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POSB is facing challenges with digital and Point of Sale platforms

POSB is facing service disrupting challenges with its POS and digital platforms.

POSB Going Digital & Cutting Out Manual Processes

The banking sector has been on a drive to cut out a lot of the manual processes that were pretty tedious for both banks and their clients. POSB is joining a number of banks (CBZ, Steward Bank, ZB Bank & FBC among others) in removing a number of manual processes. In ad listed in The […]

Inadequate Salaries Now Forcing Bank Workers To Report For Duty “As & When They Have Transport Fares”

Bank workers from 3 banks have responded in an unusual way to the deteriorating economy by notifying their employers that they are going to report for work ” as and when they have transport fares and or breakfast and lunch” At the moment, this stance has been take by employees from First Capital Bank, POSB […]

When You Install A Local Banking App, What Data Are You Giving Away?

If you have tried your hand at internet banking – using the banking apps specifically- you’ve probably had a convenient experience thus far. It’s certainly better than what you get using USSD anyway. But what do these banks ask for in return? Most of us (myself included) download an app and quickly allow the app […]

Government Making Progress On Privatisation Plans For Telone And Other 4 Parastatals

Last year the new dispensation revealed their plans to revitalise the public sector. Part of the plan includes the privatisation of several parastatals. It is hoped that privatisation will make them more efficient and streamline their operations. It seems those privatisation plans are gaining steam for at least five of the parastatals which have been […]

Government Sets Deadline For NetOne, TelOne and Underperforming Parastatals To Privatise

For the longest of times, we’ve heard the government say they are going to do this and that and after a while, nothing is ever said or done. When it comes to privatisation of parastatals the government seems to be determined to do what they set out to do and now they are reported to […]

POSB Urges Customers To Update Their Banking Details

People’s Own Savings Bank, more commonly known as POSB has put out an update calling on all clients to update their information in a customer information update exercise they are carrying out. You can read POSB’s notice below: Our Valued POSB clients Visit any POSB branch and update your details for your convenience. This is […]

As Card Cloning Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down, POSB Will Stop Offering Balance Enquiries On Zimswitch

Due to the rise of Card Cloning in the country in recent months, People’s Own Saving Bank (aka POSB) is now taking steps in order to ensure they help customers to avoid scammers. With Zimbabwe’s (literal) shift to a cashless economy, card cloning schemes have become more popular and it seems most consumers are not […]

Banks Post Profits Despite Cash Shortages Faced By Customers: Here Is A List Of Banks That Made Profits

March is that time when most banks in Zimbabwe publish their financial results. Last year’s banking environment was affected by many negative factors including chronic cash shortages, illegal multi-tier pricing, foreign currency shortages, termination of some services that required foreign currency etc. In that light, it is understandable that one can expect bad performance for the […]

ZANU PF membership cards to soon turn into ‘debit cards’

So back in 2014, Techzim wrote about how the ZANU PF membership cards now had a Zimswitch logo. At that time, it was quite unclear how everything would work we were all left but just wondering since none of the stakeholders could give us any useful information. 3 years later, we now have the answers […]

Planned EcoCash maintenance not related to this week’s transacting problems

If you tried using EcoCash these past few days, you probably encountered some issues. Problems like transactions just not going through and errors on the platform similar to the one below: So yes, it’s not just you. Some also reported that the regular Econet USSD platform for buying bundles (*143#) was also down. As you […]

What the banks made in 2016. Here’s a list of some of Zimbabwe’s most profitable banks

It’s that time of the year when banks are announcing their annual financial results. So far, CABS, POSB, EcoBank, Metbank, Stanbic, NMB, Agribank, BancABC and FBC have all reported profits. The only bank that didn’t make a profit is NBS, understandably because the bank is new. Agribank apparently made the first profit in 7 years (2009 was the […]

NMB Bank angles for huge unbanked market, introduces new account with easy signup & no monthly charges

Local retail financial institution NMB Bank Zimbabwe has launched NMBlite – a low-cost bank account aimed at the lower end market. It has no monthly bank charges though it does carry a flat charge – 50 cents- for both bank and ATM withdrawals.

Here is a list of Zimbabwean banks still accepting incoming US dollar wires into personal accounts

In case someone out there is stranded and failing not only to receive online payments for jobs done but generally incoming transfers even as an expatriate, the following are some Zimbabwean banks still accepting international incoming transfers in USD into individual accounts.

Steward Bank launches agent banking partnership with Zimpost

This becomes the latest execution of Steward Bank’s branchless growth strategy, which was was first introduced a year ago and has been used as a cost-effective way to establish a presence in residential communities and peri-urban centres. The model has since been adopted by other local banks.

Telecel sold, Zimpost mobile money, digital content theft, Xiaomi in Africa – Podcast

This episode covers the sale of Telecel to the government and NSSA’s involvement, the theft of digital content, Zimpost’s payment platform and the changing African devices market.

What can we expect at Zimbabwe’s 1st Mobile Money & Digital Payments Awards?

The Mobile Money and Digital Payments Conference, an awards ceremony that seeks to recognise and honour outstanding performance and innovation in mobile money and digital payments will be held on the 27th of July in Harare

Vimpelcom out and MTN in? Another multinational operator eyes Zim market

Oh boy, here we go again. Here’s how the story is being told. MTN wants a slice Zimbabwean telecoms and it’s been sniffing around for potential investment opportunities that could lead to it acquiring an interest within our borders. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve heard it before. A new report in the Financial Gazette has […]

ZANU PF dabbling in banking and e-commerce?

If you are a paid up member of the country’s ruling party ZANU PF and you have the latest version of their membership card there’s something you’ll have noticed already. The card is written ZANU PF Financial Services and has a Zimswitch logo at the back of it. After receiving some inquiries regarding this card […]

POSB launches ZimSwitch Mobile powered mobile banking service

Back in march when news first broke that ZimSwitch was working with Telecel to power mobile banking for local banks, the two banks that Telecel confirmed they were working with were CABS and POSB. CABS launched its mobile banking service (branded textacash) in September. As for POSB, ZimSwitch told us exactly month ago the bank was in “live pilot”.

Through adverts in the press today, POSB has announced that its mobile banking service is available to the public.

12 banks implementing ZimSwitch Mobile. Platform to be mobile network neutral

We met ZimSwitch business development manager Adam Roscoe this week to discuss the newly unveiled ZimSwitch Mobile platform. Roscoe disclosed in the interview that a total of 12 financial institutions are either live, performing tests, or starting implementation of ZimSwitch Mobile. The platform enables all financial institutions connected to ZimSwitch (currently 19 Institutions) to offer […]

CABS, POSB to use Telecel mobile banking platform through Zimswitch Mobile

Telecel Zimbabwe has just revealed to Techzim that it’s working with Zimswitch Mobile to include more banks on its mobile banking platform.

Telecel launched the Skwama mobile banking services in January this year but only provided the service to subscribers banking with Zimbabwe’s Kingdom Bank.