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Amazon fined for dealing with sanctioned countries including Zimbabwe

On the 8th of July, the US Department of Treasury issued a statement to the effect that the Office of Foreign Assets Control had reached a settlement with Amazon. Amazon agreed to pay US$134 523 “for apparent violations of multiple OFAC sanctions programs”. What exactly did Amazon do? Amazon unintentionally delivered goods to sanctioned people […]

Press Release: Masiyiwa Pleads With Global Funders To Support Zimbabwe & Sudan

Businessman Strive Masiyiwa has appealed to the World Bank, the IMF and other multilateral institutions for humanitarian support for Zimbabwe and Sudan in the wake of the economic devastation brought about by the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic.   Said Masiyiwa in his appeal:   As many of you on this platform know, I have been at the forefront, […]

ICT Minister Blames Sanctions For Zim’s Outdated ICT Infrastructure

Minister of ICT Kazembe Kazembe blamed sanctions for making it impossible to modern the countries ICT infrastructure. Speaking to Herald, the minister said: In order for us to catch up, we have to make sure that we do have the infrastructure in place. To deploy that infrastructure, we need foreign currency. As long as we […]

US Ambassador To Zim: When Govt Switched Off The Internet, They Chased Away Investors

If you haven’t watched Trevor Ncube’s interview with Brian Nichols the USA’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, I highly recommend that you do so. The interview touches on a number of topics including sanctions and corruption. Around the 25 minute mark, the interview touches on something that intersects with Techzim – that is the internet shutdown of […]

Sanctions Affecting Adobe Users In Venezuela

Being one of the countries under US sanctions will get to affect Venezuelan content creators who use Adobe tools when the company ceases to offer their services in the country towards the end of this month. The US government issues an executive order in August prohibiting trade with the country. Unfortunately for Venezuelan Adobe paid […]

North Korea Accused Of Stealing $2 Billion From Banks & Crypto Exchanges

North Korea is generally considered a problematic nation. From ill-treating citizens to launching missiles as a way of sending a message to the US and South Korea, the country is controversial and isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. A leaked UN Report is now accusing the state of stealing a whopping $2 billion -to fund its […]

Facebook’s Libra Won’t Be Introduced In Countries That Ban Crypto’s Or Are Under US Sanctions

Whilst it looks like Facebook will have to deal with some regulatory hurdles before rolling out, another stumbling block will be the country’s attitude towards cryptos and whether or not that country is under sanctions. Techcrunch spoke to a Calibra spokesperson who cited that sanctions and hostility towards cryptos is a no-no: The Libra Blockchain […]

Zimbabwean tech entrepreneur Chingonzo, tells Obama sanctions are hurting startups

In a rare one on one stage interview he held with US president Barack Obama, Zimbabwean technology entrepreneur, Takunda Chingonzo, told Obama that the supposedly target sanctions against some political leaders in Zimbabwe were actually hurting ordinary people. Chingonzo said technology entrepreneurs looking to get technology or funding from US based companies often get hit a brick […]

PayPal finally responds to my Zimbabwe sanctions allegations (well, sort of)

Because Pay Pal has continually requested that Techzim take down pictures containing its trademark, I’ve decided to put a picture of these two pot bellied pigs instead, no symbolism intended, enjoy. Many Zimbabweans don’t buy the story that sanctions against Zimbabwe affect everyone, that is until they attempt to use PayPal with a Zimbabwean credit card. […]

Facebook opens up: Now you can target Zimbabwe on Facebook

If you have tried to target Zimbabweans with Facebook ads in the past, (because social is king of audience numbers right now, and Facebook is right there at the top) you probably found, much to your disappointment, that Facebook wouldn’t let it.

PayPal relaxes access restrictions on Zimbabwe

Until sometime recently, using PayPal in Zimbabwe was a pain. See, the company considered Zimbabwe a sanctioned country and as such denied access to its platform to anyone connecting from a Zimbabwean internet connection. They’d use the IP address to check this.  Users would get the following message: Error 3028: You have accessed your account […]

Estimating the number of Facebook users in Zimbabwe

There has been a lot of curiosity about Zimbabwe’s Facebook population lately. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t provide Zimbabwe’s Facebook stats because of, well, you guessed it, we’re a bad people. Or at least the targeted US sanctions say some leaders here are.