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Data Too Expensive? Get 5 Hours Free WiFi Per Day – Poshto

Is mobile data expensive in Zimbabwe? That’s a very difficult question to answer and it can become near political too. However, what we can confidently call fact is that mobile data is not affordable to the majority of us. Whether the MNO’s are charging fairly or even below what would be considered fair is not […]

Google Station To Bring Fast Public Wi-Fi To South Africa

You may have never heard of Google Station – an initiative which rolls out “safe” public Wi-Fi hotspots to provide partners with hardware and software support. In Africa, Google Station is already available in Nigeria with a target of 200 hotspots by the end of this year. To deploy the networks, Google is working with […]

With how expensive mobile data is going to be we need more coverage from Public Wifi Hotspots.

Mobile data is officially on its way to becoming a premium that average Zimbabwean cannot afford. The level of disruption it has caused is likely to leave people with public wifi as a form of refuge for data solutions. Nevertheless it got me thinking. Public Wifi was already pretty affordable but what’s holding it back […]

TelOne extends its public WiFi presence, makes smart play for high density areas but still limits focus to Harare

It just shared a list of 7 new public WiFi hotspots that have been introduced as part of its ongoing plans to activate the use of its growing fibre network and maintain the strong growth of its public WiFi count which now stands at over 100 hotspots.