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NSSA Scandal And Tech Pt 4: Employee Who Has Worked For -995 Years

Part 1: Zim Army, Africom, NSSA Robbed Zimbabweans Of Millions Part 2: Zim Workers’ Savings Used To Buy Telecel Or Were They? Part 3: Why Is Econet Mentioned In Audit Report? One of the areas that auditors were specifically asked to look into was the integrity of the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) database. This […]

10 things Zimbabwean startups need to consider when developing Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions

For the effective adoption of electronic health information systems over the less convenient paper based status quo, there are key functionalities that every EHR system on the market should have. One bad apple can really spoil the whole bunch.

Zimbabwean children & youth to receive coding & digital skills training through SAP programme

This is part of its Africa Code Week initiative that is scheduled to run from the 15th to the 23rd of October 2016. During the course of that week, SAP will be offering free online training and coding workshops to children and youth who are between 8 and 24 years of age.

NSSA goes live with $10M SAP project after two year delay

The project, which was started back in 2013, experienced a two and half year delay. The implementation was being carried out by Twenty Third Century Systems, a regional SAP consulting company.

Logicode kicks off drive for Oracle Cloud Services in Zimbabwe

Part of Logicode’s existing clients and some potential users form both large and small scale enterprises took part in the half-day event, and they wer brought up to speed on the full scale of what Oracle’s embrace of cloud services means for Zimbabwean enterprises.

It’s just been bought by the government, but who is Portnet Software?

The decision recently by the government, through ZARNet to acquire a 51% stake in SAP Partner Portnet raises the question of who Portnet is. Here is a brief profile.

Government buys Portnet, POTRAZ report, TelOne profits,the M-PESA API : Podcast

In this episode, we discuss the latest POTRAZ report, the new Infrastructure sharing regulations, ZIPCASH’s progress in mobile money, the M-PESA API that was shared by Safaricom and TelOne’s profitability.

Government finds alternative for TTCS as its IAP, Zarnet acquires Portnet

The government, through its IAP Zarnet, has acquired a majority stake in Portnet Software, a leading local SAP solutions provider. This is meant to give the State an option for enterprise software and limits its reliance on Twenty-Third Century Systems

Minister Mandiwanzira raises security concerns over Twenty Third Century’s EOH deal

The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, has raised concerns over the security risk that the country was being exposed by giving Twenty Third Century Systems, which now has partial foreign ownership, access to sensitive economic data. This is stemming from the fact that the company is one of the lead implementors of e-governance solutions.

EOH takes over Zimbabwean enterprise firm, Twenty Third Century Systems

The move by EOH to take over 49% percent of Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS) to expand its African Enterprise Systems footprint leaving TTCS a minor controller is conspicuously for its detail on the resulting shareholding. This leave EOH as somewhat of a monopoly SAP partner in the region. What does this mean for TTCS?

Zim hospitals introduce a new e-Health system: How does it work?

In an earlier article, we mentioned that the government was making strides towards establishing an electronic health record system. This was based on the experience we had of Mpilo Central hospital having set up an electronic system that was being used mainly for accounting purposes. It turns out the Ministry was working on something bigger. […]

Germany’s secret weapon was technology and Big Data

  This was a very special world cup for me. It’s not every day that all your football wishes come true: a highly competitive tournament where even the minnows could bruise the egos of big teams, a humbling of the Brazilians ( I stated my dislike of them in an early article) and the team […]

Oracle in Zimbabwe: competition, applications & cloud future (Interview)

This week, at the launch of a new company called Logicode, we met up with Oracle Applications Territory manager for the SADC region, Thomas Mangwiro. He spoke to us about the companies strategic focus in the region and specifically in the country. Below is the text of the interview we had with him. Techzim: We […]

DBS has signed up over 200 Cumulus users since launch in 2012

At the beginning of October, we published a story on the Cumulus cloud business solution by the 23rd Century subsidiary, Devoted Business Solutions (DBS) in which, based on a press release by SAP, we implied that the Nano Appliance implementation was DBS’s only SAP implementation to date. DBS MD, Richard Maulana however got in touch […]

23rd century announces SAP Business One cloud implementation

Based on a press release by SAP, we implied below that the Nano Appliance implementation was DBS’s only SAP implementation to date. DBS MD, Richard Maulana however got in touch with us to let us know that conclusion was just wrong as Nano is actually a September 2012 implementation and that since then they have […]

23rd Century Systems’ Cumulus launch: Interview with the MD

On Thursday last week, we attended the launch of Cumulus, a SAP cloud based ERP service offered by a Twenty Third’s Century Systems subsidiary called Devoted Business Solutions (DBS). The product is basically SAP for SMEs offered via the internet. SAP itself calls the solution Business One OnDemand and the proposition is a lowering of […]

TTCS Zim launches TTCS Kenya in partnership with SevenSeas Technologies

A press release by Kenyan SevenSeas Technologies (SST) has announced a new joint venture between the company and Zimbabwe’s Twenty Third Century Systems (TTCS). The joint venture between the two companies will see the founding of a SAP business solutions firm called Twenty Third Century Systems Kenya (TTCSK)