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Rubiem CEO, Magaya, speaks on PowerTel consultancy controversy

As you may know, Pan African telecoms consultancy company, Rubiem, are in the middle of a storm regarding a job they have been working on at PowerTel for the past 2 years. We will spare you the details but you can read about them here. The CEO, Dennis Magaya, was also subjected to one of […]

Powertel introduces 0.50c/day unlimited mobile broadband package for students

Powertel has introduced a new package or promotion targeting students called the “Scholar Pack”. The new package is offering college and university students unlimited surfing and downloads for just $0.50 per day. Over a thirty day period, this will translate to $15 for unlimited broadband, making it the cheapest broadband deal in Zimbabwe. The prepaid […]

Sweet MiFi

If I were to make a list of things that I absolutely hate: capped internet connections and paying for my internet on a per megabyte basis would not only make the list but top it as well. I know that there are a lot of people out there who share my malcontent with this sort […]

Powertel launches $1.20 a day unlimited data… how big a deal?

Last month, when Powertel finally implemented its billing system, they promised to release some exciting products soon. Well, that soon has come and it’s exciting. Well, the price point at least. Powertel mobile broadband subscribers will now be able to buy prepaid internet for as low as $1.20 for a day of unlimited web surfing. […]

The new Powertel: Zimbabwe Internet provider rebrands quietly

If in the past 2 or so months you have interacted with the brand of one of the few profitable government companies in Zimbabwe, Powertel, you probably noticed the company has been rebranding. They chose to do it quietly and gradually. Their logo has changed. Corporate colors have changed too. The company also looks to […]

Powertel’s new billing system goes live

On Saturday 14 December Powertel announced that their new billing had gone live with immediate effect. This appears to be part of some ongoing changes at the ZESA subsidiary including a revamped website and relocating to their new offices at Joina City. Ever since the announcement of their Hoza 25-35 promotion I have found it […]

PowerTel drops prices in 2 month promo. Invites unpaid subscribers back

Powertel, a local government owned Internet Access Provider (IAP), announced yesterday a reduction of mobile broadband prices as part of a promo called the “hoza 25 – 35 promotion”. That 25 is for the new price of the providers CDMA dongle/modem package, and the $35 a drop in flat monthly broadband subscription from $50. But […]

Powertel relocates to Joina City

We have received a press release from Powertel Communications to the effect that their Head Office has relocated to Joina City from Kopje Plaza office. Here is the official statement: PowerTel Communications would like to advise its valued customers that the  Head Office will be relocating from 10th Floor Kopje Plaza Building to the 10th  […]

Zimbabwe mobile broadband speedtests results compared #ICTAfrica2013

As some of you may know, we decided this year to participate in the ICT Africa event by hosting an impromptu 1 hour Broadband Shootout at the 3 day event! The shootout was simple; every operator would get a chance to speak for two minutes about what makes their service the best say how it’s the best broadband locally, and then afterwards we would do a speedtest.

Even cheaper internet as Africom launches unlimited data for $35 promo

In a market that’s increasingly competitive, internet providers have to do more to attract subscribers. That more is in the tune of $35 for unlimited internet in the case of Africom, making entrenching their position in the market as the provider with the lowest priced internet in Zimbabwe.

Zim broadband speed mini survey results: Telecel has the fastest broadband (Update)

Surveys can yield the strangest results and the results for the mobile broadband speed survey were quite shocking in some aspects. According to the results Telecel, of all the mobile operators that grace our country with their service, is not only the fastest service provider in terms of internet speed but the most reliable as well.

Powertel moves to disconnect defaulters. Announces billing system migration

A notice sent out yesterday by government owned fibre wholeseller & mobile broadband provider, PowerTel, says the company will be disconnecting all unpaid mobile broadband accounts starting today. It’s mobile internet service, PowerTel says, is a prepaid service and customers need to pay in advance of enjoying the $50 flat monthly fee service.

PowerTel makes $20.2m revenue in 2012, targets consumer market

PowerTel in 2012 made a total US $20.2 million in revenue, a change from $16.4 million the previous year. The company’s profit before tax rose significantly by about 620% from $428,000 in 2011 to 3.1 million in 2012. The improved results, Chirimuuta said, are a result of a deliberate turn around that the company embarked on at the beginning on 2012.

Zimbabwe’s internet crawls as undersea fibre outage enters 4th day

Zimbabwean internet providers relying on the onward fibre connectivity of SEACOM and EASSy, two of Africa’s major undersea cables, are facing major problems delivering internet services to customers as the the two cables have been down for close to 4 days

My terrible experience at the hands of PowerTel

It is my hope that through this open letter we may begin to see a change in PowerTel’s approach to customer service and business as a whole. I bought a PowerTel line on the 28th of January 2013, this after I had summoned enough courage to retry their service after having a horrible experience with them in 2010.

Holiday broadband deals: PowerTel reduces tariffs by 30%

The Holiday season comes with connectivity goodness! Good to the tune of 30% off the usual $50 in PowerTel’s case. The internet provider announced a few days ago that it’s slashing mobile broadband data tariffs to $40 until 31 January 2013. The price of the modems has also been reduced from $45 to $30 for the same period.

Thank you. Yes, you.

It’s been a great year for us. It has.

Traffic for the site more than continues upwards. The visitor engagement on the site, one of the things we value most here, increased significantly. With the help of some selfless individuals, Techzim answers is delivering locally relevant tech answers much better than it did a year ago. We delivered some great events. Some directly, and some in partnership with some amazing people and organisations.

PowerTel launches a CDMA voice network without interconnection

The print Financial Gazette this week had a supplement with an announcement by PowerTel that the company is unveiling a voice network. It’s the voice network we first heard of more than a year ago when PowerTel said they were all set to launch and that interconnection agreements were complete. This week’s announcement confirms they over-promised both on the “set to launch” and the interconnection front.

PowerTel introduces weekly & biweekly mobile broadband packages

In what is certainly a first in the market locally, PowerTel is introducing weekly and biweekly uncapped internet packages. The move according to PowerTel marketing manager Willard Nyagwande, has been necessitated by the need to flexibly accommodate subscribers who just want to use the service product for a week or two. Such customers could for […]

How a USB extension cable transformed my PowerTel experience

I have been using the PowerTel mobile broadband package for about two months now, and i am definitely blown away by the experience so far. I know there are many skeptics out there. Many of my friends have used the service and have described it as erratic and bitterly disappointing, whilst others have accused the ISP […]

PowerTel slashes mobile broadband price by 40% in promo

So here’s a mobile broadband deal to consider right now. And it’s from a corner we expected the least. As if US $50 a month for uncapped usage wasn’t low enough already, PowerTel just struck $20 off that to offer the same service for just $30 a month unlimited. The price of the modem has […]

TelOne announces backhaul fibre availablility for operators & companies

TelOne, the state owned and Zimbabwe’s sole fixed telecoms company announced today the availability of backhaul transmission facilities for leasing to other telecoms operators, government institutions, private companies and NGOs. According to the announcement, the backhaul connections are available on the SDH interfaces and IP Ethernet interfaces. The units of bandwidth announced are the following: […]

Africom in aggressive network expansion

In a sign of the increasing excitement in  Zimbabwe’s Internet industry, news reaching us is that Africom is aggressively expanding their network. Africom a major player in Zimbabwe’s telecoms industry offers voice and data (fixed and mobile) products using the wireless CDMA EV-DO Revision A standard. The company whose roots are in the enterprise sector […]

PowerTel expands mobile broadband service to Mutare, Rusape and Marondera

PowerTel, the state owened Internet Access Provider (IAP), last week launched mobile broadband services in Zimbabwe’s 4th largest city, Mutare, and two major towns, Rusape and Marondera. PowerTel has been on a network expansion drive since last year in a bid to compete favourably against mobile network opreators and other new IAPs that have launched […]

PowerTel, Utande and other ISPs also affected by Mozambique fibre cable outage

We reported last week that TelOne internet significantly slowed down for several days last week due to fibre cable damage in Mozambique. We’re getting updates this week, that while the problem is now fixed, it’s not just TelOne that was affected by the issue. PowerTel and Utande were affected too, and from what we gather, in a much more severe way.

PowerTel expands mobile broadband coverage to catch up to competition

We recently got an update from PowerTel the progress the company has been making on the mobile broadband front. The last time we wrote about the company in 2011, they had held an event where they announced they where working to expand the network to cover smaller cities and towns, and that they were preparing to launch CDMA voice services.

East Africa undersea cable outage enters third week

It’s now week 3 since it was first reported that an undersea fibre cable on the shores of East Africa was down. Then, it was reported that the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) had broken on 17 February 2012 and that a repair vessel had been sent to fix the problem. Eventually it became clear the situation was worse.

Why Zimbabwe doesn’t have Google Global Cache yet

When we spoke to the Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association (ZISPA) chairman Troy Prinsloo some several weeks ago for the domain registration article, he mentioned that last year Google approached ZISPA with a proposal to have a Google Global Cache (GGC) in Zimbabwe. ZISPA’s response to Google, he said, was ‘no thank you’.

PowerTel to launch mobile voice services, web hosting

PowerTel Communications, the state owned subsidiary of national power company, ZESA, is set to launch mobile voice services on its network. PowerTel sales and marketing manager, Willard Nyagwande made the announcement at a function in Harare yesterday.

SEACOM: Mozambique agrees to Zim connection

Zimbabwe is poised to benefit from a deal announced yesterday between SEACOM and Telecomunicacoes de Mocambique (TDM), Mozambique’s telecoms parastatal. The company has been granted the go ahead to connect our landlocked country to the undersea cable. This is expected to have a positive impact on corporate and individual consumers in the not too distant future.