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Trouble Buying Electricity Tokens? ZESA Prepaid System Down

A number of people have been running into challenges trying to buy electricity tokens this morning and last night. It seems the challenge is on ZEDTCs part as Paynow have put up a notice on their website informing customers of the challenges Increased errors from ZETDC We’re currently receiving a greater than normal number of […]

Government’s Portal For Company Registrations Down

It seems the government’s portal for company registration and name search – ZimConnect – is not working properly. A number of consultants who use the portal to perform company name searches and registrations have complained that they have been failing to complete the registration process because the payment portal is down. It seems the issue […]

Paynow Introduces Donations Widget To Make Local Crowdfunding Easier

Yesterday, Paynow announced the launch of its donation widget which will help companies/organisations to raise funds for worthy causes in a seamless manner. Paynow says the crowdfunding button that will be intergrateable on websites and social media pages will offer the following benefits: It will allow for fund collection in both local and international currency; […]

How To Check Your Water Bill Online

Gone are the days when you had to wait till the end of the month for the City Council personnel to come with your bill at your house. Since the internet is within the reach of many people, City Council thought it wise to make it possible for people to check their bills online. As a […]

This Workaround Allows You To Get A Business Paypal Account In Zimbabwe: You Shouldn’t Use It

One of the things you quickly learn when you join the eCommerce scene is that PayPal is king. Sure there are plenty of other ways you can receive and make payments but PayPal is definitely one of the most widely accepted and supported internationally. The second thing you learn as a Zimbabwean is that Zimbabwean […]

Zimnat’s Self-Service Portal Allows You To Buy Your Insurance Cover Online

Zimnat has been very active in adopting some digital solutions for their business in 2018. They’ve hosted a hackathon, an accelerator and more recently they deployed Musa (a chatbot) to handle insurance enquiries on their website. Another step they’ve taken in order to embrace digital solutions this year is their self-service portal. The self-service portal […]

If You Are Planning A Wedding, Birthday Party Or Any Other Event You Should Give NiftyPlanr A Try

Those in the know will tell you that while attending a wedding is fun, planning one is usually far from it. There are many months of pain as you try to turn that day you have dreamt of as a little boy or girl. Often you will have sleepless nights, there are nights you will […]

Highlights From Google Developer Group DevFest 2018

Today, Google Developer Group Harare hosted their DevFest event at Batanai Gardens. The event brought together people, some seasoned developers and others beginners, to learn, network and have some good old fun. Here’s a summary of what piqued my interest at DevFest 2018. Artificial Intelligence Can Open Doors Dr. Panashe Chiurunge opened up the talks […]

ZESA System Down Until Further Notice, Don’t Buy Tokens Until The Issues Are Resolved

Since as far back as Friday, customers have been having problems buying ZESA (electricity) tokens. Regardless of the platform, it seems buying a token is not possible right now. Internally, a colleague initially tried to purchase their electricity using EcoCash as far back as Monday but his attempts were futile. Yesterday, he resorted to buying […]

Zim’s Top Payments Company, Paynow Has Launched A New Version Of Their Topup Platform. You Should Check It Out

Today, Paynow the local digital payments platform has launched a Progressive Web App(PWA) to make it easier to centralize all your payments. What’s a Progressive Web App? Ok, so you may be wondering what a Progressive Web App is, to begin with. Think of it as a hybrid between a regular web page and a […]

Video: The heroes of Zimbabwe’s internet domains ecosystem

In the video: Zimbabwe in top 5 on Africa’s DNS success list, Paynow and ZISPA contribution to Zimbabwe’s internet domains ecosystem Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page […]

Online retailing largely untapped as local payments gateway Paynow records 700 transactions a month for sector

The figures were shared by Vusi Ndebele, the team lead at Paynow in his presentation at e-Tech Africa 2016. Online retailing’s 10% trails four other sectors; namely Telecoms and Internet(which contributes to 48% of traffic on Paynow), Travel and Tourism (18%), Services and Bill Payments(12%) and Donations (12%).

Zimbabwe’s e-Government takes shape as country introduces online company registration & licensing

The site, which is fairly simple to use, offers a number of services which include visa applications, company registration, corporate name change, deeds search, the processing of investment and mining licences as well as the licensing for local government services like operating a liquor store.

Hammer and Tongues spends big to redefine e-commerce in Zimbabwe

The company, which is almost always associated with auctions, took a dive into online retailing in July 2015 when it went live with its own online mall. The launch highlighted Hammer and Tongues’ confidence in online distribution and brought the “e-commerce is finally here” debate back into rotation.

Internet provider, YoAfrica, sets up e-commerce store

YoAfrica, a local internet service provider has set up its own online retail platform. Called YoShop, it focuses on the sale of IT related products.

From an offline to an online experience: the shift in Zimbabwean e-commerce

In recent months, we have been seeing the shift in companies from cash sales to the trendy electronic and online platforms. Some of the most unlikely “traditional” corporate are showing an interest in these “new age systems”. Are we finally seeing the start of a huge shift into online payments and mobile payments in Zimbabwe? In this interview, we discuss this dynamic with Vusi Ndebele from local payments aggregator, Paynow.

Local payments gateway, Paynow, experiences 30% monthly growth

Local payments gateway, Paynow, is experiencing healthy growth, recording a 30% month-on-month increase in transaction value and volumes. Paynow’s Topup has also managed to process up to 3,000 transactions per month from its launch to date.

E-commerce needs a payment API

Lately, there has been a lot of noise over how classified sites could lead to a boom in e-commerce,yet online peer-to-peer marketplaces (classifieds) do not quite qualify as electronic commerce. The payment method is agreed upon between buyer and seller, and might as well be good old fashioned cash: the ‘place of commerce’ for those […]

Are you an entrepreneur? Here’s why you should attend the Broadband Forum

Now that the internet is available, there is need for startups to understand how the opportunities that come with it can be exploited successfully into profitable businesses. The Broadband Forum will provide a platform for aspiring startups to learn from testimonials of successes like Mark Essien’s in tourism and Emma Kay bringing online.

Nettcash has something new lined up, what else should the money service fix?

Nettcash, the mobile money service, is set to launch a new product that will enhance its list of services and improve its current platform. We are not sure what the new product is, but there are some aspects of its current offering that it should consider improving on.

What’s the latest on Zimbabwean e-commerce? Check out these 12 e-platforms

If you thought we don’t have any attempts at online trading and commerce in Zimbabwe, think again. Take a look at these 12 platforms that have been around for a while. Some very big companies like Food World have setup online shops with a variety of payments options you could find anywhere across the world.

You need internet to get Powertel internet

The highlight of ISP information deficiency to customers is the inability to relay tools that not only satisfy the customer but create loyalty. My continuing experience with one provider, Powertel, brought to light a peculiar shortcoming; You need to have an internet access to recharge you Powertel account.

Podcast: Telecel shutdown, NetOne restructures, Webdev & Comexposed

We are back with another edition of the Techzim podcast. This episode explores a lot of the hotly followed topics from local tech in the past week. Issues such as the shut down of Telecel Zimbabwe, the management shakeup at NetOne, insights from Comexposed, the acquisition of local startup Webdev and the new price of […] lets you pay for your internet, airtime & bills via the internet

Buying your internet bundles and airtime on the internet h as been possible for a while now. In theory. You could buy a uMax subscription here and some Africom airtime there, and ZOLspot WiFi there. But everything is on its own website and half the sites are broken half the time. So is a welcome relief. Everything you […]

We need an accessible cloud in Zimbabwe

I don’t know when it began, but it has been going on for a while now in the boutiques and other indigenous clothes stores. As soon as you enter the store you notice that all the clothes have no price tags. A creepy guy or lady follows you around as you go around the racks. […]

Food World now has an online store. Will it push down the walls & ignite e-tailing?

The Zimbabwean e-commerce online retailing story is still far from mature and engaging, that’s hardly a secret. That’s not taking anything away from the providers that have established revenue streams online. It’s just puzzling that it is still failing to get accepted so readily. The reasons are anybody’s guess. It’s easy though to chalk it up to Zimbabweans […]

A review of Zim’s tech startup ecosystem in 2014: Its successes and disappointments

In just one week we are going to be counting down to the end of 2014 and ushering in another year that will hopefully be better than this one. Everyone who had their hand in business and entrepreneurship, like guys who are part of a tech startup can testify to this more than most. Though there wasn’t […]

Webdev switches on Paynow on But just partly for now

If you’re a Classifieds subscriber then you probably noticed in the past couple of days an announcement by Webdev (the company that owns the property) that they have introduced Priority Advertising. What this is essentially is that now advertisers can pay instantly via Paynow to have their adverts prioritised instantly. This is the big change. In the past the only […]

Running a successful online business in Zim: How did do it?

Recently Zimpapers took a huge step into online business with  a news hub that represents all their print editions as well as as a new site targeted at sports news. Part of this new effort also includes a new online classifieds site,, which essentially extends their print classifieds section to a digital platform. There’s a […]

Zimpapers embraces digital with new online platforms

Today the country’s largest news and print media house, Zimpapers, launched an online media platform for all its titles. Under the name Zimpapers News Hub, it offers access to complete copies of the Zimpapers publications and it will be available for a $10 monthly subscription. Accompanying the news hub was the launch of an online sports […]