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You have a Whatsapp-based business? Here’s how to share catalogues with potential customers

Embracing WhatsApp as your e-commerce storefront comes with a number of things to learn. WhatsApp Business isn’t like the normal WhatsApp and there are a number of features made with eCommerce in mind. Catalog are one such feature. Business owners can use the feature to create a mobile storefront that shows off the products or […]

ZESA Payments Back Online

You can now purchase ZESA tokens. After the difficulties they faced over the last couple days, their payment system is back up and running. Update: If you can’t get through on your mobile device or any other remote payment, check in with your supermarkets, reports are that payments were being processed there. Buy ZESA tokens […]

Facebook Invests US$5.7 Billion In Indian Telecoms Company

Tech companies have an interesting relationship with India. The country’s cheap data has meant that for smartphone manufacturers – getting their devices in the hands of as many Indians as possible has always been a priority. For social media and messaging companies, this cheap data has meant many Indians can utilise their applications unlike in […]

Will The Cheaper Sasai Bundle Save The Messaging App?

Sasai recently got a discounted bundle introduced by Econet in what seems like an effort to boost usage of the flailing Instant Messaging application. The new Sasai bundles will be priced as follows: Daily Sasai bundles; $1.25 – 20MB $4 – 45MB 50% discount compared to the WhatsApp+Pinterest+Sasai bundle. Weekly Sasai Bundles $5 – 65MB […]

[Interview] We Chat With Visa’s GM for Southern Africa: “We Need To Think Global & Act Local” When Deploying Payment Technologies

We sat down with VISA’s General Manager for Southern Africa Mr. Jabu Basopo. We had an interesting conversation that touched on a variety of issues including improving the security of payments, implementation of QR codes in African markets and the lessons that VISA is learning from African payments which one can argue are beginning to […]

[Download] Zimswitch Digital Payments Conference 2019 Presentations

The second annual ZIMSWITCH Digital Payments Conference running under the theme Digital Economy For Africa was a success. With both local and international speakers sharing their knowledge on the payments landscape, those who attended benefited immensely. If you didn’t attend but you were following the Livestream on our Twitter page, you might have been interested […]

What Happened To EcoCash’s QR Payments Solution, Scan & Pay

I’m pretty sure we all hate fiddling with USSD codes when we are about to pay for something in a shop. The dread of that transaction timing out or you missing out one detail and having to restart the process keeps me up at night. In September of 2018, these fears looked like a thing […]

The 2% Transaction Tax Could Be Effective If Implemented Less As A Punishment And More As An Encouragement

The recently introduced tax on electronic transactions has seen some revisions since it was announced on the 1st of October this year. These revisions have all been welcome because they make the tax a little more bearable. The first revision was that $10 and lower values would not be taxed. The last one could be […]

Can You Receive Money Into A Zimbabwean PayPal Account?

Every now and again, we receive a question from readers asking us if they can receive money in the Zimbabwean PayPal accounts. The answer right now (October 2018) is that you cannot. PayPal hasn’t yet opened this functionality for their Zimbabwean subscribers. How to Check? In case you’re reading this article sometime well after October […]

New Perm Sec For Ministry Of Finance Believes Non Exporters Have No Right To Demand USD From Banks

We first published this on the 31st of August 2017. A year later, the then Barclays Zimbabwe CEO, George Guvamatanga is now the newly appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. We are republishing this post because of the significance of that shift in events. Anyone who doesn’t export has no […]

Now You Can Ecocash ZIMRA. Long Overdue If You Ask Me

In September last year I went to Botswana with some colleagues. We went via road. We did not have any cash on us except some hard currency we would use in Botswana if our bank debit cards failed for any reason. Using hard currency in Zimbabwe is never an option. It’s funny that just a […]

Video: No more international payments via EcoCash… unless you have USD

  As Zimbabwe’s cash crisis worsens, the country’s top mobile money service, EcoCash, has announced that EcoCash that it will no longer be processing international payments unless subscribers pre-fund their wallets with physical United States Dollars: Read more here. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney […]

Can the Total Card help you budget? Yes. Here’s how…

Even in these hard times, I’m sure you can all agree with me that the temptation to live beyond our means continues to get the best of us. Well, what’s interesting is that there are some service providers who still strive to ensure that they give us some form of competitive advantage over such life […]

Like Zimbabwe, Germans had hyperinflation, & still prefer paying cash for everything

We came upon some figures about the use of cash vs cards (and mobile money in our case) in other countries and it made for some interesting reading. According to a recent study about 82% of all transactions in Germany are conducted in cash.  The study was covered in a report by Quartz, which helpfully broke it […]

“Everything you wanted to know about the contentious Bitcoin upgrade” but were too afraid to ask

You may have heard bitcoin likened to a currency or commodity. It’s both of those things actually. Bitcoin is also a third thing – a payment network. What confuses most people that are new to bitcoin is how the word ‘bitcoin’ is interchangeably used to refer to all these 3 things: a currency, a commodity […]

Get ahead of the queue, buy your fuel online

I always wondered why people used the Total Smart Card to buy fuel for their cars. To be honest, I thought it was a futile attempt to show status. Of course if you are a business owner or have the buying decision in any organisation, the Total Smart Card has always made sense. This is […]

Ecocash Attempts To Keep It All In Their Ecosystem

An announcement that has come through from Econet, the owners of the Ecocash services company is that they have reduced their merchant ‘merchant fees’ for their customers by ‘as much as 50%’ with immediate effect. This is a follow-on to their ‘no merchant fees on Thursdays‘ initiative that they ran from April up to end of […]

Press Release: EcoCash slashes Merchant fees by up to 50%

A press release has been received from Ecocash in regards to a reduction in their Merchant fees that their customers will have to pay. It is posted below for your benefit: Econet Wireless is reducing EcoCash tariffs on all merchant payments by up to 50% with immediate effect. The reduction is aimed at further providing ease […]

Press Release: EcoCash integrates with Zinara for mobile money payments at tollgates

Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications and Technology Company Econet Wireless and the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) today announced a partnership that will see tollgates linking directly with customers’ EcoCash wallets. In a first of its kind in Zimbabwe, all EcoCash registered customers will now be able to link their vehicles with their mobile money wallets, load their EcoCash toll […]

The EcoCash ecosystem numbers update (June 2017)

Nathalie Jabangwe Morris, EcoCash Zimbabwe General Manager Today, at the announcement of the EcoCash and ZINARA tollgate integration, EcoCash Zimbabwe General Manager, Nathalie Jabangwe, noted some new milestone figures of the EcoCash ecosystem. The last time we posted these was in July 2016. 27,000 Merchants – This is up from 20,000 merchants last year. The 35% […]

CABS limits DStv payments further. Says it’s prioritising critical payments for imports

In February, CABS announced that they had limited payments for DStv. Non-account holders couldn’t make payments and account holders could only pay for one DStv account a month. Today, the bank has announced further restrictions on DStv payments. Essentially, payments will only be available to Platinum and Gold Class customers and will only be via the bank’s mobile platforms. DSTv […]

Ecocash Zero Rates Merchant Payments On Thursdays…

Ecocash, arguably the biggest ‘bank’ in Zimbabwe, with probably well over 4m subscribers, has zero rated merchant payments every Thursday up until the end of June 2017. I’m not too sure whether this incentive needed to be thrown, as due to the cash crisis that has been prevailing in Zimbabwe, a number of us have been […]

Press Release: Senditoo launches super-fast mobile airtime transfer app

Fast-growing tech start-up Senditoo has boosted its mobile airtime transfer service with the launch of an app that allows users to send top-ups to mobile phones across the world in just 15 seconds. The super-fast app is now available to download on Google Playstore for Android users and App Store for iOS. With over 70 […]

CABS revises DStv payment limits. Other ways to pay DStv

Another financial institution in Zimbabwe has revised their conditions for DStv payments, effectively limiting them. CABS, the largest building society in the country, announced this month that it would no longer allow non-account holders to make DStv payments through it. They also announced that their customers will only be able to make a single payment […]

Steward Bank opening at least 3,000 new bank accounts a day, says CEO

Steward Bank is now opening at least 3,000 new bank accounts a day, the bank’s CEO, Lance Mambondiani told Techzim recently. We interview Mambondiani at the launch the company’s new Incubation Pod center at its financial services center in Avondale, Harare. “We are opening 3,000 to 4,000 new accounts everyday now. We are in a position where we have been […]

10 things you didn’t know you could use bitcoin for in Zimbabwe

One thing that makes bitcoin so hot is that it allows us to make transactions and move money in ways that were not possible before bitcoin was invented.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 areas where bitcoin shines: #1: Online payments With banks continuing to restrict the use of debit cards online, it continues to […]

Interview: Cellulant’s drive into the B2C mobile VAS space

Last week, Cellulant launched a USSD service allowing Zimbabweans to buy electricity tokens, ADSL internet and in future other bills from their phones by just dialing *365#. We had the opportunity to discuss the company’s new drive – both the local and as a continental company – to expand into the B2C market. The company has up to now […]

Bond Notes, an untrusted government & the Bitcoin opportunity in Zimbabwe

Earlier today we wrote on how tech can help Zimbabwe in both a short and long term sense in its current predicament of a USD cash shortage and new Bond notes that Zimbabweans are generally very skeptical about. As indicated in that article, the loss of trust is a big factor in Zimbabwe’s cash shortage problem and the Bond […]

Classifieds CEO: Ownai zero-rating could present a challenge, but we’re in a good position to combat it

Some aspects of their offering which leverage their incumbency as Zim’s largest MNO could present a challenge for us. However, additional experience, technology and marketing from OAM put us in a good position to combat that.

NettCash parent company, Mozido, opens Africa HQ in Johannesburg

Mozido, the parent company of rapidly expanding local mobile payments company, NettCash, just announced the opening of a continental HQ in South Africa. Here are the two interesting things we picked up from the announcement