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In the name of “National Security”: analysis of the new spy law.

In last week’s article, we looked at some of the new provisions of statutory 142 of 2013 which has been called a “spying”  law by some sections of the independent media. The Daily News called it “draconian” while almost everyone agrees it is unconstitutional. So is the law unconstitutional? How does it compare with PRISM […]

Zimbabwe’s new online “Spying law”

In this post PRISM era people are decidedly edgy about their online privacy and any laws that are perceived to be aiding official spying are treated with the utmost suspicion and even alarm. On 1 October the new “spy law” was gazetted by the Zimbabwean government sending a lot of news outlets into panicked frenzy as […]

Is big brother reading your Gmail?

Those of you who watch TV Shows and spy movies have seen it, government spooks and law enforcement agents hacking into private email accounts and computers with disturbing ease.