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Government to set a minimum & maximum price on mobile internet in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s mobile data prices are set to have floor and ceiling prices as the government moves to protect subscribers as well as the industry. While responding to a question on the lack of ceiling price on mobile data raised in Parliament recently, the Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira explained how the review of high mobile […]

POTRAZ & Supa Mandiwanzira to give testimonies to parliament on mobile data price increases

Both POTRAZ and the Minister are expected to attend an evidentiary hearing scheduled for the 6th of February (today) at 2 pm and offer clarification as to what transpired and highlight how this will affect mobile data use for Zimbabweans.

Telecel was the first to raise its mobile data tariffs but unlike Econet it did so reasonably

Zimbabwe’s recent mobile broadband tariff adjustments which saw a sharp increase in the cost of data before a reversal undersigned by POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator, have created a lot of debate and controversy. When Econet Wireless, the country’s largest mobile operator adjusted its tariffs in line with the floor price set by POTRAZ the increase kicked […]

Mandiwanzira responds to Econet, advises operator to stick to business & take responsibility for milking subscribers

As expected the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira has responded to the strongly worded statement issued by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe regarding its position on the adjustment of mobile data tariffs.

Econet apologises to its subscribers, offers to reimburse data for those overcharged

Econet Wireless has issued a public statement defending its position in the issue surrounding the massive data tariff increases which were eventually reversed. Under the new tariffs, subscribers were expected to pay as much as $1 for 10 MB, which was a huge adjustment from packages like the $1 for 250 MB daily bundle option which […]

Econet says it reversed the tariffs on its own, calls Supa Mandiwanzira a liar

Supa Mandiwanzira In the latest development regarding the recently suspended mobile data tariff increases, Econet Wireless has published a statement on its Facebook page defending its actions, pointing out how it reversed the data tariffs increase on its own and accusing Supa Mandiwanzira, Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, of duplicity and misleading actions aimed at discrediting […]

Econet announces that it’s reversing tariffs, complains about unfair playing field

Econet Wireless, the Zimbabwean mobile operator that kicked up a storm with the introduction of higher broadband tariffs has announced that it will be reversing the tariffs. This comes after the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira suspended the tariff increase, which was declared by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, and had been set data at a minimum of […]

Breaking News – Minister of ICT Supa Mandiwanzira suspends data tariff increases

The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, has just issued a statement announcing the suspension of tariff increases on mobile data. The suspension follows a major outcry from consumers following an activation of floor prices on mobile data bundles. Also read POTRAZ releases statement on suspension of tariff increases, calls out Econet for double standards Econet announces […]

Zimbabwean mobile internet’s floor prices – Apportioning blame correctly

The price floor is one such opportunity as revenues will jump due to the unavoidable higher tariffs. The bulk of the public’s wrath must be directed at the regulator whose mandate at law is to regulate tariffs of the industry and protect consumers.

Econet issues a statement on higher data prices – “We feel your pain”

Econet Wireless, the local mobile network operator that has been the first and so far only operator to adjust mobile broadband prices in line with the regulator’s directive has issued a statement on the issue. In a press release signed by CEO Douglas Mboweni, Econet says it is taking people’s feedback on the issue seriously and […]

Telecel subscribers enjoy cheaper internet access as operator maintains old tariffs

Telecel subscribers are currently enjoying cheaper access to the internet than subscribers on Econet after Telecel maintained its data tariffs in spite of a POTRAZ directive to set new floor prices. For $1, Telecel subscribers get 150 MB while $2 secures 500 MB. The bundles are valid for 24 hours.   These prices are actually a […]

NetOne maintains old data tariffs, appeals to regulator to revise its position

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator and a State owned entity is yet to adopt the new mobile data bundles tariffs set by POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator, and it has now emerged that NetOne has appealed to POTRAZ to review the new tariffs. Earlier this month POTRAZ issued a directive to all mobile network operators […]

Zimbabweans outraged by mobile tariff hikes, blame government & vent frustrations on social media

Econet Wireless’ adoption of mobile broadband tariffs which have made the internet one of the most expensive services for the average Zimbabweans has caused an outrage among subscribers and triggered a flood of criticism for the mobile operator as well as POTRAZ, the telecoms regulator that approved the increase in the first place.

Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira speaks on data increases – “I will get to the bottom of it”

The recent adjustment of mobile data prices by Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator, Econet Wireless has triggered a lot of backlash from subscribers who have been directing their anger at both Econet and the government. On social media, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, was asked a series of questions by people who wanted to know […]

Here are 7 ways to manage your limited, expensive mobile data bundles

Everyone in Zimbabwe who accesses the internet on their phone (which is almost every internet user) now has to face the reality that the internet is going to be a lot more expensive now. Following new price guidelines set by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, operators like Econet Wireless have already adjusted their data and social […]

New tariffs – POTRAZ says it consulted the mobile operators, they actually wanted even higher prices

Zimbabwean mobile subscribers have been hit by an increase in broadband tariffs following a directive by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, to set new floor prices for voice and mobile data bundles. The regulator’s directive was that all voice calls should cost at least 12 cents per minute and all data bundles should be priced at […]

Here are Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new prices for data, WhatsApp & Facebook bundles

These tariffs, effective from the 11th of January 2017 have effectively raised the cost of internet in Zimbabwe. They also mean some changes to WhatsApp and Facebook bundles, the two most popular broadband packages for local mobile network operators which have also gone up in price.

Breaking News – Econet unveils new steep mobile data tariffs as POTRAZ’s floor prices come into effect

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country’s largest mobile network operator has been the first to make changes. It has adjusted its product lineup and unveiled a set of new tariffs for daily bundles as well as the WhatsApp and Facebook bundles. As was anticipated the costs are pretty steep.

Mobile operators yet to activate new prices for voice & data, awaiting instruction from POTRAZ

Recently we learnt that POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulator drafted a new set of floor prices for mobile data bundles and voice calls – 2 cents per Megabyte (MB) and 12 cents per minute. These new prices, justified by POTRAZ as a way of protecting the telecoms operators, have stoked a lot of negative sentiment from subscribers […]

POTRAZ boss justifies price increase on data bundles – It’s about protecting operators’ viability

In a set of responses issued to media POTRAZ’s Director General Dr Gift Kallisto Machengete has addressed some of the queries raised, justifying the move as a way of maintaining a balance between service affordability and the viability of mobile operators.