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Maxwell Chikumbutso of Saith Technologies is back – Claims generator powers 10 houses at once

[Image Source: Saith Group] Maxwell Chikumbutso is a more interesting man than most of us. Lets get that out of the way. If at any point I sound envious or jealous, it’s because part of me might wish I was actually him – lol. Anyway, the serial inventor is back with a bang. Yes serial […]

How to capture supernatural photos using an iPad: A guide by Prophet Bushiri

The audience is awed as self-proclaimed man of God, Bushiri captures “super natural” photos. Not so long ago there was a lot of controversy here over the story of Saith Technologies. A good number in the audience, myself included, were unconvinced by this talk of “micro-sonic devices” and inventions that “defy the laws of physics”. I […]

Saith Technologies : What is the real innovation / invention?

In a recent discussion of Saith Technologies’ “innovations” a raging debate ensured about whether true innovations were indeed exhibited. In the interest of objectivity we go through some of Saith Technologies claims and try to clear some misconceptions.

Of new inventions, physics defying miracle devices and what to believe

We need to stop this attitude of not wanting proof in the science preferring instead to leave it at just “God did it for us”. God gave us amazing brains so that we can think up new stuff to improve our lives. Science builds on science, it doesn’t defy it inexplicably

Got questions for Zimbabwe’s inventor? Saith Technologies is inviting you to ask him anything

We have organized an Ask-Me-Anything session with Saith Technologies and we are inviting your question as we try to shed light on his inventions. Please sent us your questions so we can relay them to Maxwell Chikumbutso and the team. We would also like to invite those interested in visiting the exhibition. Saith Technologies has agreed to host, courtesy of Techzim, you our readers between 12 and 3 pm today and the same time tomorrow.

Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso, the Zimbabwean inventor tells his story

Zimbabwean Innovator Maxwell Chikumbutso showcased his prototypes at Saith Technologies Open Day. He shared his journey from his early days to the implementation of some of his ideas.

Zimbabwean inventor showcases his own drone, electric car and green generator

A local inventor, Sangulani Chikumbutso, who is part of a company called Saith Technologies, has come up with prototype inventions that will change the way communication and energy is known in the field of science. He showcased his own electric car, drone and generator. Here are some of the pictures.

Saith Technology Open Day to exhibit Zimbabwe’s locally produced drone

Saith Technologies Open Day set for tomorrow at Bluffhill Industrial Park will exhibit technologies that include a locally manufactured drone, electric car and the green machine among other innovations the company has been working on.