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Tag: Piracy

Game of Thrones demand knocks out The Pirate Bay

If you visited The Pirate Bay for the Game of Thrones season finale torrent earlier this week, you probably contributed directly to knocking the site offline. According to a report on Torrentfreak, high demand for the Game of Thrones season finale this week temporarily overloaded the torrent site taking it offline intermittently on Monday and Tuesday. Apparently, traffic […]

Zimbabwe is the world champion of pirating software

According to the recently-released BSA Global Software study, Zimbabwe has the highest percentage of pirated software on the planet. Zimbabwe climbs to the top of the survey’s infamous log for the first time, having been in the top 5 since 2009. The study, whose findings span the globe and have made news in countries on […]

Zimdancehall dominates & comedy is the most lucrative – Our findings on the Zimbabwean internet video economy

We spent a full month exploring Zimbabwe’s internet video economy and in that period, we uncovered a lot of information that has helped shape our understanding of this unique sector. We discuss those findings in this podcast.

Local artists’ failure to understand YouTube exposes them to online content theft

Household names and local superstars like Killer T, Oliver Mtukudzi, as well as the horde of yesteryear superstars like Leonard Dembo, John Chibadura, the Bhundu Boys and Plaxedes Wenyika have content that has appeared on scattered YouTube channels with different users generating views that could be converted into revenue by the creators themselves.

[Podcast} Making Thousands Through WhatsApp & Content Distribution Disruption In Zimbabwe

We recently had a chat with Kuda Musasiwa, Jnr Brown’s producer and the guy who coordinated the WhatsApp distribution model. In the conversation, he shared some insights on what made the WhatsApp hack work as well as his thoughts on online distribution, the impact of technology on Zimbabwean music and content, as well as the future of music technology trends for the local market.

Zim Hip Hop artist earns over $5,000 in 5 days using WhatsApp & mobile money to sell a single

The rap artist’s latest single, Tongogara, from his upcoming album Morning Glory, is being distributed via WhatsApp for $1 with fans paying for the track via mobile money. So far it has earned the artist over US$5,000 in less than a week.

Zimpapers, again, accused of stealing content. And why it’s complicated.

In November last year, we posted an article titled “Zimpapers accused of stealing content by local bloggers…again. In it we talked about the unsustainable practice of stealing content that is rampant in Zimbabwe. What triggered that article was an incident where a Zimpapers publication had copied articles without permission from a local internet publisher called SSN. At that time […]

Dear Zim web developers & media: Please don’t disable right clicking on your websites

Dear Zimbabwean people that build websites and offer content for reading, I just thought I would quickly share one frustrating thing that I’m forced to go through almost daily now. Lately, I run into more and more websites that have right-clicking disabled. Selecting text is also disabled. I have to manually enable all these things. Usually […]

ZIMURA app for streaming and downloading local music set for launch in early 2016

Although ZIMURA has been pretty mum about Zim Tunes and Mhanzi throughout the year, new information coming from the association is that the new distribution tools are in the final stages of development and will be launched by the end of March 2016.

Conversations with Zimbabwean startups: Mazwi & its play on book publishing

In the latest installment in our Conversations with Zimbabwean Startups series, we had a discussion with Taf Makura, the founder and CEO of Mazwi, the online publishing platform. He offered his perspectives on the challenges with running a Zimbabwean startup and some thoughts on issues like net neutrality and piracy.

Mambo Press goes online with virtual shop but…

Mambo has adapted to the power of the internet to move volumes on their publication by launching a virtual shop online via This is a noble move, but they definitely need to do more if they are to upset and guard against piracy.

What did you just say about paying for content? “It’s not my policy…”

  I am a thief. I have been for a while. In fact, when I stop to think of it, I fear that my children might inherit the inclination to engage in this nefarious activity of mine. Looking back in my internal memory I can’t seem to pinpoint any ONE event or activity that led […]

Multichoice Zimbabwe announces new bouquet prices for DStv

For The Latest DSTV Prices As Of November 2016 Go Here Just two days ago it was confirmed that Multichoice, the Naspers owned Pay TV service would be effecting a price increase on its DStv bouquets. It has become the norm actually (they have tagged it as an “Annual Price Increase”), with DStv Zimbabwe, like every […]

SteamOS offers a gateway to gaming heaven

One of the reasons that is often cited for not using Linux, besides command line phobia, is that it is not a good gaming platform. I can attest that this is somewhat true; graphic drivers for Linux often come out well after their Windows counterparts and gaming is all about graphics unless Tetrix is all […]

Astro pitches the Astro Mobi Store to artists at a poorly attended meeting

Local mobile device maker and software company Astro ,today presented its Mobi Store product to local artists in a “round table” discussion at Alliance Française. Astro Mobi Store team leader, Leonard Mufati presented the solution which Astro hopes will help counter piracy of local content. Although some prominent local musicians like Cindy, Baba Shupi and […]

It’s hello and goodbye to Popcorn Time in less than a week

So, less than a week later, the magic that was Popcorn Time is gone. It was too good to last, and last it didn’t. “Popcorn Time is shutting down today.” said the developers in a goodbye post published on their website yesterday. The reason? Not because we ran out of energy, commitment, focus or allies. […]

Astro to launch Mobi Store next week, we are cautiously excited about it

Local mobile devices brand Astro is set to launch a new product called the Astro Mobi Store at the e-Tech Africa Expo 2014 scheduled for 12-14 March 2014. Yesterday I was at the Astro offices in Harare and had a chat with the Astro CEO, Munyaradzi Gwatidzo who gave me a glimpse of the Astro Mobi […]

Local content: African pirates translating Hollywood movies into local languages

So I just watched a Chewa voice-over translation of Fast Five. A Malawian pirate translation that is. It was as real as any perfectly done voice over can be. Starts off a bit off ofcourse coz there’s no way in the world Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and the others could really be conversing in Chichewa, but […]

I just want to watch a movie!

Hollywood can really learn a lesson from Steve Jobs’ many innovations. Whenever I hear about the movie industry and copyright laws such as the DMCA, I really try hard to quash words like stupid, idiotic, morons and imbeciles out of my mind. After what I went through this weekend though I think I deserve to […]

New Zim movie download service, yFlix, to be the new Jack Sparow

So since late afternoon yesterday, friends, readers, and countrymen have been forwarding this message that was posted on Facebook by someone we’ve featured once here on Techzim. His name is Luke Alvin Madzedze (this Luke from back in his 2011 students days). Part of his message goes: Are you sick of buying movies in the […]

Lessons from the Gringo film

On the evening of independence day, 18 April, the Zimbabwean Shona film Gringo the Troublemaker by NAMA award winner writer Enock Chihombori premiered. The 1 hour 50 minutes production was based on the ever popular 1990s series “Gringo”. The reviews were excellent and the movie received a lot of praise from many critics. Yet almost three and half months later the film is still yet to recoup its $48 000 initial cash outlay.

That didn’t take long… SABC soaps weekly DVDs now available on Harare streets

When suggestions were made two weeks ago that Zimbabweans would seize the opportunity to sell weekly DVDs of South African soapies that were pulled from free-to-air satellite TV as part of the SABC’s new encryption, we didn’t think it would happen in the immediate. How wrong could we be!

Arguments for piracy

While Free and Open Source Software owes its birth to the fact that people wanted an open source platform that they could modify, it owes its success to the fact that more often than not the software is given gratis. It is doubtful that people would have been drawn to Linux in droves if it was sold for a $300/per machine license.

Legitimate uses of BitTorrent

Since its inception in 2001 BitTorrent has come a long way. From being a fringe protocol to being the defacto peer-to-peer standard. The total number of active monthly BitTorrent users has been estimated to be more than a quarter of a billion.

The internet goes on Strike: Wikipedia blacks out

The internet is on strike today. One of the most popular website globally, Wikipedia, has blacked out in protest against SOPA and PIPA. If you visit Wikipedia today it will load you a black page with the following text:

Where our music anti-piracy activists get it wrong

The term “piracy” implies that the wide availability of unauthorized copies of copyrighted content is the result of bad actors preying on the legitimate market. But history teaches us that it is primarily a result of market failure, the unwillingness or inability of existing companies to provide their product at a price or in a manner that potential customers want.

FOSS And Community Driven Software Initiatives

As I went through the various articles and tweets this on year’s first IDLELO conference, I couldn’t help wonder about Zimbabwe’s standing on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). I generally find FOSS issues interesting and intriguing. I’m quite fascinated by basic concepts of humanity at work.