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MultiChoice Group selects Metrological to deliver premium OTT services to DStv

MultiChoice has selected Metrological to deliver OTT services, internet apps and localised content to it’s Explora Ultra and Streama decoders.

Uganda’s Telecomms Operator Will Block Virtual Private Networks (VPN) To Stop Social Media Tax Evasion

Ugandans are turning to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass a new social media tax that came into force on Sunday. This has attracted the attention of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) (telecommunications watchdog) which said that telecommunication companies will block VPN applications that are aiding Ugandans to evade social media tax. UCC said; We have technology that […]

Telone Sees Marginal Increase In Total Revenue, Broadband Revenue Grows By 36%

Telone’s latest financial results for the year ended 31 December 2017 showed a marginal increase in its total revenue from the same period last year. The state-owned company total revenues increased to $117 million, representing a 3% growth from the previous year’s $114 million. This was largely driven by the 36% growth of broadband revenues which […]

My 2 cents on the way forward for our MNOs

Potraz reports continue to indicate a decline in voice calls while mobile internet data usage increases. The 2017’s 1st Quarter report reveals a 7.1% drop in voice calls from the previous Quarter (2016) while a 4.7% increase of mobile internet data usage from the last Quarter was noted. In February, we wrote on how the […]

Understanding this idea of a single international gateway – Does Zimbabwe need it anyway?

So what has changed? Why suddenly is there talk of a single international gateway through which all inbound and out voice and data traffic must go through.

International voice traffic drops by up to 19% as Zimbabweans embrace alternatives for diaspora talk

International voice traffic to and from Zimbabwe declined by as much 19.6% between April and June 2016 with calls made via mobile as well as fixed telecommunications registering lower traffic during the period

TelOne’s revenues decline to $59 million in first half of 2016, operator intensifies cost cutting measures

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s state-owned fixed telecoms service provider recorded revenues of $59 million during the first six months of 2016, which was a decline from the $69.2 million recorded over the same period of 2015. According to the Source, the operator’s first-half earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) came to $7m, which was a 2% […]

Econet Wireless’ Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) declines to $6.84, the lowest since dollarisation

This number was shared in the mobile operator’s consolidated annual financial results published recently. At less than $7 this is the lowest ARPU total that Econet has recorded ever since Zimbabwe adopted a multi-currency system in 2009.

Mobile internet use in Zimbabwe increases by over 100% in just a year

However, the most pronounced increase is evident in the year on year comparison of mobile data consumption. In the first quarter of 2015, mobile data use stood at 750.154 million megabytes. That number has since jumped by 101.3% to the 1.510 billion megabytes total recorded for March 2016.

Zimbabwe’s mobile telecoms revenues down by 12% as economy & technology take toll on industry

In the first quarter of 2016, Zimbabwe’s mobile telecoms generated $167.7 million in revenue which was a 12.3% decline from the revenue earned in the last quarter of 2015.

Zimbabwe’s voice traffic declines by 15% as subscribers opt for cheaper options like WhatsApp

Zimbabwe’s national voice traffic declined by 15.3% in the first quarter of 2016. Approximately 1,007 billion voice minutes were recorded between January and March 2016, a drop from the 1.2 billion voice minutes recorded in the last quarter of 2015.

Econet Zimbabwe profits down by 42% to $40 million as operator faces challenges in environment

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless is currently holding its analysts’ briefing where it has released the figures for the 2015 to 2016 financial year. Though the full briefing is yet to be released some of the highlights have been shared by analysts on Twitter and they indicate a pattern similar to the previous year’s performance […]

Zimbabwe’s failed WhatsApp ban just exposed the mobile operator’s struggle with innovation

The reality, though, is that these operators are responding to changes that they never anticipated and whose effects they can’t control. The request for the ban, or regulation is, as has been the case in countries like Morocco and most recently South Africa, a way to contain the damage. That hardly justifies it, but it puts the request into context.

Telecoms operators encouraged to innovate in the face of WhatsApp rather than regulate it

South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) has released a statement encouraging telecoms operators to innovate in the face of challenges from Over The Top (OTT) Services like WhatsApp and Skype, rather than seeking to regulate them.

Telecel & Free Basics, WhatsApp Regulation in Africa, POTRAZ Report & Zim Telecoms – Podcast

Telecel was recently confirmed as the mobile operator which will be offering Facebook and’s Free Basics service. We discuss that issue in this episode, as well as the impact WhatsApp regulation will have on African telecoms. We also touch on the latest POTRAZ report and some of the highlights sprinkled in the industry’s quarterly release.

Petition to save WhatsApp from regulation gains a lot of support

A South African online magazine,, has launched a petition calling on its government to reject the calls being made by the country’s mobile operators to regulate Over the Top (OTT) Services like WhatsApp and Skype.

WhatsApp and other OTT services face regulation in South Africa

South Africa’s Parliament is set to decide whether or not WhatsApp and other Over the Top(OTT) services like Skype and Viber should be regulated following concerns of “freeboarding” raised by telecoms operators.

WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook & every other reason why people aren’t calling home

Something that is contributing to this is the falling international traffic. It’s been noted for fixed network traffic, where, despite a slight increase during the third quarter of 2014, the incoming voice calls have been on a downward trend. Leading up to the end of the second quarter of 2015, this traffic fell by 2.8% to end at 11,854,199 minutes.

Lower revenues & increasing subscribers reflected in latest POTRAZ telecoms report

Telecoms operators are experiencing a growth in subscriber numbers, but the same subscribers aren’t spending as much. That’s one way of looking at the statistics provided in the latest (Second Quarter of 2015) sector performance report from post and telecoms regulator, POTRAZ.

Government reaches understanding with telecoms operators, suggests solutions for challenges in sector

According to the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, the various telecoms operators, including Econet Wireless, now have an understanding of what the government is trying to achieve through infrastructure sharing and they appreciate how this is something that they need in an ever-changing telecoms environment.

More than just a dream – What’s the idea behind Econet’s new bundles?

Econet introduced Dream Data Bundles that offer 300 Mb of data for $1, but only accessible between 12am and 5am. This is not a response to the outcry over changes to the social media bundles, it’s actually a strategy to remain competitively priced in the face of WiFi services springing up in the market.

So you want to go on Facebook ? Give me your wallet!

Internet services in Zimbabwe are expensive, and our usual refuge of bundled services are now being adjusted. It feels as though we are being robbed, just to access sites and platforms like Facebook.

Econet bundles,’s $1.2 mil, Rocket Internet & Free WiFi in Africa: Podcast

The latest Techzim podcast with open discussions on trending issues in local technology. This episode covered the Econet Social Bundles misstep, raising $1.2 million, DEMO Africa coming to Zimbabwe next month and free WiFi in Joburg and Harare.

Telecel finally starts promoting its bundles, but the service has one flaw

Econet messed up with a price adjustment and product fix on its social media bundles. Telecel has finally responded to this by promoting its own bundles. The only problem is Telecel isn’t disclosing the download caps on its own bundles. Is this because its service will become potentially as expensive as Econet’s bundles?

Econet adjusts WhatsApp, Facebook & Opera bundles, brings Lite & Extra options

Econet has changed its WhatsApp, Facebook and Opera Mini bundles. All three have now have two versions, Lite and Extra. The Lite bundles maintain the old prices but are slower and do not allow downloads. The Extra bundles are double the price of existing bundles but are faster and have download privileges.

As voice continues to die, it seems like WhatsApp calling is a problem after all

When the WhatsApp calls feature was activated this year two things that everyone had been expecting for over a year happened. Firstly, subscribers to the insanely popular platform were excited that VoIP was being integrated into the main communication platform. At the same time, a cloud of uncertainty gathered over mobile network operators’ voice model. […]

NetOne and its imaginary Instagram Bundles

It’s been a little over a week since NetOne introduced its own WhatsApp and Facebook Bundles. something that everyone expected would happen eventually anyway. Now the pressure to make an impressive late entrance has seen the mobile network adopt strategies to make its own services stand out from the competition. This is what explains the […]

From WhatsApp bundles to LTE: NetOne goes all out on data services

Finally, NetOne has stepped up to the plate, and not a moment too soon actually. The mobile network operator launched its own Over The Top (OTT) service bundles, or more specifically WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. The modus operandi is the same: Give subscribers unlimited access to the most visible applications or services and have them pay […]

Econet ends Free Twitter promo, bundles it instead with Opera Mini Bundles

We were all expecting some change to the free Twitter from Econet this month, so an announcement regarding the service isn’t surprising. A short while ago, Econet announced (via Twitter, of course) that the Free Twitter promo has come to an end. The freebie has now been incorporated into the Opera Mini Bundles. Free Twitter […]

Econet tries out Twitter via USSD

How relevant is Twitter to Zimbabwe? Is the #Twimbo community not growing fast enough? it’s hard to say really, but it would seem that mobile operator Econet is making the biggest effort to get as many of us on the social network as possible. This time it’s through a Twitter via USSD service. We got a […]