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The Cybersecurity Bill is the President’s signature away from being law

The much-debated Cybersecurity and Data Protection Bill sailed through the Senate on Wednesday this week according to a report by NewsDay. The legislation seeks to give Zimbabwe its first baseline where cybersecurity is concerned and is a subject we spoke of at length around this time last year. It has been a while since this […]

Here’s where this week’s public consultations on the Cyber Security Bill are being held

The parliament recently issued a notice to the effect that the next public consultations and hearings on the Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill are being held. The hearings will be held between 6-10 July, virtually and physically (venues below) by 3 parliament teams. The teams will cover various places in Zimbabwe as follows: TEAM 1 Date Place Venue Time ofHearing Monday, 6 July 2020 […]

Stop amending Zimbabwe’s Constitution – online petition gathers steam

A concerned Zimbabwean citizen has launched an online petition asking or demanding that the country’s parliament stops amending the constitution as they seem bent on doing. The goal for the petition which is on is 2,500 signatures. At the time of writing it is already at almost 2,000 signatures. Why not just get it […]

Thoughts On The Cyber Security And Data Protection Bill

On the 15th of May The Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill was gazetted. The public was asked to comment on the bill in a process that ends on the 26th of June. The digital age has brought with it a unique set of concerns. Security was something that was assured by physical or geographical […]

Parliament Invites Public Commentary On Cyber Security & Data Protection Bill

On the 15th of May, the Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill was gazetted by government and before it is effected into law the bill should go through a phase of public consultation where ordinary Zimbabweans like you and me go through it and share comments with Parliament. This being the case the Parliament of […]

Covid-19 Forces Parliament to Go Virtual: The Pros and Cons

The Coronavirus has forced Parliament to embrace virtual sittings. This is a good development, but not without its challenges

MPs Ask For Lessons To Use Tablets

The issue of tablets in parliament has been a topical ever since the announcement was made that members of parliament would be getting the devices last year. Actually, MPs were originally set to receive tablets from the World Bank back in 2017, and that didn’t materialise and even if it didn’t it wouldn’t have caused […]

It Might Soon Be Illegal For Political Parties To Access Personal Mobile Numbers

Data breaches and invasion of privacy are rarely discussions that captivate the majority of Zimbabwean audiences but last year there was one invasion that seemed to stir up the hornet’s nest. During the 2018 campaign season, ZANU-PF decided it would be a very good idea to send some mobile network subscribers very personal SMSs which […]

Parliament of Zimbabwe now has a mobile app to keep us up to date

Back in 2016 we saw the Parliament of Zimbabwe take technology seriously as they embraced it to improve service delivery. They were working on a lot of projects, live-blogging parliamentary debates (which did not come to be for somewhat obvious reasons) and also an enhanced website which was launched. On the website all important information […]

URGENT: This is your chance to nominate candidates for Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Board (BAZ)

Parliament is calling on the public to nominate candidates for Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) board. This notice is to be treated as URGENT since the deadline for submission is tomorrow, the 30th of September 2017. If you have not submitted your nominations yet, time is running out. By now most of us know what […]

Government says Zimbabwe lost US$26 million to WhatsApp, Facebook & Over the Top services

The government has put a price on the “WhatsApp effect”. According to the Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira, Zimbabwe lost US$26 million in less than a year. In a recent hearing with Parliament, the Minister shared information on how much Zimbabwean mobile voice traffic had declined because of over the top (OTT) services (services that work […]

It’s a lie that Econet paid its licence in full, part of the payment actually made by people of Zimbabwe – Mandiwanzira

Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira recently told the parliament of Zimbabwe that contrary to what has been said repeatedly by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe about its licence payment fees, the mobile operator did not pay its licence its full and part of the payment was actually made by the people of Zimbabwe. While responding to a […]

NetOne says it paid US$4 million towards its licence, negotiated terms for the remainder

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator (MNO) and one of the country’s state-owned telecoms providers has paid US$4 million towards its licence and negotiated a payment plan for the balance. This information was shared by NetOne’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Mutandiro, in an evidentiary hearing with the Parliamentary Committee for ICT. Mutandiro was asked by the […]

Parliament of Zimbabwe to launch mobile app & livecasts in 2017 as part of wider tech adoption plan

In 2017 this is going to be supported by livecasts of meetings, live tweeting of State addresses (usually this is done as a community service by OpenParly – an independent civic outfit) and a mobile application which Parliament intends to launch in the first quarter of 2017.

Zimbabwean parliamentarians to receive tablets in 2017

While it remains to be seen whether MPs will use the new devices effectively, the move will go a long way in extending the efforts Parliament has been making to adopt technology for the efficient execution of its duties as the country’s legislative chamber.

Zimbabwean Parliament to debate draft ICT laws as President cites growing threat of cybercrime

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is expected to debate 3 pieces of draft legislation on cybercrime, electronic transactions and data protection as the government prepares to deal with increasing cyber threats.

Parliament of Zimbabwe to live blog its official opening, embraces digital to share legislative processes

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is set to live blog its official opening as it embraces the use of digital channels to share legislative processes.

Here’s Zimbabwe’s draft e-transactions & e-commerce Bill

If you want to check it out and understand some of the proposals that are being made to regulate online transactions and e-commerce in ZImbabwe you can download a pdf copy of the bill by following the link below.

Please note, Zimbabwe’s Cybercrime bill is not yet law and you can still contribute to it

The important thing to note though is that this bill is still a draft and not yet law. The Ministry of ICT which is supposed to present this bill to the Parliament of Zimbabwe is still gathering contributions from all stakeholders before it is presented to the legislature.

Digital migration project in funding crisis after NetOne fails to pay Government $200 million for dividend spectrum

The Zimbabwean government is in the process of identifying new buyers for the digital dividend spectrum which was initially sold to local mobile operator NetOne after the mobile operator failed to pay the $200 million required for it.

Understanding Zimbabwe’s draft Data Protection Bill

The Bill tries to ensure that whenever an individual’s data is collected, it is only used for the specified purpose and not abused.In the Bill, data is categorised into broad categories, namely personal information, sensitive data and genetic data.

What should the new laws on Zimbabwean cybercrime consider?

The local press recently carried the story of Brighton Berejena, a Zimbabwean ICT professional who acted unethically by accessing his former employer’s internet service, disabled five servers and changed some of the passwords. As the former IT administrator for a company called Kreamorn Investment, he had all the necessary intelligence to access the company’s system […]

Dealing with Baba Jukwa: POTRAZ crafting cyber security laws

It has been reported that the Parliament of Zimbabwe was told yesterday by representatives from local regulator, POTRAZ, that cyber-security laws were being crafted to deal with cyber attacks as well as social media infractions from bloggers like Baba Jukwa. Responding to concerns raised by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on ICT chaired by Nelson Chamisa, POTRAZ acting director-general […]

Parliament protects cellphone users’ privacy

The Zimbabwean legislative took a stand for cellphone users’ privacy yesterday when it outlawed legal provisions that allow the ZRP to approach mobile network operators and access information provided by a subscriber when registering a SIM card. According to a report in the Herald, this ratification followed a submission of a report prepared by the […]

ZBC’s broadcast of Parliamentary debates a welcome development

Recently the state broadcaster ZBC made the decision to beam live parliamentary sessions on TV and radio on select days of the week. This move, although coming as a very late approach to Zimbabwe’s attempts at open legislative activities, is definitely a welcome development. The broadcasts are scheduled for TV on Wednesday during parliament’s question […]