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Tag: OTT Services

Twitter videos & group chats are here, does this mean the end of Free Twitter?

You can now shoot, edit and share video on Twitter. Capture life's most moving moments from your perspective. — Twitter (@Twitter) January 27, 2015 Nothing lasts forever and the best things in life are free. It’s beyond cliche’ but that doesn’t make it any less true. Especially for Free Twitter. Our run with the […]

Where are we now with LTE in Zimbabwe?

4G/LTE always gets people in telecoms excited, and for good reason. Faster connections and efficient networks are everything. Even though it has been singled out globally as the mobile tech advancement that should come front and centre in a mobile world that will be all about better mobile internet, the uptake of 4G on the local front is […]

ZIMURA and Econet attempt to kill local music piracy. What’s their silver bullet?

Another revenue stream for Zimbabwean music can’t hurt, right? That’s what everyone has said over and over again. It’s just that the options that have been working elsewhere aren’t catching on in this market fast enough to disrupt our flourishing illegal music distribution circuit. As part of the fight against piracy ZIMURA (Zimbabwe Music Rights Association) decided to make […]

Just how ready are we for internet dating in Zimbabwe?

Long before social media received a global definition from Mark Zuckerburg’s Harvard dormitory experiment, a lot of people had been experiencing the opportunity of the internet as huge meeting place for potential partners and social connections through online dating. The phenomenon has changed dramatically (to think it used to be email only) to incorporate social media […]

Predictions 2015: What can we expect from the Zimbabwean technology space?

It’s only a few days into the new year and a lot of things have started to change in the Zimbabwean technology space. From tariff reductions to promotions being ended it looks like there is going to be a lot to expect. In all of this here are some of our predictions for 2015. The adjustment […]

Enough with the Econet bundles and promos already, just lower the tariffs please

If 2014 is going to be remembered for anything in broadband services, the bundles sensation has to be one of them. Well, three bundles actually, when you count the Facebook Bundles (Telecel got into those this year), WhatsApp Bundles and the Econet Opera Mini bundles introduced a couple of months ago. We even had internet service provider […]

Another free Twitter promo, what’s the idea behind it though?

This week Airtel Kenya made the news because of a free Twitter promotion being extended to its subscribers from now until January 2015. Subscribers will have unlimited access to the micro blogging site through web browsers and the official Twitter Android or Windows Phone apps. This is hardly a new gig. Similar free Twitter promos have also been […]

Telecel finally catches up with it’s new Facebook bundles

Here’s something that Telecel subscribers enjoying the broadband experience might not have noticed yet; yesterday the mobile network silently launched its own Facebook bundles. Telecel did promise to introduce these Facebook bundles as a followup to its WhatsApp bundles launch, with a mention of how Twitter bundles were also under consideration. The Twitter product hasn’t seen […]

Networks offer free WhatsApp to subscribers

Earlier today South Africa’s Cell C announced an offer for free WhatsApp services to all its contract  subscribers and some of its prepaid subscribers. According to a report from My Broadband this promotion is set to last until the festive season and Cell C has stated that this is meant to be the network’s strategy […]

NetOne applies for datacasting licence

According to a notice in the Herald, state-owned mobile network operator Netone has applied for a national datacasting licence from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe.The datacasting licence is one of ten broadcasting licences offered by the regulator. Datacasting, or the broadcast of data, is a service that delivers information via radio waves in varied forms […]