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Roundup video: Kwese TV NBA deal, Messenger calling, Social media ban scare

We’re introducing a new news format for those of you that prefer quick brief video on the go whether that’s on WhatsApp, Facebook or YouTube. It’s a quick 2 minute summary of the most interesting tech news plus our quick take on it. We’re working on the frequency and it will all depend on the takeup. So, […]

Introducing the Techzim weekly podcast!

Those of you that know how Techzim started will tell you it started as an email list of friends in tech. We would mail each other back and forth, discuss for days about local tech, startups, about internet deals, devices, tech personalities… the Facebooks too! So anyway, those became the blog. But here’s the thing: […]

Weekly Roundup – 20 March 2010

PowerTel and the BTC Fibre Deal

There was an article in this week’s Sunday Mail on PowerTel’s fibre deal with Botswana Telecommunications Corporation. Again no mention of the bandwidth capacity being purchased. We searched around and found this pdf on the BTC website. It says “…under the agreement with BTC will get access to direct international undersea connectivity with the SynchronousTransport Module One (STM1) at a maximum of 155Mbps.”

The PowerTel managing director, Samuel Maminimini made the usual promises business leaders make after achieving such milestones:

Weekly Roundup – 5 March 2010

Econet held a breakfast meeting today to give an update to stakeholders on the network upgrade project that has been taking place since last year. We’ll give you an update of the discussions held once we have something.