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Times a’ changin’: Econet SIM cards are now going for 50 cents

  Who would have thought that one day in Zimbabwe we would be buying SIM cards for 50 cents? It’s easy to look at that price and wonder what the fascination is all about for that one small object that should be given for free, but we shouldn’t forget that at some point some of […]

NetOne’s bold $200 million ambitions: How will the mobile operator meet this target?

  “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.” That ought to be etched on every business manager’s wall, especially before setting targets and making projections. All industry captains have to keep in mind the fact that whatever goals are set need to be met with an equal amount of elbow grease. Which is true, even for […]

Zim telecoms stats from POTRAZ show decline in mobile revenue, internet penetration

  The national economy is in a really bad state, and it’s not surprising that those nasty effects are now chewing into the telecoms sector in a big way. A report published by FinX quotes the most recent Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) Sector Report which has key highlights for the fourth […]

All bets are on mobile money & data as SMS declines and telecoms shifts

Numbers don’t lie, especially in business, and when the right sort of numbers are going up it becomes a celebrated truth. From the surface the Zimbabwean mobile telecoms scene is in pretty great shape. In a conclusion to the quarterly performance report POTRAZ, the industry regulator, spelled out how the third quarter of 2014 noticed a […]

Where are we now with LTE in Zimbabwe?

4G/LTE always gets people in telecoms excited, and for good reason. Faster connections and efficient networks are everything. Even though it has been singled out globally as the mobile tech advancement that should come front and centre in a mobile world that will be all about better mobile internet, the uptake of 4G on the local front is […]

Weekly Podcast : TelOne price reductions, TeleCash Gold Card, a look at 3 Startups

In this podcast we discuss Emergency 24/7 App, TV YANGU and Zimbo Shopper; three startups that are making headway in the Zimbabwean and African market. We also look at the recent ADSL price reductions and data cap adjustments from TelOne and the new TeleCash Gold Card. Other topics are the “loading” of WhatsApp on your […]

POTRAZ Q1 Report shows significant mobile traffic decline

There are more people signing up for mobile connections but fewer calls are being made by these same subscribers. This fact has been expressed POTRAZ’s Sector Performance Report for the first quarter of 2014. The report has provided a snapshot perspective on the state of telecoms in Zimbabwe, with a notable decline in mobile traffic […]