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Baba Tencen is the most popular Zimbabwean internet video creator, and more interesting facts.

A week ago we started off on a new approach to in-depth content with a series called “Beneath the Surface” which is meant to provide us with an opportunity to plunge into a further understanding of certain topics in Zimbabwe’s (and the region’s) tech space. So far, our first feature, The Internet video Economy in Zimbabwe; […]

Here are the 7 most successful Internet video outfits in Zimbabwe

These Zimbabwean outfits are tapping into the power of internet video to build brands, grow a following and even make some money.

NetOne’s LTE gamble, mobile money, Mobilegeddon & Zim content on M-Net Africa: Podcast

Is the NetOne gamble on LTE really going to pay off? Wy weren’t owners of local digital content worked up about Mobilegeddon? How big a deal is mobile money for local telecoms anyway?We recorded another podcast to discuss some of these issues and you can listen to it here. We recorded another podcast to discuss […]

A word for Zim producers: MultiChoice is calling for local content

Do you know any local film and TV producers that are making content that is worth the notice on a regional scale? It turns out 2015 is their year actually. First it was ZBC, now MultiChoice Zimbabwe, the company behind DStv, is calling for locally produced content to air on its M-Net Africa Channels. This […]

WhatsApp, Facebook & the streets: the new markets for Zim content creators

Paraffin, Mukadota, Gringo, Mutirowafanza, Neria, More Time, Jit, Yellow Card, Flame. Seemingly random names, but all these titles register some significance with Zimbos that lived in a bygone era. It’s just a handful of productions that represent the great local content that we used to consume from the good old TV. Then technology started changing things like it […]

As Channel O closes, the opportunity for good quality local content is highlighted

Nothing lasts forever, especially on TV. Who would have thought that something that had become a permanent feature of sorts, Channel O Africa, would be calling it a day at the end of this month. For us in Southern Africa, this doesn’t concern us directly. What’s being cut off is the feed for the rest […]

Twitter videos & group chats are here, does this mean the end of Free Twitter?

You can now shoot, edit and share video on Twitter. Capture life's most moving moments from your perspective. — Twitter (@Twitter) January 27, 2015 Nothing lasts forever and the best things in life are free. It’s beyond cliche’ but that doesn’t make it any less true. Especially for Free Twitter. Our run with the […]

Podcast: Zympay & remittances, Human IPO, P.O BOX Videos and NetOne Airtime

Here is the latest edition of the weekly Techzim Podcast. As we always do, in this episode we touch on the trending topics from the local tech scene. Under discussion was the P.O BOX Videos viral sensation and its use of social media, the departure of Steward Bank CEO, and how it has come in […]

How the P.O BOX videos are exploiting the opportunity of the internet

Creating great content is never easy, especially when you are trying to do it as something more than just a hobby. Your material has to be relevant, fresh and worth the audience or market’s time. When you’ve nailed that, you can then turn to tech to present it to the world for you. Which is what the […]