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Tag: Programming

Google Has An App To Help You Learn Programming And It’s Free!

Area 120 -the internal incubator of Google- has released a mobile app for beginner-coders, Grasshopper. The app is meant to teach beginners JavaScript. The best part of all this is it’s entirely free. Free to download, and the courses are free as well so this is a perfect way to learn and see if this […]

Letter From A Techzim Reader. Thought We Should Share His Story

We don’t say this enough but we appreciate all our readers here. We don’t always meet your expectations but that is what drives us to work everyday. We appreciate every form of feedback we get. It’s humbling when that feedback is to the effect that we have been a positive influence on you. This was […]

Young Developers And Designers! You May Want To Sign Up For This Internship Programme

The HNG program is a 3-month remote-internship where interns get to work on real-world software projects. You may have heard of the program but what you may not know is that Zimbabweans and other Africans can now apply for the internship. So let’s talk about why this is a big deal and how you can […]

Local Developers Can Now Publish Paid Apps On Google’s Play Store

Local developers who had paid apps (or apps with paid features) on the Play Store, had been living on edge as their apps had payment methods that were not in line with Google’s payment service. It seems like there might be light at the end of that tunnel as Developers in Zimbabwe can now publish […]

ZimboPY Mentorship Week In Pictures

We were recently at ZimboPY’s Mentorship Week at Impact Hub Harare on Monday and Tuesday this week and got to spend time with the girls who were being acquainted with the Python programming language along with some hands-on testing of programming via the Raspberry Pi. Here are some of the pictures we took over the […]

What Zimbabwean Developers Need

We have no shortage of talent in Zimbabwe, in fact we have some of the smartest people in Africa, but when it comes to proving it with results, we fall short. The solutions we are rolling out of our development houses are not of the standard one would aspire to. Why is that? I think […]

Want to study IT online at a cheap price? Check out Habenerd

How about having online IT courses that fit the Zimbabwean context? This is particularly important when the courses go on to teach you on how to make money through the attained skills since this part is highly dependent on context. HabeNerd school is an initiative by Abel Moyo, who is the CEO of HabeLite, an IT […]

PyCon Zimbabwe Day 2 – Artificial intelligence, programming in Universities and organizing coding events for kids

Yesterday, PyCon held their first day which featured a workshop called Django Girls. Django Girls workshop was quite the experience to attend and see girls coding together. Today, we attended the second day of PyCon being held at ZESA National Training Center in Harare. We arrived towards the late afternoon and upon arrival, a talk […]

Coding day by HabeNerd

Codeday will through a series of targeted Coding Days teach participants to do the following: Explore different types of programming languages Design websites and understand how applications work Explore and kick start careers in ethical hacking and programming Learn how applications are made and how to turn those into revenue Explore other ICT related courses […]

Why should you consider becoming a coder?

So, I have seen it on the internet quite a number of times but I really wanted to hear it first hand from the different coders that I know. Why code? I got some interesting answers which might not be universal, but can surely inspire someone. Whether you’re a student trying to pick a career […]

Top programming languages used in Zimbabwe

Last month we talked about the programming communities in Zimbabwe. After doing that article, it left me wondering which programming languages are used the most by developers in Zimbabwe. So I created a google form survey and then shared it on different tech related groups, Facebook, Twitter etc. As the survey went on, the engagement […]

Winners and runner ups for Bots for Messenger Challenge announced

Yesterday, Facebook announced the winners for their Bots for Messenger Challenge which was launched earlier this year in February. The competition aimed to showcase bot innovations from 64 countries in Middle East and Africa. Each participant was to create a bot in one of the following categories gaming and entertainment; productivity and utility; and social […]

How my love for code led me to starting a coding school in Bulawayo

Last week, I talked about Zimcode and ended with a promise that we would hear about Alvin Chitena’s story and how he founded the coding organization. So here is his story in his own words of how he got to doing just that. I lived out the formative years of my childhood in an apartment […]

Starting out as a developer? Here are 10 online courses to consider for $10 each…

If you are a beginner in the world of code and a little like me, and you like to code so much that you want to learn on your own, or maybe you want to make some money at some point, well the web is waiting for you.

Want to become a web developer in 2017, here’s a roadmap

Choosing to become a web developer is one of the most rewarding career choices you will make in this age. If creating things using words and some maths is something you’d enjoy, that is. Starting out however can be confusing and intimidating. Where do you start? What skills are most important? What’s the path to follow? Clear answers […]

Top paying jobs in IT in Zimbabwe, Best Zimbabwean Android apps #AskTechzim

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PyCon Zim crowdfunding to bring Python programming conference to Zimbabwe

PyCon Zimbabwe aims to bring together Python programmers from all over the country and Africa to help introduce Python programming to communities under PyCon. The project expects to host a Python conference where they plan to introduce people to Python programming. According to Wiki, Python is a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language, comparable to Perl, Ruby, Scheme, […]

Zimbabwean children & youth to receive coding & digital skills training through SAP programme

This is part of its Africa Code Week initiative that is scheduled to run from the 15th to the 23rd of October 2016. During the course of that week, SAP will be offering free online training and coding workshops to children and youth who are between 8 and 24 years of age.

How to introduce your kids to programming the easy way this school holiday

This post should have come right at the start of the holidays, but better late than never. In fact, it’s given me time to try things out which means less theory. Like most of you reading this, I have school going age relatives who spent most of the days on holidays playing PC games, mobile games, […]

Muzinda Hub to provide corporates & entrepreneurs with tech skills, e-business training

To extend this skills development run into 2016, Muzinda Hub will be offering a course on digital skills and online business entreprenurship to local corporates and entrepreneurs. Unlike its software development program which was offered to 1,000 developers for free, the new course will have charges attached to it.

Hour Of Code Zim event scheduled for the 4th of July; why should we care?

There will be another Hour Of Code Event at Hypercube in Harare on the 4th of July from 9 am. This is an opportunity to learn and teach people how to code and improve your literacy. These sort of initiatives are very important in the digital economy and probably deserve more attention than the introduction of Swahili and Chinese in the learning curriculum.

Considering college? Here are 4 reasons why you should do Computer Science

A lot of care needs to be taken in choosing a path to follow. Computer Science is a very common course these days. Here is an opinion on why Computer Science is the best path to focus on.

We’re thinking too small. The real internet opportunity is not efficiency

For someone in the rural areas, the opportunity brought by the internet, should not be boxed in being more efficient in their agriculture, it should be liberated to studying and specialising in anything they are talented for. They should learn opera and comedy and perform for a global audience from Chivi. They should write code for Heroku if they so wish.

Zimbabwe’s new shortage: Will the real programmers please stand up?

Talent shortage is a big problem in tech, and if you ask anyone in Zimbabwe who’s cared to find the best man for any particular tech job, they quickly agree. Even here at Techzim, we’ve felt it. It’s sad that not enough has been done to fix the situation. One area that seems to be […]

Hour of Code returns to Harare this month with a Battle of Code contest

Last year during the Computer Science Education Week, Zimbabwe took part, for the first time, in the Hour of Code. This was an opportunity for willing individuals  to teach anyone keen, basic skills in computer programming. There was participation in Harare at Hypercube Hub and in Bindura at the state university with a notable response […]

The 20 tips for aspiring developers

Who wants to be a developer? Here are a few pointers from my own personal experience….nothing from Google. You don’t have to be super intelligent to be a developer In fact i feel as if my IQ got better the more i exercised my brain muscles. So for me intelligence is a product of programming […]

We can make learning code easier in Zimbabwe. Let’s teach each other

After writing the “To learn code, teach code” article last week, I got emails from a few people asking me to teach them code. Some offered to teach me how to write secure code. And most, who had experienced the same, just generally echoed that it’s a great idea. But then sharing my experiences in an article […]

To learn code, teach code

Some ten years ago, I was employed by a local private college to teach web development at weekends. A few years earlier I had taught myself a bit of PHP, html and css. Enough to build a decent ‘database driven website’, as they were called in those days. But I only knew the stuff I needed for that startup and […]

Hypercube to host programming workshop for skills development

Local technology and innovation hub Hypercube Hub will be hosting a training series entitled “Programming for Beginners” starting tomorrow at 5:30pm in Belgravia, Harare. The price has been set at $30 for all three sessions. The three part series will be conducted over three consecutive Tuesday nights (15th, 22nd and 29th of April 2014) with […]

Zimdeveloper: Here’s a cool place to learn and debate everything programming

My short experience writing for Techzim has taught me that Zimbabwe has a lot of developers, pros and some pretenders, with one thing in common. Passion! They’ll love to flaunt their skills, debate and defend anything relating to their craft. Almost anything we post here with the slightest touch of being technical sparks some great […]