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EcoBank opens up APIs to African businesses and developers

After a pilot earlier this year, EcoBank’s Pan-African Banking Sandbox is now accessible to Africa’s fintech community. The Sandbox allows Fintechs to access Ecobank’s Application Programming Interface (APIs) for the development of solutions. What will innovators be able to do? The sandbox is available on request and once granted access you’ll be connected to Ecobank’s Unified […]

MTNs Chenosis platform seeks to solve Africa’s API problem

Earlier this month, MTN announced the launch of Chenosis. This is an independent API marketplace built to enable developers and businesses across Africa. It will aggregate open APIs making it easy for developers and interested parties discover and make use of these APIs. APIs??? For the uninitiated, we will need to explain what an API […]

Should we all learn to code?

The late great Steve Jobs once said that we should all learn to code. He even went as far as saying computer programming should be a part of our educational curriculum. I will present a counter-argument, “Everyone gets sick, so we should teach basic medicine at primary level.” We can see how this quickly becomes […]

Coding Tutorials, But In Shona? Check Out This YouTube Channel

Free educational material is something we are excited about here at Techzim. Those who would have failed to access certain knowledge/skills because of a lack of funds can do so. We are also doubly excited when that content is packaged in vernacular as is the case with Digital Hundred – a YouTube channel created by […]

Hiring A Developer? Devcenter’s Free eBook Could Be Of Use

Last December, we shared Devcentre’s State of Code Jobs document which shared interesting insights on Nigerian software development trends. The startup has now released a 2-part eBook giving tips on Hiring developers. The document titled 7 Mistakes Managers Make When Hiring Nigerian Developers explores the Nigerian context but I felt most of the information I […]

Guy Uses Machine Learning To Help Him Count How Many Times Noku From Wadiwa Wepa Moyo Says “Hesi”

Stumbling upon this pointless but intriguing video made my day yesterday. Usually when we talk about machine learning and programming – it’s rarely this light-hearted. A student from HIT – Tatenda Mushaya made use of Machine Learning techniques to attempt to figure out how many times Noku from Wadiwa Wepa Moyo says “Hesi”. If you’ve […]

Apple Brings Free App With Coding Basics To Macs

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds is now available for free on Macs. Though the application was developed for the iPad and released back in 2016 it will now work on Macs. The application is meant to make it easier for aspiring Apple developers to learn the basics of the Swift language. According to the app description users […]

List Of Free Google Digital Skills Courses For People Interested In Coding/Programming

One of the biggest opportunities offered by the internet nowadays is the ability to attain skills you would otherwise have to pay for at no cost at all. Google Digital Skills for Africa is one such platform that has a number of free online courses for people looking to upskill and without investing money into […]

What Is Web Design?

Quite often, web design is used interchangeably with web development, but are the two synonymous? In this article, I take a look at what web design entails in a bid to enlighten those who would like to pursue a career in web development and those who just want to satisfy their curiosity on the subject. […]

Microsoft’s Sketch2Code Turns Whiteboard Sketches Into Code

I’m not a coder so I’m not entirely in-the-know when it comes to coder workflows but what I do know is that a significant portion of guys and girls who code value their whiteboard. That’s where a portion of the magic happens apparently. According to Microsoft what happens on the whiteboard needs to get translated […]

Tech Trends Of 2020 & What Skills Devs Can Learn To Keep Up

So the new year is around the corner and I’ve been analysing (from a software developer’s perspective) what’s going on in the fast-changing technology world. Indeed, we have seen a lot of great things happening in 2019 in terms of latest technologies that are making everyday lives of both people and businesses easier. Yes a […]

Uber CEO Says Everyone Should Study The Following Regardless Of Their Career Goals

Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi recently shared advice regarding some essential subjects he feels people should study regardless of their career path. Speaking at the Economic Club in New York Khosrowshahi encouraged people to study either Computer Information Systems or Engineering for the problem-solving benefits they come with: Even though I went from engineering to finance, […]

African Development Bank Launches Coding Platform For Kids

African Development Bank recently launched the Coding for Employment platform in partnership with Microsoft. The online tool will be used to provide digital skills to African youths all over the continent. The platform was launched at the 2019 African Economic Conference in Egypt and one of the major aims is to scale it up across […]

Nduna Girls Tutor School Kids As Part Of Africa Code Week Initiative

Last year, Nduna Girls hosted an amazing gaming workshop for kids in partnership with Steam Africa, we haven’t written about their efforts since then but that’s not to say they haven’t been doing anything. Most recently, they participated in the Africa Code Week initiative. Africa Code Week is a digital skill development initiative spearheaded by […]

Andela To Focus More On Senior Developers, Over 400 Junior Developers Laid Off

Andela – the African engineering-as-a-service giant- will be drastically changing it’s approach going forward. In a detailed blog post, Andela CEO and co-founder Jeremy Johnson shared why the company is shifting focus and what the short term impact of that move will be. Whilst Mr Johnson maintains his belief that “brilliance is evenly distributed but […]

Muzinda Hub Expanding To Namibia, First Class In 2020

Muzinda Hub’s expansion isn’t slowing down – after announcing that the technology hub would be launching in Botswana earlier this year, Namibia is up next. We are now in NAMIBIA 🇳🇦! Are you interested in learning how to code AND living in Namibia? Then visit to put in your application for 2020 Muzinda Hub […]

[Updated] Impact Hub’s Code Is Female Program To Start On the 9th Of August

If you were patiently waiting on more details about Impact Hub’s Code Is Female initiative we finally have the starting dates. From the 9th of August, young girls between 13 to 24 (initially it was 16 but it seems there’s been a shift) will be able to participate in the program “designed to be a […]

Udacity & Google Offering Free AI Tensorflow Course

A few days ago, we wrote about Google’s Free Udacity course on Kotlin (Android’s new development language of choice). If you’re not a developer and you’re more interested in Artificial Intelligence, then Google’s free Tensorflow Course on Udacity might be more to your tastes. Introduction to Tensorflow is a 2-month course meant to help AI […]

Manzwi Is A Simple But Addictive Game Developed By Locals

I recently bumped into a Twitter thread mentioning a game called Manzwi developed by locals. Though I’m not enthusiastic about gaming on my phone I thought I would give it a try and after doing so, I’ve been impressed. Manzwi is a Shona word puzzle game and the author’s description on the Play Store states […]

NetOne & Elevate Trust Partner To Fund 75 Developers Registered For Google Africa Certification

A few weeks ago we wrote about Google’s African Certification scholarship program. The initiative is offering 30 000 scholarships and 1 000 grants for Google’s Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist and Associate Cloud Engineer certifications. Now NetOne is partnering with Elevate Trust to fund 75 local developers who register for the scholarship program. The lucky 75 will […]

Hackathons Aren’t Only For Coders.  

The portmanteau of “hackathon” simply breaks down into “hack” and “marathon.” Generally, it means an event involving computer programmers, software developments, interface designers, graphic designers, project managers or domain experts. The main aim is to create a usable functioning product for software or hardware solutions by the end of the event. A bunch of people […]

Local Startup Hiring Remote Developers

It’s no secret that jobs are not the easiest thing to come by in this lovely country of ours. Whenever there’s an announcement of jobs, depending on the field ours eyes light up and we can’t help but spread the word. This was exactly the case when we bumped into this listing for a remote […]

TelOne & DigiVAS To Host Hackathon

Tel-One will be hosting the Tel-One DigiVAS hackathon from the 15th of March 2019 to the 24th of March 2019. The Hackathon, a first for Tel-One will be available on the online hackathon platform The hackathon will be open to participants who are of legal age and capable of entering binding agreements (i.e. over […]

Here Are The Top Skills That Will Be In-Demand This Year, According To LinkedIn

We recently touched on the top programming skills/languages that will get you behind a desk in Zimbabwe in 2019. Whilst this last was great for people looking to add new skills to their existing skillset or picking a career path, we didn’t touch on those who are looking further than being employed locally. Maybe you’re […]

The Top Programming Languages That Companies Are Hiring For In Zimbabwe

Coding is the in-thing right now and for most people considering getting into that space professionally one of the biggest questions you may have is, “where should I start?” A good place to start may be in understanding what languages are popular in the job market right now and balancing that with whatever it is […]

Developers, Sign Up For The HNG Internships Online Program And Learn Some Valuable Coding Skills

Last year, we wrote about the fourth HNG (Hotels Nigeria) Internship which was a pretty cool program that could earn you some dough whilst you learnt some valuable “real-world applicable” coding skills. Fortunately, the program is back again for 2019 and you can start signing up once again for HNG 5.0. Yes, YOU CAN register […]

Zimnat Calls Upon Local Hubs, Developers, And Unis For Solutions To Improve Their Business

Zimnat is hosting an accelerator and the invitation is open to businesses/individuals who are interested. The challenge is open to developers, local hubs and universities as Zimnat is pushing to make products that are suited to this digital age. It’s interesting to see the players in the insurance space are waking up and trying to […]

A Note To IT/Computer Science Students

So, life is great in Zimbabwe right? Cool. And you managed to get a degree or diploma in IT/Computer Science, at whatever institution (whether you wanted it or not …), life is awesome. I hope you pardon me because I’m going to be frank and if this article offends you, then … Firstly, congratulations for […]

Deep Dive: Are Online Courses Really Cheaper Than A Computer Science Degree?

So, Universities have opened at this point I can bet you people are celebrating the fact they can start living the life they saw in movies (should I tell them the truth?). However, others are probably sitting in the side-lines scoffing at the poor students making a terrible decision in their eyes. Why waste time […]

Liquid Telecom Offering 15 Startups And 100 Developers $250 A Month To Join Microsoft Azure

Liquid Telecoms has introduced the LiquidNEXT program which will aim to support startups and developers. The program is also in partnership with Innovation Village Kampala, a Launchpad accelerator. The money is on the table 15 Startups along with a 100 developers will get $250 each month for one year. On top of this if you […]