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Tag: RBZ Monetary Policy

RBZ Doublespeak: Paying For Stuff In USD Is Not Dollarisation But It Promotes De-dollarisation

In October 2018 the minister of finance and the central bank governor told us that money we had earned and deposited as USD was not in fact USD. Some of us had invested in stuff like life assurance and retirement savings in hard currency but suddenly all that was now declared local currency which as […]

Here’s how ICT can develop Medical Tourism in Zimbabwe

Recently the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe hosted a discussion on the introduction of bond notes in which the Governor had to field a barrage of candid questions and comments from citizens of diverse backgrounds who were unequivocally against the bond notes. In one of his various attempts at rebuttal, Dr. Mangudya said Zimbabweans are not […]

RBZ Mid-Term Monetary Policy shows a slowed growth in mobile money

There is a slowed growth in Mobile Money according to the RBZ’s Mid Term Monetary Policy Statement. This is probably a result of the turbulence in both the banking and telecoms sectors.