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Google’s Loon internet balloons to start offering service to Kenyan subscribers this month

Google’s Loon internet project is one of those futuristic concepts that a lot of nerds will be rooting for and after months and months of testing – it’s about to finally launch for consumers. The deployment of the service was fast-tracked because of COVID-19 in order to “help improve communications during the coronavirus pandemic“. Telkom […]

Coronavirus Speeds Up Approval Of Google’s Internet Balloons In Kenya

We have written about Project Loon a number of times. Last time we noted that the balloon-based internet service was undergoing commercial trials in Kenya. It’s taken the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic for Telkom Kenya and Google to get approval to finally deploy the balloons which will beam satellite internet in remote regions of […]

Alphabet’s Internet Balloon Service Signs Airspace Deal With Uganda

Alphabet the parent company of Google has an interesting unit called Loon. Loon has been working on providing mobile internet to remote areas for a while now – with trials in Kenya taking place earlier this year. Loon’s high-altitude solar-powered balloons might make their way to Uganda which has necessitated a key access airspace agreement […]

Google Station To Bring Fast Public Wi-Fi To South Africa

You may have never heard of Google Station – an initiative which rolls out “safe” public Wi-Fi hotspots to provide partners with hardware and software support. In Africa, Google Station is already available in Nigeria with a target of 200 hotspots by the end of this year. To deploy the networks, Google is working with […]

Internet Balloons Getting Commercial Trial In Kenya

[Image source: Loon] Last year, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) partnered with Telkom Kenya in hopes of bringing internet delivering balloons to the Kenyan skies and the project is about to go into its testing phase. The commercial trial of Loon is reportedly set to take place later this year after the equipment has been delivered […]

Microsoft Invests In African Startups In Bid To Improve Internet Access On The Continent

Airband Initiative is a little known program run by Microsoft. The initiative sees them partner with equipment makers, ISPs, energy access providers and entrepreneurs to make affordable internet access a reality. Through this very same program, yesterday, Microsoft invested in three African startups to provide internet access and cloud-enabled solutions to underserved African communities. All […]

Kenyan Telecom Company Strikes Gold As They Partner With Google To Bring Internet-Delivering Balloons To Kenya

Google’s parent company -Alphabet- is partnering with Telkom Kenya, to bring their service to Africa in the form of Project Loon. Project Loon is an Internet-delivering balloon system and they have partnered with the (partly-state owned) telecommunications company in what also happens to be Loon’s first commercial deal worldwide. Obviously, Kenyan officials are delighted to […]