father of Linux sent his famous message: “I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones.” Even he did not have any idea how popular and life changing his project would […]

Windows goes to UFI

It is a well known truism in Linux circles: The coolest toys come with Windows pre-installed. All a geek has to do is to either completely wipe the drive or dual boot Linux with Windows. A hitherto trivial and straightforward task that could at times be completed in a matter of minutes.

Review: Windows 8 is here, are you ready for the OS of the future?

Microsoft recently finished development of their next Operating System (OS), Windows 8. The latest addition to the Windows family ushers in a radical UI change that you will either love or hate tremendously. I love it a lot. I have been using Windows 8 on and off since the release preview came out. I began […]

Playing music and movies on Ubuntu Linux

The first thing anyone ever notices after installing Ubuntu is that they cannot play mp3s, .avi/.vob/.mpeg/ or any of their videos unless you are one of those freaks that happened to have .ogg media files in your music collection. With this discovery comes shock, anger and finally frustration.

Internet 101: What is an Operating System

So a finance director friend calls me yesterday and says, “I have just transferred some photos from my mobile to my PC and I can’t find them on the PC.” “What operating system are you using?” I asked. “Ummm what do you mean?” came the reply. “Like is it Vista or XP.” “Oh yes, I […]