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Internet Is Going Crazy With These Robert Mugabe Memes

The death of former President Robert Mugabe has invoked the creativity of people to create memes of him. Here are just a few but interesting memes we’ve just compiled: Mugabe resurrection meme goes viral — Local News24/ (@LocalNews24_7) September 7, 2019 This famous #Mugabe quote got me thinking if he would work for #Zimbabwe […]

Zim’s Technology Eulogy To Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe has died. The man has been around for so long and has impacted life in Zimbabwe so much that his death at 95 can still feel like a surprise. Here is an attempt to track how Uncle Bob impacted the Zimbabwean technology ecosystem. The very beginning, Bob and his comrades The rise of […]

Trending Rare& Famous Video Clips Of Robert Mugabe

Take a look at the legacy of former President Robert Mugabe through the following video clips: Rest in Peace, Robert Mugabe, a revolutionary hero with the power of love and an intermittent champion of Pan-African ideals, principles, and advocacy, yet ended with the depiction as a whirl villain with the love of power.#RIPMugabe — […]

No Robert Mugabe Did Not Say These Things: How To Spot A Fake Robert Mugabe Quote

You all remember Robert Mugabe right?  I mean come on we literary did not go to work on his birthday like a few weeks ago. Guy used to be president you would see him country and globetrotting in his famous Armani and other rich label suits as he sprinted up plane steps-quite energetic for a […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Seeks Constitutional Court Reprieve Says Robert Mugabe Approved All The Actions He’s Being Accused Of

Former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira who is facing criminal abuse of office charges has decided to approach the Constitutional Court to have the case against him nullified. He is arguing that the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act under which he is being charged is not constitutional. His lawyer, Thembinkosi Magwaliba says: The section does not […]

Rwanda Opens Its First Public Coding School. Here Is Something Worth Copying For Our Government

Rwanda is not backing down from its promise of wanting to be a knowledge-based economy. What better way to show this commitment than opening a public coding school? Indeed, Rwanda now has opened its first publicly funded coding school. I would want to even go as far as to declare that it may be Africa’s […]

Strive Masiyiwa Shares Details About An Attempt By Mugabe To Abduct Him From SA And The Arrest Of Econet Directors Years Ago

The Econet story is well known and well empathised with. The fact that I only have to say the Econet story and most readers will understand immediately what I mean shows just how powerful it is. Every David and Goliath story is like this: engaging, inspirational, moving. Now it appears we didn’t know the full […]

‘Zimbabwe Is Open For Business’ But Seems Closed Online

Since the political transition (affectionately being called ‘new dispensation’) that Zimbabweans witnessed late last year, the ‘Zimbabwe is Open for business’ slogan is being massively promoted. President Mnangagwa’s government has been making a series of policy reforms and introducing new provisions in current laws as it bids to undo past wrongs. As recent as last […]

The Decades Mugabe Stole From Zimbabwe. Africa Tech Summit Kigali Reminded Me Of The Sad Truth

I expressed excitement and a lot of expectation for what the Africa Tech Summit in Kigali would deliver before the event started last morning. As you know, expectation sets you up for disappointment. Not this time. The summit started off very well. The discussions were all very relevant not just to the techie/startup type person […]

What If There Was Never Any $15 Billion To Start With?

I almost wrote this article five weeks ago but I aborted mission. First, I asked myself what mining had to do with Techzim and then I was a bit scared to antagonise the readership here with nothing but my conjecture. Why have I written the article now? First, it’s about the macro economics not mining […]

Mugabe Is Gone, Is It Time for Strive Masiyiwa to Come Back Home?

There is some belief in some places that Techzim doesn’t like Strive Masiyiwa. Nothing could be further from the truth. Masiyiwa and his business has largely contributed to the existence of the current internet ecosystem in Zimbabwe. Without him I don’t know if the ecosystem would be the way it is, most probably not. His […]

Twitter Exploded When Mugabe Resigned With #MugabeResigns Trending Atop World Rankings

When the Speaker of Parliament disrupted the Impeachment proceedings against Robert Mugabe to read out his resignation letter the world leapt for joy. Zimbabweans all over the world were joined in celebration by all who wanted to see the world’s oldest head of state who had been in power for 37 years relinquish control. People […]

This is Not Tech or Business but MUGABE RESIGNS

Who can resist to write such a headline? Definitely not Techzim. After 30 years as Head of State and Government and 37 years as Head of Government, Robert Mugabe has resigned. We do not have words for it here in the office and I guess non of you have either. This has been the most […]

Zanu-PF removes Robert Mugabe images from official website

Following the military takeover events in Zimbabwe this past week, and a subsequent removal of President Robert Mugabe from his position as Zanu-PF’s President today by that party’s Central Committee,  the political party has removed all his images from its official website. This was done today apparently after the political party announced the purging of […]

President Mugabe speaks on new social media monitoring ministry

The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, spoke on why his government created a ministry to monitor social media. At an event where he opened a Community Information Center (essentially a place where residents of a community can access computers and the internet), the president said that the ministry was about defending the country against people […]

STEM focused Robert Mugabe University will cost $1 billion & Zimbabweans are angry

Yesterday, the government announced that it has approved the spending of at least US $1 billion to establish a STEM focused university in honour of President Robert Mugabe. The amount allocated to the university is equivalent to about a quarter of Zimbabwe’s annual budget. The Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development, Jonathan Moyo, announced […]

Zimbabwean Parliament to debate draft ICT laws as President cites growing threat of cybercrime

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is expected to debate 3 pieces of draft legislation on cybercrime, electronic transactions and data protection as the government prepares to deal with increasing cyber threats.

Chinese style internet censorship coming to Zimbabwe – President Mugabe

A report yesterday in the government owned newspapers The Sunday Mail, says the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, is intent on introducing Chinese style internet restrictions to the country to put a stop the “abuse” of the internet. According to the article, the president was addressing his party supporters at Harare International Airport who had come to welcome […]

Barns, the internet, a #263chat TweeT@ble, Baba Jukwa & an election

In October 2009, a few posts into the founding of this blog, we attended a function where media professionals and politicians were discussing “Free Expression and Freedom of the media” in Zimbabwe. We were quite surprised however that in discussing media and expression, no one mentioned the internet or mobile phones.

1,000 Zimbabwe schools to have e-Learning facilities by December, ICT Minister

Techzim caught up with Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Nelson Chamisa, recently to get some insights into the ongoing e-Learning program rollout that the government has embarked on. In our interview with him, the minister said that the government plans to have e-Learning facilities at at least 1,000 primary and secondary schools in the country by […]

Open Letter to Prof. Heneri Dzinotyiwei

After the government launched the Second Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STI) with great fanfare which included speeches by the country’s top leaders President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, we thought ‘WOW!’ with such political backing this is surely a big deal and it would be a good thing to get our hands […]

“Every Zimbabwean child should be computer literate” says Zim President

These are the words that the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe said at the launch of the National e-Learning Programme at Chogugudza Primary school in Goromonzi. The Herald, a local government owned daily newspaper, reports today that the new computerization of schools programme will see about 100 schools, both primary and secondary, receiving e-learning tools (computers and education software) under a pilot project.

Malema, Dynamos & Tsvangirai top Zim’s rising Google searches for November

So what have Zimbabweans been asking Google this past month? Google has a tool called Google Insights for Search that can give us that answer. Top on the list of the things that interested Zimbabweans the most is Malema. Malema of course is the South Africa politician who’s been in the news lately.