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Powertel launches payment service known as Dial-a-Payment

Powertel wants you to call someone so they can do what you can already do yourself.

Powertel, ZARNet & Africom merger process “painstakingly slow”

Over two years ago, the government announced that Powertel, ZARNet (Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network) and Africom would be merged. At the time I thought this made sense – I still do actually. All 3 are state-owned Internet Access Providers (IAPs) and Powertel and Africom at the time were deploying similar technologies so it made […]

Director General Of POTRAZ Says WiMax, CDMA & VSAT Are Dying Technologies

Yesterday we wrote an article on the decline of fibre subscriptions which was particularly shocking because it was the first time this had happened since POTRAZ started publishing quarterly reports back in 2014. Active Fibre Subscriptions weren’t the only telecoms technologies on the decline as WiMax, CDMA and VSAT subscriptions also declined: POTRAZ Director-General Dr […]

Powertel Releases New Voice & Data Tariffs

Powertel has released new voice tariffs on the heels of similar moves by telecom operators. Not only did Powertel increase voice tariffs but also mobile data tariffs as well. Check out the new tariffs Notice to our valued customers — PowerTel Zimbabwe (@PowerTelZW) November 1, 2019 Also read: Powertel Owes $3 Million In License […]

Potraz Peering Workshop Day One Was An Eye Opener

So naturally we do write a lot of articles about internet connectivity issues here at TechZim. I mean it comes with the territory as in today’s world the internet has become synonymous with technology. Because we are consumers, just like most of our readers, most of our articles tend to be written from their point […]

[Updated] President Sets Key Perfomance Indicators For ICT Ministry

Update: The article mentioned that the KPIs were set by the President, as they were published in the Zimbabwe Independent, but they KPIs were actually set by a citizen and went viral. The Ministers in the new Cabinet have been given their key performance indicators and the new ICT Minister Kazembe Kazembe’s mandate has some […]

ZESA System Down Until Further Notice, Don’t Buy Tokens Until The Issues Are Resolved

Since as far back as Friday, customers have been having problems buying ZESA (electricity) tokens. Regardless of the platform, it seems buying a token is not possible right now. Internally, a colleague initially tried to purchase their electricity using EcoCash as far back as Monday but his attempts were futile. Yesterday, he resorted to buying […]

Powertel, Africom and ZARnet To Merge: What Could This Mean?

State enterprises Powertel, Zarnet (Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network) and Africom were announced to be merging by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa. Most readers will be familiar with Powertel and Africom who both act as Internet Access Providers (IAP) and Internet Service Providers, whilst ZARnet was established to provide internet to the government, academia and research […]

Powertel Expands To Kariba

Powertel, the state-owned internet access provider has introduced its services to Kariba. Apart from household services, Powertel is introducing corporate services that include virtual private network, business internet services, and carrier services. The Zesa Holdings subsidiary is known for leveraging on backward CDMA technology to provide internet access. Because of this, the company has been […]

How Do Telone’s New Broadband Packages Compare To The Competition, Cost Per GB

So Telone revised their home broadband packages and we compared them to the old packages. Telone Fibre users benefit the most from the revision whilst for ADSL users have less to be excited about. Now we wil look at how the new packages fare against the competition. We will look at the three other biggest Internet […]

Powertel launches PowerTrack To Rival Econet Connected Car, Trackit

Powertel today enters the vehicle tracking and fleet management market. They just unveiled PowerTrack, a full fleet management solution. Here is the list of services on offer: Real Time Vehicle Tracking Fleet management Panic button Stolen Vehicle Recovery Driver Behaviour Monitoring Geo-Fencing Multiple Driver Identification Powertel partners Cumii to connect the car tracking systems. The same company […]

Powertel introduces ZESA electricity recharge cards

Powertel, the sole aggregator of ZESA prepaid electricity will be introducing prepaid electricity scratch cards to its growing distribution channel. Just last week Powertel finalized a long overdue integration with Econet, Telecel, and NetOne allowing registered users the opportunity to purchase the utility product from the convenience of their mobile devices. The system went live […]

Minister of ICT says government’s investment in telecoms meant to encourage private sector growth rather than crowd it out

The Zimbabwean government’s interest telecoms infrastructure is meant to provide a platform for the private sector to flourish through the rollout of value-added services and third party providers like Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

Active fibre links in Zimbabwe double as market embraces faster, reliable internet solutions

The number of active fibre links in Zimbabwe increased by 101.4% in the last quarter of 2015 rising from 6,875 links to a total of 13,849 active links in just three months.

Powertel launches new internet packages – offers $1 a day for unlimited data

Powertel has introduced unlimited WiFi packages for school, home and business users offering broadband access for as little as $1 a day.

Powertel expands distribution network through tie-up with Zimpost

Powertel, the internet provider and ZESA Holdings subsidiary will now be distributing its products at selected Zimpost outlets throughout the country.

Sponsored: Techzim & Powertel Festive Faya giveaway

Powertel has launched a new promo where customers can access unlimited mobile broadband services at rates significantly lower than you would normally find; $50 unlimited access at 3G speeds.

The cost of internet in Zimbabwe – an overview of broadband packages

However, we are still not at a point where data service costs become an afterthought. Local internet prices are still steep, particularly for the majority of Zimbabweans who use mobile devices to go online. The absence of regulatory intervention hasn’t helped either. All the changes we’ve noticed so far are a reuslt of macro-economic forces in a tough economy.

Guilty as charged – Powertel violated tender procedures in prepaid electricity deal

Powertel, the state-owned internet access provider and subsidiary of national power utility firm ZESA Holdings, has reportedly been found guilty of failing to follow proper tender procedures when it appointed local software development outfit E-solutions, as the aggregators of the sale of prepaid electricity.

The government needs Econet to play ball, here’s why

The government needs Econet to join in sharing infrastrucure to prevent itself from becoming the very same monopoly that Econet/ Liquid is.

Minister says Econet buying expensive bandwidth from Liquid Telecom Group (Update)

Liquid Telecom Mauritius is the holding company for Liquid Telecom Group. So, according to what the Minister has pointed out, Econet Wireless, which acquires its bandwidth from Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, is essentially paying a significant premium on bandwidth to a sister company instead of acquiring it from cheaper alternative suppliers.

What is local content?

So after the noise with the store and the ensuing usual talk about local content one question has been tickling the nether regions of my brain. Just what the heck is local content?

Here’s why VSAT is still relevant in Zimbabwe

It’s easy to consider VSAT as an outdated phenomenon that nobody really talks about anymore. With Internet Providers complaining about the cost of VSAT landing fees and the gazetting of new fees reducing them to token figures, one must realise that indeed VSAT is still a technology to consider.

The ZESA prepaid token system is the irk of electricity retailing

The ZESA prepaid token ecosystem is not as efficient as we would want it to be with constant reports of downtime for “upgrades” and the sort with most distributors letting consumers pass the blame to ZESA for their distribution challenges

Is internet in Zimbabwe really that much cheaper?

Many would like to believe that internet is now cheaper in Zimbabwe but other than the promotional packages i feel that we are still a bit high. Mobile data which would provide the most convenient delivery of internet is ridiculously expensive.

Nettcash’s the only privately owned mobile money service selling ZESA. How did it pull it off?

The sale of prepaid electricity has been opened up to Nettcash, the youngest mobile money service which has no visible ties to the government. Just how did Nettcash pull this off when other operators like EcoCash and Telecash are being excluded?

Powertel to connect 55 schools to the internet for free

Powertel has unveiled CSR plans to bring internet connectivity to more than 50 Zimbabwean schools for free in a bid to compliment government e-services projects and in the process activate communities to fend for themselves.

Powertel refutes insolvency, points to strong cashflow & unique advantages

Powertel is saying that it’s not insolvent. In a press release, it is highlighting its significant growth over a period of more than 15 years, referencing investments in telecoms infrastructure, voice services, internet and prepaid electricity aggregation where most of its cashflow seems to be coming from.

Local internet provider, Powertel is insolvent

According to a report from the Auditor General, Powertel, a state-owned Internet Access Provider(IAP), is technically solvent. It is one of 23 parastatals that experienced losses between 2012 and 2014.

Are you an entrepreneur? Here’s why you should attend the Broadband Forum

Now that the internet is available, there is need for startups to understand how the opportunities that come with it can be exploited successfully into profitable businesses. The Broadband Forum will provide a platform for aspiring startups to learn from testimonials of successes like Mark Essien’s in tourism and Emma Kay bringing online.