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Tag: Remittances

Hand2Hand enables global (South Africa) credit card remittances to EcoCash wallets?

You may have noticed increased visibility of a money remittance service called Hand2Hand. They are interesting in a couple of ways but mainly that they got access to what so far we thought was only accorded to WorldRemit only – they are able to send money directly from global credit cards via a website to EcoCash mobile […]

EcoCash now in excess of 4 million users. How is the international remittance service doing?

A press release sent out by WorldRemit yesterday says that the EcoCash mobile money service in Zimbabwe now has more than 4 million subscribers, a number just shy of the 50% of the Econet Wireless total active sim cards on the market. This latest number was mentioned as part of WorldRemit’s announcement that just 3 months after launch, […]

EcoCash Diaspora: Here are the countries you can remit money from

As you may know, two days ago Econet and WorldRemit announced the launch of a service that allows people outside Zimbabwe to remit money into Zimbabwe directly into EcoCash mobile money wallets. When we wrote the article initially we said, incorrectly it turns out, that people can use the WorldRemit service to send money from South Africa. South Africa […]

Econet partners WorldRemit to enable diaspora remittances to EcoCash wallets

Econet Wireless Services and WorldRemit today launched a new international remittance service to enable anyone around the world to transfer money to an EcoCash wallet in Zimbabwe. Using the service, anyone in the 35 markets that WorldRemit operates from  (including US, UK, South Africa (See update below), Australia, Canada) will be able to transfer money directly […]

EcoCash’s competition isn’t Telecash, OneWallet or banks. It’s the internet & apps

Econet Wireless is one of a few telecommunications companies on the continent that has realized that the old telecoms model of charging for voice and SMSs – based on operating physical network infrastructure – belongs to yesterday. Yes, the business is current in many ways and revenues are still somewhat healthy, but the future belongs […]

Afrocoin launches in a few days. What do they bring to diaspora remittances?

Remember the new international money transfer startup called Afrocoin that we wrote about back in June? Then, they were just a profile on Crunchbase and a few screenshots here and there promising the service would be live in a couple of months. They are here. Afrocoin is launching, tomorrow their website countdown says. The startup got […]

EcoCash international money transfers coming soon, starting with South Africa

Econet Zimbabwe has finally announced that it will be launching a remittance service under EcoCash. The suggestions that they were working on a service to rival international remittance services using their mobile money infrastructure started as early as last year.

Afrocoin to compete with Mukuru, Western Union, EcoCash in remittances

A new startup, Afrocoin Mobile Money, is set to launch in the coming months (or weeks,no idea right now) as a new player in the remittances and mobile money transfer market.

Mukuru launches mobile prepaid debit card in South Africa has just announced the launch of a new cellphone based debit card in South Africa. It something like mobile banking services locally, except this is optimised for existing Mukuru services in addition to using the card for regular banking and point of sale. The new card is backed by Standard Bank.

OK Zimbabwe and FNB launch SA diaspora mobile remittance service

A press release today announced the launch of a mobile based remittance service by First National Bank (FNB) and OK Zim for people in South Africa to send money to Zimbabwe

SA micro-payments startup, ZunguZ, allows money transfer via Facebook

South Africa’s Rob Sussman and Lance Fanaroff introduced (officially) in December of 2011 a cost-free money transfer system that allows anyone on Facebook to transfer money to anyone else on Facebook. The two founders have taken the concept to Facebook’s Palo Alto offices and to prominent banks and financial institutions where they have received the nod of approval.

Econet announces it has reached more than 1 million connected EcoCash users

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms firm, announced today that it has surpassed the 1 million mark in ‘connected’ users for its EcoCash mobile money service. The milestone, the company says in the announcement (a thank you to its subscribers), “has been achieved in record time and is the fastest growth of such a service in the world”

Western Union introduces domestic money transfer

Techzim has just found out that Western Union has been offering a domestic money transfer service since the 16th of May 2011. It appears as if not enough PR work was done in this regard as even an online search did not yield any information. The money transfer service enables locals to send and receive money within Zimbabwe without the need of a bank account. A receiver is able to access money within minutes of sending and is subject to agent locations. Western Union’s local agents are Microking (a subsidiary of Kingdom Bank), Easy Link, POSB, and FFS.

Kenyans to receive Western Union remittances on M-PESA

In what Safaricom is referring to as “the largest deal of its kind in the world”, M-PESA subscribers in Kenya will now be able to receive international Western Union remittances on their mobile phones. With a total of 13.5 million subscribers on the M-PESA platform, the development is a big milestone for both Safaricom and Western Union.

The Safaricom/Western Union alliance will see Kenyans receive remittances from 45 countries and territories. “No other Kenya operator can receive money from as many countries”, Safaricom boasted in a release.