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Podcast On President Mnangagwa’s First 100 Days. What Say Ye?

While some are convinced 100 days is not enough to measure any progress, there are some people out there I’m sure who like me think 100 days is a long time to prove to masses that we are in the right direction. Speculations aside let’s work with facts, what positive change have you seen in […]

Strive Masiyiwa Believes President Mnangagwa Is On The Right Path

There has been a lot of deliberation over whether Zimbabwe is on the right path or if we are a lost cause and the country will be on a downward for another five years. If you are to take the word of one of Zimbabwe’s most shrewd businessmen –Strive Masiyiwa- then we are indeed in […]

President Mnangagwa Reinstates Cellphone Ban At ZANU PF Politburo Meetings

Being that we cover tech and business, we rarely get to cover stories to do with politics. But when the President decided to ban cellphones at Politburo meetings our ears perk up and the instinct to report kicks in! DailyNews reported that the people who attended the Politburo last week were searched at the entrance […]

Social Media Causing Panic Buying Says President Mnangagwa

The onslaught against social media by public officials seem to be never-ending in Zimbabwe. Now President Mnangagwa is blaming social media for prompting people to do panic buying which has in turn prompted shortages and increase the general cost of living. The President said; The social media is driving deliberate panic buying of fuel and […]

The President Will Soon Name And Shame Individuals And Companies Spreading Fake News

Just months after naming and shaming companies and individuals that externalized money, His Excellency is now turning his attention to promoters of fake news. Talking about this the President Mnangagwa said; We also note the wanton peddling of false news through social media to cause despondency and alarm among people. We are now certain and […]

RBZ Introduces 4 Measures To Minimize Forex Externalisation

President Mnangagwa’s few months into office are remembered for exposing individuals and companies who were engaged in forex externalization, something which is (was) badly affecting the economy. With the presentation of the Monetary Policy Statement yesterday, the central bank introduced ways to help curtail the further externalization of funds. In the Monetary Policy Statement, RBZ […]

Prices Now Valid For 24 Hours In Certain Shops As Bond To USD Rate Spikes

Over the past two weeks the Bond/USD rate has spiked from around fifty-something percent to over a 100% and the shops are beginning to react. This most recent spike places sellers between a rock and a hard place because they have to price their goods accordingly and these prices may not look appealing to buyers. […]

PresidentMnangagwa Promises A New Cyber Security Bill, We’ve Heard This Before…

President Mnangagwa gave his State Of the Nation Address yesterday and though there wasn’t much mentioned about tech and the ICT industry one of the more interesting bits came when the President talked about cybersecurity. Mnangagwa hinted at the work that was being done on a total of three separate bills: To mitigate the security […]

New Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube Proposes These Three Solutions To Solve The Cash (Economic) Crisis

Many are calling him President Mnangagwa’s best appointment. That’s new the Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube, a technocrat as many of us are saying. He starts his reign as the Minister of Finance in the back of a struggling economy. Shortage of bond cash, shortage of foreign currency cash, increasing prices etc are some of the […]

Judge Dismisses Former NetOne’s CEO Application For Refusal Of Further Remand

Former Netone Boss, Reward Kangai has been dealt a slight blow after his application for refusal of further remand was dismissed in the magistrate court. Mr. Kangai is facing  20 counts of criminal abuse of office and concealing personal interests in business transactions conducted with Netone. The alleged abuses range from failing to follow procurement […]

President Mnangagwa Files Court Petition Opposing Live-Streaming Of Tomorrow’s Presidential Election Challenge: But Why?

Media Institute of Southern Africa’s (MISA) court application seeking to broadcast the Wednesday’s court case has been opposed by President Mnangangwa. Early today, President Mnangagwa filed a notice of opposition citing that MISA shouldnt be allowed to live-stream, but only state owned ZBC has to broadcast the event. This come in the background of Misa […]

President Mnangagwa Should Address Our Crazy Telecoms Sector Once And For All, Can’t Be Politics As Usual Anymore

The Zimbabwean telecommunications sector has been crazy and toxic for a long time. From the days of Strive Masiyiwa being denied a licence to operate a mobile network there has just been too much politics in this space. And sadly, politics is a crazy domain: fascinating to talk and argue about but polarizing, unprogressive, shadowy […]

President Mnangagwa Says He Is More Concerned With What Happens On The Ground, Not Social Media

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he is not worried about social media being used to incite violence as we edge closer to the Presidential Election on the 30th of July. Speaking to Sky News, the President said: On social media, people can sit in (their) houses drinking his whiskey and say anything they want. That […]

President Mnangagwa Officially Launched $4.7m Initiative By Liquid Telecom To Give Free Wi-Fi To Students In Pursuit Of Strive Masiyiwa’s Vision

Today President Emmerson Mnangagwa officiated at the launch of Edu-Zones, an initiative by Liquid Telecom to offer connectivity to the country’s universities and tertiary institutions. The ultimate goal though is to fulfill Strive Masiyiwas’s vision of having free Wi-Fi connectivity at all tertiary institutions and secondary schools within the African countries that Liquid Telecom operates […]

President Mnangagwa Has An App That Allows Followers To Get News Updates Directly From Him

When I first saw the President Mnangagwa application I was a bit surprised. This embrace of tech is not what we had become accustomed but looking at the president’s track record thus far it was to be expected. Thus far he has already setup a Facebook, Twitter and a website so an application only makes sense. […]

President Mnangagwa Engages User On Facebook Through Video

As times are changing, it’s always good to see people who choose to move with them, especially if it’s people whose choices directly affect you. Some time back, we wrote on how important it was for the government to be on (or at least follow) social media, and they (well, some) took heed of it. […]

President Mnangagwa Live On Facebook… Now!

Watch President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Facebook live in the first ever Town Hall meeting with the president in Zimbabwe. The forum, organised  by Global Shapers Harare comprises of a group of young people representing various youth groups across Zimbabwe. The meeting dubbed “A dialogue for youths in shaping Zimbabwe’s economic future” is in preparation for the World […]

Mnangagwa Warns Businesses On Continued Hiking Of Prices. Is He Justified?

President Emerson Mnangagwa recently warned industry players and outlet owners on their continued hiking of prices saying it was hindering the government’s efforts to improve the nation’s economy. While addressing delegates at the 6th annual Buy Zimbabwe awards held at Cresta Lodge in Harare recently, the president denounced the ongoing hiking of prices which he […]

USA Tells Zimbabwe To Drop USD And Use Its Own Currency

“Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa” Boy, am I tired of that statement. I’m tired of us reminiscing on the good old days. At least now thankfully, I won’t have to continuously endure the “lest we forget” statement that always used to be thrown at us each time some kinda propaganda needed […]