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Tag: Photos

More Google Apps Getting Dark Mode Updates

A number of Google apps are making the transition to the oh-so-popular dark mode with Google Keep and Google Photos being the most recent applications to get the feature. Not all of the popular apps are getting the feature as the following don’t seem to have it yet: Maps Google Calendar Google Drive For those […]

Is Google creating its own WhatsApp?

While most software companies find it hard to replicate success from its competition, arguably the best company to follow through with an equally competitive product is Google. They’ve done it with search, email clients, social and mobile computing (cue Android) and now they could be doing the same with mobile messaging. Facebook just closed its […]

Zimbabwe ICT Africa 2011 exhibition in pictures

ICT Africa has come and gone. For those that didn’t get a chance to visit the exhibition, we tried as much as possible to take pictures of almost every stand, the outside of the venue, visitors, the official opening, notable figures speaking and just about every other thing that caught our attention.

Pictures: BarCamp Zimbabwe and the Startup Challenge

Yesterday, we spent the day at BarCamp Zimbabwe. It was busy day and we had a blast. We loved every minute. The Startup Challenge went well too. Unfortunately we couldn’t fill the 5 finalists slots we had. Only two were taken and the rest will have to be at another event. Here are a couple of photos from the event.