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Mobile data usage increased by 36.5% in 2020 – POTRAZ

Mobile internet regined supreme in 2020.

Subscribers may be up but NetOne is taking a beating in mobile data & voice traffic

Despite showing the most growth in active subscribers in Q3 2020, NetOne is losing ground to its competitors when it comes to mobile data and voice traffic market share in the period under review.

Mobile operators had over “500% losses” due to Zim currency crisis

The Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) released the abridged sector performance report for Q2 2020. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were palpable when it came to industries like the postal sector. The other inescapable force that affected the performance of the sector in Q2 was the deteriorating Zimbabwean economy. No sector […]

Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration rate declines to 94.3% as active SIM card use in 2nd half of 2016 drops

Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration rate declined from 97% to 94.3% between July and August 2016 as the number of active mobile telephone subscriptions dropped slightly during the period.

OneWallet records weak subscriber numbers with less than 13,000 users, fails to capitalise on NetOne growth

However, even with the new look and the potential to lock certain services like the sale of prepaid electricity, OneWallet is still struggling to grow, failing to even match the subscriber growth rate that NetOne has recorded over the past year which is key in providing a pool for new user signups.

Active fibre links in Zimbabwe double as market embraces faster, reliable internet solutions

The number of active fibre links in Zimbabwe increased by 101.4% in the last quarter of 2015 rising from 6,875 links to a total of 13,849 active links in just three months.

100,000 new connections registered for LTE as Econet outpaces NetOne in its national rollout

is moved the total of active LTE connections to 124,179 up from a previous 26,185 connections. That’s almost 100,000 new LTE subscribers in 3 months. This increase is easily explained by the aggressive investment and promotion of LTE services from the two networks that have committed to 4G/LTE investments; Econet and NetOne.

The Zimbabwean WhatsApp love affair, NetOne scandals, e-government & load shedding – Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the highlights of the POTRAZ Report including WhatsApp’s popularity; the online company registration now available in Zimbabwe, the end of load shedding and the scandals at NetOne.

Latest POTRAZ report shows an increase in Zimbabwe’s mobile and internet penetration

The national telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, has released its latest report showing a rise in Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration and internet use.

Telecel & Free Basics, WhatsApp Regulation in Africa, POTRAZ Report & Zim Telecoms – Podcast

Telecel was recently confirmed as the mobile operator which will be offering Facebook and’s Free Basics service. We discuss that issue in this episode, as well as the impact WhatsApp regulation will have on African telecoms. We also touch on the latest POTRAZ report and some of the highlights sprinkled in the industry’s quarterly release.

Lower revenues & increasing subscribers reflected in latest POTRAZ telecoms report

Telecoms operators are experiencing a growth in subscriber numbers, but the same subscribers aren’t spending as much. That’s one way of looking at the statistics provided in the latest (Second Quarter of 2015) sector performance report from post and telecoms regulator, POTRAZ.

Here’s why the government might block WhatsApp

The suggestion of a WhatsApp ban is shocking, especially when we consider how it has made communication so much easier and cheaper. However, the latest numbers from the industry regulator suggest that its effect is huge on revenue and if the operators make that call, our favourite app could be banned.

Mobile operators suffer a 14.2% decline in revenue: POTRAZ Report

POTRAZ has released the latest Telecommunications and Postal sector report that indicates an overall decline in business despite gradual increase in subscriptions.

As voice continues to die, it seems like WhatsApp calling is a problem after all

When the WhatsApp calls feature was activated this year two things that everyone had been expecting for over a year happened. Firstly, subscribers to the insanely popular platform were excited that VoIP was being integrated into the main communication platform. At the same time, a cloud of uncertainty gathered over mobile network operators’ voice model. […]

Want the latest information on Zim telecoms? Here’s the POTRAZ Report

For close to a week now we have been mentioning the latest report to come from Zimbabwe’s communications regulator POTRAZ. Until today, we hadn’t received the official document and had been relying on detailed highlights and extracts. In articles published recently, we have run through some of the major highlights, which include the latest figures […]

Mobile money continues to pick up pace, overlaps into every financial service. What’s next?

This past week, we got to sift through the latest figures on Zimbabwean telecoms from the industry regulator, POTRAZ. These sector performance numbers are provided regularly and even though we’ve always been whinging about the late delivery (This latest report is for October – December 2014), the data provided is a great market indicator. Which brings […]