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Powertel headhunts for troops

A big vacancy ad from Powertel appeared in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, by the looks of it the company is bolstering its forces for a major onslaught. In these interesting of times, Powertel regrets the major advances enemy camps have gained at its expense.

Ever been to Dongle-wanaland?

If you either hated history or fell asleep halfway through the lesson; Gondwanaland was a great big continental block that contained what we refer to as Africa, India, Australia, and other sub-continents. Its existence is based on theoretical assumptions related to the earth’s evolution.

Econet’s promotional broadband prices not that promotional

As Telecel announced the opening of its mobile broadband test to all subscribers yesterday, Econet posted colorful adverts in the newspapers declaring “Up to 50% off on broadband tariffs. Now you can enjoy more broadband for less.”

Press Release: Telecel wins ZIM Customer Service Excellence Award

Telecel Zimbabwe has been presented with the Zimbabwe Institute of Management’s 2010 Customer Service Excellence Award, in recognition of its leadership in customer care.

Managing director Aimable Mpore was presented with the award at the institute’s Manager of the Year Awards ceremony in Harare on Friday last week (29 April).

Econet websites unavailable unless you’re using an Econet connection

We use Mweb (now iWayAfrica) for our primary internet connection at the office. I have 3 mobile broadband dongles from Africom, Telecel and Econet, which I use in order of the most affordable and usable at any given time. Now the problem with Econet sites is that, unless I’m using the Econet dongle, I cannot open them.

Telecel ends free broadband test, to start charging 10 cents a megabyte

It’s official, the Telecel free mobile broadband test is over. Today, Telecel advised mobile broadband users through SMS that the test period has been finalized and starting Monday 1 May (2011), all internet usage will be charged at US 10 cents per megabyte.

Here’s the text of the SMS:

Review: PowerTel Mobile Broadband

Two weeks ago, Techzim got the opportunity to test the PowerTel mobile broadband service. We’ve been using the connection as a primary for one of our laptops at the office, taking it through the paces and below is what we think about it.

Zim’s Internet slows down as PowerTel & Econet fibre cables experience outage

PowerTel and Econet, Zimbabwe’s main suppliers of international internet bandwidth both experienced some downtime on their fibre cables yesterday.

Masawara Telerix aquisition. Which ISP is Telerix?

Many of you saw the Masawara press release on Tuesday, and like us, most of you went into looking for who Telerix is. This is because Telerix is not on the list of official POTRAZ licensed Internet Access Providers. We thought it’d be a typical walk in the park verifying this information with the concerned parties. We were wrong.

PowerTel launches mobile broadband in Bulawayo. Gweru & Kwekwe to follow

State owned backhaul Internet Access Provider, PowerTel has launched 3G CDMA mobile broadband in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, Bulawayo. The official launch took place at the close of 2010 and the mobile internet service is now fully operational.

Powertel Outage slows down internet in Zimbabwe, Techzim affected

Since yesterday morning, we noticed traffic on the Techzim local site wasn’t replicating to the International mirror. Experience has taught us that when this happens it means our webhost, Webdev, doesn’t have International internet.

Telco working on a mobile broadband offering for early 2011

In a response to an email we sent them, Telco (Telecontract) revealed that they’re working on a mobile broadband service to be launched in 2011. Telco says “deployment of the first base stations is underway and commissioning of the commercial services is scheduled for early in 2011.”

TelOne connects to international optic fibre cable through Mozambique

The Herald reports this morning that TelOne, the state owned fixed telephone operator, has completed the fibre backbone project to connect Harare directly to an Internet fibre cable coming out of Mozambique.

When PowerTel’s Backbone Breaks, Zimbabwe’s Internet Grounds To A Halt

The PowerTel fibre internet backbone broke this morning. This backbone carries most of Zimbabwe’s traffic so when it goes down, it’s a really big deal. Service Providers are forced to reroute traffic via limited satellite capacity and this create enormous congestion for the country resulting in what may be referred to as tortoise internet.

No Real Broadband Yet In Zimbabwe

As the editor of an online magazine that is updated several times a day, the Internet is a critical tool for my team and I. Also, as a member of a web development team doing critical updates and uploads for several clients the Internet is indispensable. So it is totally frustrating the amount of down time we have to deal with in Zimbabwe.

The Econet Mobile Broadband Letdown

To say we didn’t wait with abated breath for one year would be a lie. We waited. We naively thought Econet would use its muscle and deep pockets to roll out the most affordable mobile broadband service.

Econet to Launch Econet Broadband In Less Than A Week

Early this month, Econet promised to launch a comprehensive mobile Internet service at the end of the month. Talking to Econet staff lately, Techzim got the impression that Econet is about to launch something so impressive it’ll blow our minds off. And as one guy put it, “it’s going to be a game changer”.

PowerTel Opens Up 3G To More Subscribers As Mobile Broadband Competition Heats Up

We’ve just learnt that PowerTel, the state owned Internet Access Provider, has opened up its 3G service PowerConnect, to more subscribers. Powertel launched the mobile Internet service in 2007 but stopped signing up more subscribers after its network system reached capacity. Opening PowerConnect to new subscribers follows a network expansion project that has seen higher […]

Botswana Fibre Optic Breaks, Affects Zim ISPs

Yesterday, the Botswana fibre optic cable that supplies wholesale International bandwidth to Powertel (a state owned Internet provider) broke. The cable damage was on a section in an area outside Francistown in Botswana.

PowerTel’s International Fibre Connection and the Expectation of Broadband Price Slashes

PowerTel Communications, officially launched its Internet bandwidth provision agreement with Botswana Telecommunications (BTC). The agreement was signed in March this year and is for the provision of 155mbps of Internet bandwidth to PowerTel.

PowerTel Presenting On The Impact of Connectivity Through Submarine Fibre

This month’s Computer Society function is a presentation on the impact of Internet connectivity through the submarine optic fibre by PowertTel. The presentation will be made by PowerTel Sales and Marketing Manager, Willard Nyagwande and will be held at the Harare Club at 1730hrs today.

In March, PowerTel became the first telecoms operator to connect to high speed submarine optic fibre cable through through Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC)