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TM Pick n Pay loses ZWL$22 million to scammers

Scam or negligence?

BancABC offers prepaid US$ VISA deposits & other services at Pick’n’Pay outlets

BancABC customers can deposit US$ in their prepaid VISA cards, open accounts and other services at select Pick’n’Pay branches nationwide.

Econet sued for stealing ideas, Kwese sent to supreme court, TelOne applies for broadcasting licence

Econet is being sued to the tune of $870 000 for stealing a business idea, Speaking of lawsuits, BAZ is sending Kwese to the supreme court over the Broadcasting licence issue. While on the subject of licences, TelOne applied for a broadcasting licence for a DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) streaming service and Pirate Bay, […]

Pick n Pay SA testing accepting Bitcoin as payment

If you’re in Cape Town, South Africa, then you’ll be able to pay for goods at a Pick n Pay using Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency for a limited time. It will be made possible by Electrum, a Cape Town based specialist software payments company. In a statement with the announcement of this development, Electrum is […]

The realities of e-commerce: What chance does Econet have in this space?

From the onset, I have to say that I don’t have a lot of faith in online retailing platforms that focus on groceries in a 2015 Zimbabwe.  But this is a business, so faith isn’t tradeable currency here and it won’t be the final word (no pun). Facts and the eventual performance of a service […]

Food World now has an online store. Will it push down the walls & ignite e-tailing?

The Zimbabwean e-commerce online retailing story is still far from mature and engaging, that’s hardly a secret. That’s not taking anything away from the providers that have established revenue streams online. It’s just puzzling that it is still failing to get accepted so readily. The reasons are anybody’s guess. It’s easy though to chalk it up to Zimbabweans […]