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How Secure Is Your Website? Here Are Some Tools To Perform The Checks

Recently, one of our readers got in touch with us and urged us to look at some website security tools, to establish just how secure our website. This particular reader had checked and the scores for Techzim were far from optimal. With this knowledge in mind, we felt it would be good to share these […]

Phishing Attacks Still Most Popular Method Of Cyber Attacks In Africa

The 2019 KnowBe4 African Report across South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius and Botswana has found that people living on the continent are not prepared for the cyber threat. 65% of respondents across all eight countries are concerned about cybercrime. They are vulnerable, as they’re not aware of what they don’t know. From […]

Google Chrome Will Block Insecure Downloads In The Near Future

The browser that most of us use on a daily basis – Google Chrome is taking strides in becoming more secure. Chrome’s security team is introducing a feature that will “gradually ensure that secure (HTTPS) pages only download secure files.” Insecure downloads can be the source of malware and other cyber attacks so its no […]

Steward Bank Warns Customers Not To Fall For Websites Pretending To Be Them

There can only be one Kalife kepurple. Steward Bank has sent out a message through their social media platforms, informing customers to stay away from websites claiming to be the banking institution. The bank sent out a customer notice that reads: Dear Valued Customer Please be aware of the fraudulent phishing websites that claim to […]

Every Day Security Threats To Avoid Online

When it comes to online security, things can feel like a bit of a minefield. Developments in technology have seen the wider population’s preferences move from bulky desktop computers and landline telephones to tablets, smartphones and netbooks in the space of a couple of decades – bringing an incredible level of convenience, and access to […]

Big WhatsApp Scam Hits The UK, Lookout For Local Copycats

We will not tire talking about security until these kinds of online scams no longer get any takers. Especially when it invloves WhatsApp which is popular in Zimbabwe. In the UK fraudsters have been sending out fake vouchers as if from huge retailers, Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Asda on WhatsApp. The messages look like […]

CBZ warns clients of fake email circulating, let us discuss how you can spot fake emails

CBZ Bank was forced to issue out a notice telling its valued clients to ignore an email that was doing the rounds claiming to be from the bank. The email, which some would dismiss as bogus without the slightest hesitation was convincing and it was easy for some to fall for it. The email is […]

Here’s how people are using WhatsApp as a “search engine”

There are some people however, who have decided to look beyond all this and add more functionality to WhatsApp. A group from India created a WhatsApp bot which allows its users to access certain services ordinarily accessible on the internet only and not through WhatsApp.

Website Hacking: HMetro too has been hit

Barely a day after we posted that the NewsDay was down, we got notified on Twitter that HMetro ( was suffering a similar problem. The website has been hijacked by hackers.

Here’s what you see if you open the H-Metro website right now:

About spam and Dipleague archives on the internet

It’s clear that Dipleague is one of the most useful classifieds services in Zimbabwe. We’ve covered Dipleague here before. It’s a basic mailing list; simple but very effective. The list generates close to 500 adverts a day!

There’s something we don’t like about Dipleague: the vulnerability of members (posting ones) to spam, phishing and all the evils that unscrupulous characters use on unsuspecting internet & email users.

The Forgotten Line of Defense: The People

From the beginning hackers have been known for their skills of breaking into computers and networks. They applied different techniques and methodologies in order to break into corporate systems or personal computers.

The Era Of Ultra Fast Ubiquitous Broadband Coming To Zim: The Cyber Security Concerns

Currently there are so many initiatives and developments by some of the big players in the networking and mobile industry in Zimbabwe such as Econet, Africom, AfricaOnline, MWeb, Powertel