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Hwindi app expanding to offer more than just ride-hailing

Hwindi which was popularly known as one of the 2 ride-hailing service providers alongside Vaya is expanding to offer a lot more to their users. Before the most recent update, Hwindi was offering users the ability to (i) order a taxi online and (ii) deliver parcels using Hwindi’s driver network. Building on this Hwindi will […]

Uber Kenya Bans Night Pickups After President Announces National Curfew

Leaders across the world are being forced to take drastic measures in the face of the Novel Coronavirus, and for Kenya, these measures include a nationwide curfew. From 7 PM until 5 AM, Kenyans are not allowed to be outside until further notice. This has forced Uber Kenya which operates in two cities to suspend […]

Vaya Tracking System Let Us Down – Murder Victim’s Family

The son of Claudius Nyanga, a Vaya Taxi driver who was recently murdered in Avonlea, has come out and said they felt let down by Econet’s tracking systems which were not working when they were looking for his father. I’m really hurt nemafiro ababa [by the way father died], ndiri kubatikana ne Econet. We paid […]

Uber To Leave Colombia Following Regulatory Ruling

From February 1, Uber will no longer operate in Colombia after losing a case brought against it by taxi drivers who were alleging the company has unfair business practices. This will come as a big blow to the tech company which had around two million active users and 88 000 drivers in the country. Uber […]

Bulawayo Startup Wins World Bank Youth Summit Competition

A few months ago we wrote about the World Bank Youth Summit’s Competition 2019 which was focusing on smart city solutions. As fate would have it Tuverl a transport startup from Bulawayo was amongst the 5 finalists to compete and ended up winning the competition! Tuverl was part of 886 applicants from 96 countries across […]

Uber’s African Presence Grows With Ivory Coast Expansion

Uber has been looking to expand into African markets with low levels of car ownership and limited mass transport and this has resulted in the launch of the transportation service in Ivory Coast’s capital Abidjan. This makes Abidjan just the 3rd territory Uber has a presence in within West Africa with Nigeria and Ghana being […]

Toda Driver Says We Have A Thousand Drivers In Harare & More Around The Country

If you read the Herald then you’ve probably noticed Toda advertising their ride-hailing app. The ad campaign has been ongoing since last year so the startup caught our interest as most startups don’t have the funds to sustain a newspaper campaign for that long. We got in touch with Toda to understand more regarding their […]

Uber Has Been Losing Tons Of Money, Here’s Why Vaya & Hwindi Might Not Suffer The Same Fate

If you’ve followed the story of Uber since its launch back in 2011, you’ll know that over the years the company has lost a significant amount of money. In fact in its most recent quarter, Uber lost slightly above a $1 billion dollars. That’s a bucketload of money to be losing close to a decade […]

Vaya Working On USD Payment Option

If you update your Vaya Africa application to the latest version available in the Google Play Store, you might have stumbled upon the USD payment option which is now part of the application. At the time of writing this option is giving customers the same prices for RTGS$ and USD but this might change once […]

7 Months In, Vaya Has Over 10 000 Drivers

Vaya seems to be the most popular ride-hailing app if registration of drivers is anything to go by, In 7 months the ride-hailing application has managed to see over 10 000 partner applications. That’s a significant number and Cassava Smartech CEO expressed his joy at the progress they’ve made thus far: Following our commercial launch […]

Strive Masiyiwa: Vaya To Use Electric Vehicle’s To Ease Fuel Pressures

Strive Masiyiwa made a huge announcement on his Facebook page, last week. Vaya will begin using electric vehicles in the near future to ease the fuel problem. The Econet Global leader dropped hints about the service in the comments section of a Facebook post announcing Vaya’s plan to provide waste management companies with logistics: “If […]

Strive Masiyiwa: Vaya Now Has Over 20 000 Registered Vehicles

Back in October Cassava Smartech launched their ride-hailing application Vaya. Over the past seven months, they have managed to register 20 000 cars since the launch. The details were revealed by Strive Masiyiwa in a Facebook post a few hours ago. The CEO of Econet Global believes that if Cassava had acquired the cars themselves […]

Hwindi Lowers Prices For Their Ride-Hailing App

[Image Source: Hwindi Twitter] In this economic climate whenever you hear of a price-drop you can’t help but feel the urge to spread the news and fortunately for me, I work in media. Hwindi has announced that following the Monetary Policy Statement a few weeks ago they will be reducing their pricing by a significant […]

Hwindi Introduces New Designated Driver Service

It has been a relatively quiet year for Hwindi thus far but that’s not to say the heads behind the service haven’t been working on some exciting new services. They’ve now come up with a Designated Driver service which will allow you to hail a driver to take you to or from a destination. The […]

Is Taxify The Least Safe Ride-Hailing Service In South Africa?

Even though ride-hailing is more convenient than cabs, there’s a lot that could go wrong when it comes to safety. I recently came across a story about a girl who was stabbed by a Taxify driver after she said she would pay upon arrival as she didn’t have cash on her. The father who was […]

Toda Rider Joins Hwindi & Vaya In The Ride Hailing Space

We thought 2018 was the year of ride-hailing services but it seems that trend is not dead yet as we have another new player in that space. Toda Rider is another offering that started marketing their services late last year. Initially, we couldn’t access the website but once we did and then subsequently downloaded the […]

Vaya Launching In Gweru Later This Week

Harare and Bulawayo are usually the places where most things in tech happen. Or at least that’s what most of us have been socialised to think. Well the duopoly of these two major cities getting all the good stuff seems to be coming to a close, as Cassava SmartTech is launching their Vaya ride-hailing service […]

Vaya Lift No Longer The Cheapest Ride Hailing Service

Last night Cassava SmartTech shifted the pricing structure for their Vaya Lift application. When they came on to the scene many of us were pleasantly surprised by the fact that they were the most affordable option in the market. It’s not usually the case that Econet’s products are known for being cheaper than the competition. […]

Here Are Some Safety Tips For Passengers When Using Ride-hailing Services Like Vaya

Ride-hailing is now gaining popularity in Zimbabwe, owing to the grand entrance of Vaya Africa. Since raid-haling is something new to many Zimbabweans, its important for these novices to know some safety tips they can practice when using ride-hailing services Confirm the name of the driver and make of the vehicle Before getting in the […]

How Safe Is It To Use Vaya Africa?

The idea of getting into a stranger’s vehicle was unheard of in Zimbabwe a few years ago. Today, ride-sharing services are gradually getting popular and one day they may become an indispensable part of our transportation system. However, is our convenience of booking cars enough to put our lives on the line? On the global […]

Is Vaya Lift Already The Most Popular Ride-Hailing App In Zimbabwe?

Cassava Smarttech recently launched Vaya Lift, and due to their rather close relationship with Econet, that application quickly became the talk of the town. This popularity was furthered by the fact that Hwindi, a rival came out with some subtle claims of being copied by the Vaya and soon this too became a trending topic…All […]

How To Use Vaya Lift, Econet’s Own ‘Uber Like’ Ride Hailing Service

Vaya Lift, courtesy of Cassava Smartech (also courtesy of Econet the parent company of these two), is the newest kid on the block as far as ride-sharing services apps are concerned, in Zimbabwe. A numerous number of ride-hailing services startups have popped up in Zimbabwe in recent years, with startups like Hwindi Taxi, G-Taxi etc […]

Here’s A Look At Econet’s Uber

Update: Vaya Africa is not yet available to the public and is being tested by Cumii employees It seems the ride-sharing market in Zimbabwe is experiencing a boom. New players are popping up left, right and centre. We’ve seen G-Taxi, Hwindi, Emergency Taxi, ZimTaxi and now Cumii is entering this space with the Vaya Africa […]

Uber launches in Tanzania, meets its expansion targets for Africa

Uber the popular ride-hailing service has officially launched in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania marking its entry into its ninth African country and fourteenth city on the continent.

Uber launches in Accra, Ghana, maintains schedule for African expansion

Ride-hailing mobile service Uber has launched in Accra, the capital of Ghana marking its presence in a thirteenth African city.