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You need internet to get Powertel internet

The highlight of ISP information deficiency to customers is the inability to relay tools that not only satisfy the customer but create loyalty. My continuing experience with one provider, Powertel, brought to light a peculiar shortcoming; You need to have an internet access to recharge you Powertel account.

Devil in the details: What these service providers won’t tell you – Powertel

Powertel reintroduced a lopsided version of their unlimited data promotion. In the continuing series of what these service providers don’t tell you, we explore more of how the data promo is structured and how it caters for the average citizen.

Powertel introduces CDMA mobile WiFi device by Huawei. Priced at $76

It’s made by Huawei and a staff at the operator says this has so far meant stronger and more reliable signal. Powertel’s selling this at $76 which is way cheaper than prices for the same on the market. Pricing on the actual broadband service doesn’t change – it’s sort of unlimited broadband. Ofcourse, however sort-of-ish the pricing gets, broadband pricing can’t get uglier than we have seen in recent days.

How much to go online? – here are the prices for Zimbabwean internet services

Take a look at the calendar, the month of April is as good as over. This means that we have breezed through the first one-third of the year. In local tech and broadband, a lot has come with that passage of time, including a review of voice tariffs. We all hoped the Government and POTRAZ, […]

Africom offering cheapest internet service in Zimbabwe with new data promo

Just last week we were talking about the new unlimited data offer from Powertel that is supposed to start a return to glory and hopefully, good graces with disgruntled clients for the Internet Access Provider. It turns out, Africom also introduced its own special offer on data in the same period. The Africom Super Data Promotion […]

Powertel reintroduces unlimited internet

Remember how local Internet Service Provider, Powertel, made the biggest pricing mistake in telecoms last year when it scrapped its superstar unlimited package and opted to introduce a usage-based system instead. Well, the ISP seems to be fighting for customers’ attention with its new unlimited package. Before you get excited, there’s a bit of a caveat […]

An overview of fibre in Zimbabwe: What can we expect in 2015?

Let’s take a second to look at what the Zimbabwean broadband internet landscape was like around 2009 and 2010. We didn’t have as many options as we have now for internet access, largely because of the limited infrastructure developments. Home internet packages hadn’t been snapped up by a large part of the population that was […]

How expensive is it to go online in Zim?: An overview of prices for internet services

2015 started off with mobile subscribers celebrating the good news that as had been promised, the voice tariffs for the country’s mobile network operators had been reduced. Unfortunately we didn’t see a tumble in the cost of mobile data accompanying this change. The same could be said for internet services across the board actually. Despite a tighter economic […]

The 5 gaffes in the 2014 Zimbabwe technology space

Before we do the countdown to the new year and start living through those New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided to take a look at not only the winners and losers, but also the embarrassing moments from the Zimbabwe technology space that we’ll gladly leave behind this year. Here are just five faux pas from 2014. […]

The $32 million fibre project from Powertel: A sign of better service and tariffs to come?

No, It’s not rebranding again but ZESA Holdings’ IAP Powertel was in the Herald today for “getting a fibre connectivity via Botswana”. Not that this should be taken as anything new really, considering the fibre backbone that runs though Botswana has been around for years and at one point carried most of Zimbabwe’s traffic. Who can forget […]

Guaranteed ISP Happiness: It’s all about value not price as uMax competes in aggressive market

You probably have seen the ad already by now; local ISP uMax is offering a money back guarantee to new subscribers. If you sign up for their Wimax package and for whatever reason are not happy with their service they are offering, they will give you your money back. Actually this is not a new development. […]

Powertel rebrands yet again with its Re-energised Campaign

Local Internet Access Provider Powertel has just embarked on a new image campaign with a rebranding exercise that is meant to highlight its focus on innovation in the telecoms industry. This rebranding comes about a year after the adoption of another corporate look that branded Powertel with a blue and yellow colour theme that was […]

Powertel responds to the market, offers data promotion

A little over a month ago Powertel drew cries from many of its subscribers when it switched from an unlimited package to a pricier usage based system that left subscribers buying 1GB of data for $23. In a market that is highly price sensitive it wasn’t surprising that a lot of Powertel subscribers swore to […]

iWayAfrica connectivity “challenges” persist

On Friday the 3rd of October I woke up and for the first time in a while (what is two years) could not go online using my Rocket modem.On every attempt to connect I kept getting stuck with a “PPP link control protocol” was terminated error. At first I thought this problem was from my […]

Goodbye Powertel, hello…

So you have read about my niggardly thoughts on Powertel’s bundles. I really hate not knowing what I am going to spend on my internet connection in advance. The good news is that I know exactly how much I am going to spend on my internet next month: $50. After Powertel’s switcharoo I went out […]

Techzim Podcast: Powertel & Africom’s new packages, Econet’s $1 promo and Telecare

Here’ s this week’s edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we touched on Powertel’s internet bundles, Africom’s $5 a week offering, Econet’s $1 a day promotion live test and Telecel’s Telecare insurance that was launched together with an Android app for telecash. If you are a Powertel subscriber how much of a disruption […]

Powertel’s bundles a bad idea

  I have been a member of the Powertel mobile family since 2010. My three friends and I were fourth year Accounting students at the University of Zimbabwe. Econet had just scrapped their $25/month unlimited package as they moved from what was perhaps a testing phase into the big leagues. As poor college students we […]

Powertel ditches unlimited mobile internet plans, introduces usage based bundles

Powertel notified its subscribers today that starting 1 October, all mobile internet will be usage based. That is: subscribers will have to buy Gigabytes of data to use at a time. This is a departure from their daily, weekly and monthly unlimited bundles which they had come to be loved for. Here are the Gigabyte based […]

Is there any good internet service in Bulawayo?

A few days ago part of the Techzim team was in Bulawayo for the ZOL Startup Challenge Meetup that was held at NUST. While the City of Kings provided a warm reception and an encouraging response from the vibrant tech ecosystem, the quality of internet service we experienced left a lot to be desired. Over a […]

Africom and e-Learning Solutions introduce unlimited internet package

Africom has partnered with local digital education provider, e-Learning Solutions, in the roll out of e-learning content which includes the mcourser platform that was launched in June this year. Their new package gives Africom broadband subscribers unlimited access to, and for $10 per month. This is meant to ease the data burden […]

TelOne reduces ADSL prices and adjusts data caps

State telecoms subsidiary TelOne recently reduced its ADSL prices and adjusted the data packages to offer a more appealing suite of internet services. Effective from the 8th of July 2014 the basic package with a 10 GB data cap now goes for $25 down from $31. The second package, called Silver, has been reduced to […]

ZESA adds TelOne, Agribank to electricity coupon agents. Excludes Econet, Telecel

The mobile payments revolution of the past three years has brought unparalleled convenience to Zimbabwe. Just as it has in many African countries. It has meant significantly less hassle in moving money (and therefore value) between people and between people and business. Everything from paying your water bill, pay TV subscription, insurance and even school fees. ZESA, however, chooses […]

Broadband Forum Zimbabwe tickets sold out, here’s how to follow proceedings

The second annual Zimbabwe Broadband Forum has kicked off today at Sango Conference Center, Cresta Lodge Harare. Tickets to the annual event have already sold out but here’s how you can follow the event online. Twitter: You can follow the event through the Techzim Twitter handle (@techzim) or  through #ZimBroadband. The following companies will also […]

Tel•One sponsors second edition of the Zimbabwe Broadband Forum

Tel•One will this year be sponsoring the second edition of the Zimbabwe Broadband Forum which begins tomorrow (Friday, 6 June) at the Sango Conference Centre, Cresta Lodge, Harare. The country’s largest fixed line provider has chosen to be a Platinum Sponsor at this year’s Forum where the agenda will be focused on “Unpacking the Broadband […]

ZOL does away with its $29 package

Recently local internet service provider ZOL did away with its $29 uncapped internet entry package with the $59 package now being the cheapest broadband option that they offer. The $59 package offers speeds of up to 1 Mbps with unlimited data access. The $29 offering was available on the dongle based mobile WiMAX broadband service […]

Powertel’s voice interconnection to happen within a month

In November 2012 we wrote: It’s the voice network we first heard of more than a year ago when PowerTel said they were all set to launch and that interconnection agreements were complete. This week’s announcement confirms they over-promised both on the “set to launch” and the interconnection front. Yes, in July 2011 Powertel had […]

Why, really, is ZESA not selling prepaid electricity tokens on EcoCash and Telecash?

In the past couple of months, we have seen the issue of the electronic vending of ZESA prepaid electricity tokens come to what seems like a close. After issuing and withdrawing tenders to have an external company distribute (or aggregate) prepaid electricity tokens in 2012, and then again last year in September, ZESA eventually decided they’d just […]

ZESA “Juice Cards” a welcome move, but …

Frankly I can hardily remember the last thing ZESA did anything right; and I am referring to my entire lifelong memories here. Parastatals are bad in general but the state utility seems to have a propensity to always find its way to disasters even when all the others are enjoying modest success. The news that […]

Zesa “Hackers” steal US$10 million every month

From all those movies and TV shows that I watch, I have always wondered what a real world hacker looks like and inevitably, every-time I attempt the exercise an image of a soulless misanthropist with thick prescription glasses appears in my mind. They live in their parents basement or attic, wearing nothing but their underwear […]

Africom’s 100mb for $1 is OK, but not good enough because it’s not unlimited

Today’s online media was awash recycling the story in the Herald on Africom’s extended Crossover promotion which now has an added 100mb for $1. Africom is now offering 100mb of data for $1 with the data valid for 1 day. At face value the promo looks like a game changer. $10 for 1GB? Econet gives […]