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Econet, Netone ill-prepared for data demand, small towns suffer

They say you never really know a person until you have seen them deal with a slow internet connection. I’ve discovered myself in the past two months or so, turns out I might have anger issues. In my defence, how many times can one interact with the No Internet Connection Dino and be expected to […]

How to work in the US without ever leaving Zimbabwe

Probably worth checking out…

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Ep 17: remote work vs working in an office

Tisu Vanhu Vacho Episode 17, On this episode we talk about a report that said 40% of South Africans prefer to work from home.

HP CEO says remote work will allow companies to hire more internationally

The future of work has been a huge talking point for the whole world this year. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work DRASTICALLY. The value of an office has been questioned more than ever and recently the CEO of HP also commented on the issue touching on two important aspects regarding how […]

Nearly 40% of companies say the transition to remote work was easier than expected

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and a recent survey by Hubstaff illustrates this clearly. Hubstaff surveyed 400 business owners/managers in the US to establish how businesses had adapted thus far and what they intended to do after the pandemic. Hubstaff made the infographic below with their findings. Whilst I’m aware that the context […]

I work from home, and my step-counter doesn’t like it

I have this to say about having worked in retail for the last 8 years: quite literally, I was always moving. Walking from one end of the shop to the other, running for customers, lifting, packing and unpacking. On average, Pacer, my step-counting app recorded 12000 steps or thereabouts daily. Suddenly I find myself doing […]

Coronavirus & the missed ICT opportunity

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has seen the introduction of restrictions in movement, gatherings, introduction of quarantines and closures of educational establishments among other measures implemented to contain the virus in Zimbabwe. This crisis has brought to the fore the importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in businesses, healthcare, education and public services. Due to […]

Covid-19 Forces Parliament to Go Virtual: The Pros and Cons

The Coronavirus has forced Parliament to embrace virtual sittings. This is a good development, but not without its challenges

Using Microsoft Teams For Remote Work? Protect Yourself From This Security Flaw

[Image Source: PC Mag] Since everyone has been forced to adopt remote working tools because of the Novel Coronavirus – I believe a significant portion of companies the world over have adopted Microsoft Teams due to the fact that that’s a recognisable brand offering a pretty well reviewed product. If you or the organisation you […]

Google Now Offering Grow With Google OnAir Online Workshops For Free

If you have never heard about the Grow With Google OnAir program grab your popcorn and a drink and let’s go for a little ride. The initiative sees Google partnering with schools, libraries and other institutions (7000 at the time of writing) to provide workshops for people looking to get to grips with digital literacy. […]

Hiring A Developer? Devcenter’s Free eBook Could Be Of Use

Last December, we shared Devcentre’s State of Code Jobs document which shared interesting insights on Nigerian software development trends. The startup has now released a 2-part eBook giving tips on Hiring developers. The document titled 7 Mistakes Managers Make When Hiring Nigerian Developers explores the Nigerian context but I felt most of the information I […]

Work From Home Revolution: How Covid 19 Is Transforming The Work Culture.

For a long time, the work from home revolution has been brewing, but no one expected it to come in such a cataclysmic fashion as it did in 2020. As expected, developing countries such as Zimbabwe where innovations opportunities take forever to be adopted, there has not been much focus on remote working, particularly from […]

[Update] Zoom Meetings Gains 100M New Users In 3 Weeks

Zoom’s rise to fame doesn’t seem to be on the wane – even with security concerns plaguing the video conferencing software. In March, Zoom reported their user base had grown from 10 million to 200 million between December and February. That exponential growth hasn’t stopped and in 3 weeks, Zoom has added 100M users and […]

New Skype Feature Allows People Without Accounts To Join Video Calls

Innovation is pretty hard and I’m sure we’ve all heard the cliche there’s nothing new under the sun. Skype’s latest feature takes a page out of Zoom’s book – allowing users to generate a conference link that other people (even those without skype accounts) to join a conference call. Meet Now as the feature will […]

Here Are Some Apps To Make Working From Home Easier During The Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus has forced a significant number of people to start working from home and with such a sudden shift it’s no surprise that many companies aren’t exactly prepared for the transition to start working from home. This list of applications will help companies that are still looking for the right tools for their employees to […]

[Podcast] Our Experience Working Without An Office

At the beginning of 2019, most of the Techzim team stopped coming to the office to work and eventually the office was closed. On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we share what our experience has been like working from home, a cafe or pretty much anywhere. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number […]

Working from home. Is it ideal?

As you would agree with me, broadband is causing a lot of disruption in literally every aspect of life as we know it. At the #BroadbandEconomy Conference we touched on some of these disruptions and today I will borrow just one, and talk about it a little more – home offices. At face value, why wouldn’t […]