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Petition To Zimbabwean Parliament To Regulate And Not Ban Cryptocurrencies Launched

May 2018 proved to be a crazy month in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrencies went from ‘allowed’ to ‘banned’ and back to ‘allowed’ all in the space of 12 days. Governor John Mangudya and his friends at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) overstepped their authority and issued a directive banning the trading of cryptocurrencies. They […]

Steward bank customers sign a petition, threatening to take it to court.

We have said a lot about Steward Bank customer grievances and it’s getting monotonous, I know! But hey, it’s not our fault – we are obliged to say it when it happens and…it has! So on twitter, there is a #BringBackOurMoney! petition that has been circulating. It reads Thousands of Zimbabweans have been victims of mismanagement […]