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The price difference between in and out of bundle browsing

So, if you weren’t already aware mobile data is priced differently depending on whether you are browsing in or out of a bundle. These prices are set by the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and the authority today put out a statement on the matter. In-Bundle and Out-of-bundle browsing. The mechanics of […]

Finally NetOne Allows You To Save Data By Switching Off Out Of Bundle Browsing

Almost 4 years ago, Econet introduced an option for subscribers to switch off and on permission to use regular airtime (non data bundle airtime) to access the internet. This was Econet’s effort to protect subscribers from ‘disappearing data.’ The biggest reason subscribers get surprised by the disappearance of their airtime is that their mobile device […]

Out-Of-Bundle Mobile Data Charges Fall By 60%

POTRAZ announced their Long-Run Average Increment Cost (LRIC) where they made some cool announcement. Out of bundle data browsing is dropping massively: The Out of bundle mobile data charges threshold shall be reduced from the current 12.5 cents per Megabyte to 5 cents per Megabyte exclusive to of all taxes. This applies to internet/data that […]

Has Econet Refunded The 60 000 Subscribers Whose Airtime Was ‘Disappearing?’

On Monday, we wrote an article on the challenges Econet subscribers were facing over the weekend. About 60 000 subscribers were left in the dark as their credit was being used for data services even if they had not activated ‘out of bundle’ browsing. We reached out to Econet and they informed us that they […]

So what if EcoCash only allows me to buy airtime for a dollar and above???

During the weekend, EcoCash announced that the minimum airtime amount one could purchase using the platform had gone up to a dollar. This, (obviously) did not sit well with Econet users, with some even threatening to leave Econet for other network operators, NetOne to be precise. Nonetheless, for the die-hard Econet users, there might just […]

POTRAZ needs to copy S. African regulations on data charges

Just last week we were here ranting about out-of-bundle browsing. We were angry at mobile operators, Netone and Telecel in particular for not giving users the option to deactivate out-of-bundle browsing. Some pointed out that the anger should have been directed at POTRAZ. With ICASA, the South African equivalent of Potraz proposing changes to the […]