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Girls In ICT Day – 27th April 2017

TelOne Managing Director- Chipo Mtasa This guest post was authored by Eng. Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi. The 27th of April is the day that the world celebrates Girls in ICT (Information and Communication Technology). International Telecommunication Union’s Girls in ICT Day is a global initiative aimed at raising awareness among girls and young women about the importance […]

The announcement we all missed: Kashangura now Africom Group CEO

A major announcement was made in the Zimbabwe ICT industry and everyone missed it! Either that or it was never made. Kwanayi Kashangura, the founder and ‘erstwhile’ CEO of Africom, who was ousted from the job in what was reported to be a boardroom coup, is now back at the helm of the company. And […]

Simbarashe Mangwende and Farai Rwodzi are not Africom Bosses, says Africom

Africom, one of Zimbabwe’s licensed internet providers, issued a press statement today advising stakeholders to stop referring two Simbarashe Mangwende and Farai Rwodzi as “Africom Bosses”. The statement follows articles published yesterday in Zimbabwe’s daily newspapers in which writers referred to the two as Africom bosses.

Maybe Africom’s $18 gigabyte bundle really is unsustainable?

When Africom unveiled its mobile broadband service pricing last year in October it was to the delight of a market frustrated by exorbitantly priced internet (in the case of Econet) or just internet that didn’t work much (hello PowerTel).

We commented then that on price Africom’s service was “by far a preferable alternative”. We still believe so.

ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Businesswoman of the Year: Rudo Mudavanhu

Rudo Mudavanhu went into ICT straight from school and started as a programmer. She has grown in the industry since MS Dos was the thing as an operating system.