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Here’s how to pay your taxes using Ownai

ZIMRA recently published their Q3 revenue report and in it was this interesting detail; During the quarter, additional tax payment relationships with OWNAI and One Money platforms were introduced for payment convenience. ZIMRA Q3 report This made us wonder what this payment relationship with Ownai was and when it was struck. The OneMoney-ZIMRA relationship we […]

Apple’s Most Recent Event Shows The Tech Giant Has Some Similarities To Econet

How many times have you heard the phrase, “The world is a global village.” Probably a lot. When Marshall McLuhan, who Google search credits as the originator of that saying, uttered those words he was describing how the world has been shrunk by modern advances in communication tools. This simple and overly used phrase – […]

Ownai’s Valentine’s Promotion Could See You Win One Of 10 Handsets

Cassava SmarTech’s eCommerce subsidiary is hosting a pretty cool competition that will see 10 winners walk away with handsets as if they participate in Ownai’s Valentine’s promo. Fortunately, the news came from the much more popular EcoCash Twitter account who tweeted: Log onto & register either as a buyer or a seller. We will […]

Now You Can Shop On Ownai And Get Your Deliveries With Vaya Express

Cassava SmarTech is not relenting in its effort to take lion’s share of all emergent business models like e-commerce, ride-hailing etc. In its quest for domination, it is leveraging on partnerships and collaborations between some of its companies. The latest collaboration is not only between 2 of its subsidiaries but 3 (ownai, EcoCash, and VayaExpress). […]

For 30c/Km You Will Be Able To Deliver Packages Using Vaya Express

Econet’s E-Commerce platform Ownai never really took off on the scale we’ve come to expect with Econet products and became a household name. But fortunately, because Ownai is an Econet service (Oh wait, it’s now actually a Cassava SmartTech service) they can afford to sideline the platform and bring it back once they have revised […]

Your cast away is someone else’s treasure – sell it on Ownai

Ever since becoming an adult, there has been one thing that my sister has continuously been fighting my mother on: Clutter! The Shona word she uses to describe it is the most fitting word for clutter I have ever heard, ‘hungwandangwanda,’ (I am sorry I cannot translate this to English). I discovered that clutter is […]

Econet’s Ownai increases traffic by almost 200% in a month. Will they win c2c classifieds?

Traffic to Econet’s classifieds property, Ownai had a drastic increase in traffic in the month of August. Some 180% increase from 95k to 270k visits a month. This is important and potentially a big deal for the company as it has in past failed to get any meaningful traction on its first internet venture. In March […]

Here’s How Entrepreneurs In Zimbabwe Are Making Money…

A number of entrepreneurs have caught on to the opportunity that Ownai is the best, FREE online classifieds website. It is providing them with an opportunity to scoop the best bargains and make a profit out of selling. For almost a year now, Zimbabweans have been enjoying free access to the largest marketplace from their […]

Zimbabwe’s largest classifieds platform introduces shopping cart, shows focus on online shopping

Zimbabwe’s largest classifieds platform has introduced a shopping cart as it increases its focus on online shopping.

Troubled Rocket Internet goes live with classifieds website in Zimbabwe

It has been a while since we have written about Rocket Internet in Zimbabwe or their wider African operations. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been active. A lot has happened at the startup clone factory in the past several months; from the plummeting of their share price following loss of confidence in their business model, to […]

Econet’s failed e-commerce startup Tengai still alive, pops up on group affiliate’s website

As it turns out, Tengai is still alive, well the brand name at least. It is listed together with Ownai, EcoSure and EcoCash, on the website of a digital transactions company called Cassava which is a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Global as one of its successful partner brands.

Traffic to Ownai, Econet’s classifieds site, possibly dropped 67% in the last 2 months

After an initial surge in traffic when it launched last year, Econet’s classifieds property, Ownai, might be experiencing a sharp downturn in visits to the site. A look at the site’s estimate traffic shows the site has dropped about 67% in visits since December 2015.

Econet head of e-commerce quits. Here’s the group’s CEO of e-commerce

Remember Econet Wireless’s Head of e-commerce, James Gibson? We wrote about his arrival at Econet last year. Coming from a Rocket Internet e-commerce startup, he appeared to have been recruited to lead Econet’s e-commerce efforts in the region starting with Zimbabwe’s Tengai. We have received information from sources telling us that even though his Linkedin says he’s still at Econet, Gibson  […]

Zimbabweans embrace Facebook Groups as classifieds platforms

More than 5 years and a standalone mobile application later, Groups are now registering 1 billion users a month and have been tapped as tools for political discussion, organisational efficiency and massive user feedback on brands, products and even insight on competing services.

India bans Facebook’s Free Basics – offers Zimbabwean regulators another chance at self reflection

The net neutrality cause got a huge boost today when the Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) permanently banned Facebook’s Free Basics on the grounds of net neutrality violations.

Classifieds CEO: Ownai zero-rating could present a challenge, but we’re in a good position to combat it

Some aspects of their offering which leverage their incumbency as Zim’s largest MNO could present a challenge for us. However, additional experience, technology and marketing from OAM put us in a good position to combat that.

Econet’s Ownai hit by another outage. Separately, hackers claim they attacked it

Econet’s classifieds website, Ownai, is down again. It’s not clear yet if it’s another case of lots of visitors trying to visit the site at once (they just sent out an SMS ad inviting user to the platform) or if it’s the case of hackers having hit it again. launches business directory, along with new look

Webdev, the company behind Zimbabwe’s most popular classifieds site has just made two key changes to its marketplace.

Black Friday deals, Econet in court, Seldon closed, Zim’s domain issue – Podcast

In this podcast, we discuss some of the Black Friday deals, including some that will last over the next few days. We also discuss Econet’s court case, the return of Ownai, Zimbabwe’s domain issue and the closure of Econet Global’s Seldon.

Econet’s classifieds website Ownai going down and up as operator advertises zero rating

Ownai, the econet classifieds website, which launched yesterday, has been up and down this afternoon. Attempting to visit the website right now produces the error in the picture above. The message on shows that the database of the content management system they are using, Osclass, is unavailable. It’s not clear yet what has caused the outage but it could be […]

Ownai, Econet’s startup offically launched with an objective to “help small businesses”

Econet is looking past all of that, though. According to Douglas Mboweni, Econet’s CEO, the telecoms operator wants its customers who are running small businesses to see the operator as a partner that will help them make money. Tools like Ownai are supposed to enable this by offering free marketing of goods to Econet’s broadband customers.

Mxit’s demise, Zimpapers going digital, Tengai/Ownai, ShonaNdebele Tutor: Podcast

Mxit, the most successful African social media platform so far (in terms of user uptake at least) closed its operations a week ago. in this podcast we discuss some of the challenges that it met and what could have been a contribution to its demise. We also discuss the Zimpapers results and their reflection on […]

Econet says Ownai wasn’t hacked, site is undergoing prelaunch tests

According to Econet, the Ownai site is still undergoing some necessary tests around security and stability and the inference that had been made that it was hacked wasn’t necessarily factual.

Ownai, the new Tengai experiences brief downtime, some suspect another hack

Ownai, the new version of Tengai wasn’t accessible for an extended interval, with visitors to the URL being directed to a page carrying a 504 Gateway Timeout error message. Usually, this is diagnosed as a network error between servers, but because of the history that Tengai had with security breaches, some people have opined that this could have been another attack.

Econet’s startup, Tengai returns online as Ownai

Tengai, the online classifieds platform from Econet is back online. The startup has however resurfaced with a different name, Ownai.