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Digital national document registry rollout set for December

The Civil Registry Department’s digitisation (passports, national ID, birth certificates etc) rollout is set for December according to Minister for Home Affairs, Kazembe Kazembe. The system which was announced in May will build a digital biometric database for Zimbabweans to access national documents. “The rollout is in December. Meanwhile, we will continue to do what […]

Pensioners will only get benefits if they undergo biometric registration

The Registrar General’s Office has been instructed to capture the biometric data of pensioners according to a report by New Zimbabwe. This initiative was recommended by the Public Services Commission of Zimbabwe (PSC) and is aimed at fighting corruption in the pension system. This announcement is hardly surprising because the government has for some time […]

ZRP Computerising In Hopes Of Eliminating Corruption

Minister of Home Affairs Kazembe Kazembe has said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) along with the Registrar General’s Office will be getting computerised with the intent to improve efficiency and weed out corruption. Computerisation lessens pressure on our officers thereby improving efficency as it helps them serve clients quickly. Minister Kazembe Kazembe Will this root […]

Registrar General’s Website Hacked By Someone Who Can’t Spell ‘Hack’

Looks like someone’s Passport was delayed one too many days and they decided to hack the Registrar General’s website or perhaps it’s a disgruntled employee? The hack is just one of those nuisance hacks. Perhaps someone who thinks it’s cool and wants to brag to their friends that they are a ‘genius.’ Before we talk […]

Internet Explorer only!

Remember the website that the Registrar General’s office launched last week where Zimbabweans can access a Zimbabwean passport form, fill it in, print it and take to the passport offices for further processing? Well,   On the ground however, things stand like so,   Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime […]

More trouble with the Registrar General’s website

It gets worse. It’s as if they were not ready at all to launch. Or at least not ready to announce. The website that Zimbabwe’s Registrar General, Tobaiwa Mudede announced just 3 days ago has a new problem. We discovered it just now while making follow-up on the story yesterday (it had a different issue […]

Zim Registrar General’s ‘passport forms website’ going on and off

The Registrar General department’s website which was revealed yesterday in a report announcing the availability of digital passport forms online see to have some issues. It may be that the department wasn’t quite ready to go digital yet. Since yesterday, the website has been going on and off. We have been experiencing it ourselves and information we […]