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Want to buy your ZESA prepaid electricity through EcoCash? Try

Whenever we talk about the issue of paying for your ZESA prepaid electricity everyone remembers how Econet was shut out from an integration with ZESA for mobile money payment leaving One Wallet as the only option for the many people used to mobile money transactions. Thankfully someone has worked on a solution that will give you […]

Traction Engine sets out to solve problems in the African advertising market

For anyone involved in online content generation through blogs or any other form of online publications the issue of monetisation via advertising always stares at you in the face. A lot of issues come into consideration with this model though. A local startup, Traction Engine, has come up with a solution for some of these […]

Pay4App launches an online payments API for Zimbabwe that uses EcoCash

Tracking the progress Pay4App have made on the path of solving the payments problem, the entrepreneurial consistency working on the problem in such a constraining environment is pleasing.

Pay4App uses EcoCash for hybrid internet and mobile payment service

Remember the UZ student who developed an EcoCash internet payments proof of concept last year? Well, he’s since joined a startup that’s doing exactly that – facilitating internet payments via EcoCash.

Local developer builds an EcoCash agent locator app

Despite EcoCash being quite expensive to use (especially for the larger amounts) there’s always that time when it’s really the only option. Time of day, your location and the situation’s urgency all conspire to get you to EcoCash someone.