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Two important updates coming to WhatsApp soon

The need for speed.

TikTok caught spying, and they aren’t alone as more apps found accessing clipboard

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference came with a raft of new features for iOS14 and their other platforms. One of those features (available in iOS14’s beta) lets have control over what information the apps on your phone can access. TikTok and others have been caught out by this feature. The clipboard is one of those things […]

Google Researchers Claim To Have Found Security Flaw In iPhones

Google’s security researchers claim to have found an exploit which exposes iPhone users who visit malicious websites to hackers. Earlier this year Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) discovered a small collection of hacked websites. The hacked sites were being used in indiscriminate watering hole attacks against their visitors, using iPhone 0-day.   There was no target […]

Facebook Working On Feature To Manage Your WiFi Connection

Facebook’s Find WiFi feature is being expanded from a WiFi network locator to a tool that actually manages the WiFi connection on your device. According to Jane Manchun Wong an app researcher who’s been tracking this feature since February As with anything Facebook-related, you’ll have to be very careful about turning this on once it […]

Huawei Technicians Accused Of Assisting African Governments To Spy On Opponents

A lot of claims have been made regarding Huawei and their security, or lack thereof but the most recent claims by Washington Post will be damaging to the company. The publication claims that technicians from the company have assisted African governments spy on opponents on two different occasions. Allegedly the technicians helped with interception of […]

Facebook Accused Of Transcribing Audio Messages Sent Via Messenger

Facebook and privacy are new water and oil. Regardless of how much the company says they will do better on the privacy front, the last two years have just proved that privacy is not a core concern for the social media giant. Most recently, Bloomberg has reported that the company paid contractors to transcribe users’ […]

Econet Of Kenya -Safaricom- Sued For Data Privacy Violation

Safaricom the biggest movie network operator in Kenya is being sued for violating the privacy of 11.5 million of it’s customers. According to Kenyan outlets, the mobile network operator is being accused of leaking data of their customers involved in gambling. The data, which the petitioner herein viewed personally, was specific to gamblers who had […]